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  1. I know its a bit off-topic,but what about the Carvair conversion you had planned?
  2. I recieved a reply from Neil at Aeromodl today to tell me I'm being refunded. Sorry to hear that the problems bringing this product to market resulted in such a long delay,I hope to see the kit on the market and favourably reviewed in the future. In the meantime I got a BPK 737-200.
  3. https://flashie.nl/Search/artikel.php?search=on&pageid=TC305767 Does this help? I was looking for Fisher cockpit windows and found this.
  4. Glad to hear the Carvair is still on the list! Will it be 3d printed also?
  5. Nice one cheers for that. The previous design of the engines looks more practical to work with anyway
  6. Have you recieved the kit yet?I'm very tempted to pick one up,the heart is saying yes but the credit card is saying WTF! Only one left on ebay.Whats the quality like?It would want to be pretty good for that kind of outlay.
  7. Excellent build.Did you use the struts in the kit or make your own?
  8. This update has been posted today Hello everyone. Sorry it's been quite a while since the last update. We had obviously hoped to be shipping by now, but unfortunately this is not the case. I had been postponing this update until we finally had some great news that the very first kits were being shipped. The initial batch of kits were awaiting a single part, the one piece fuselage. After many scrapped molds, small and large scale tests of the fuselage mold - we've decided that this part, and most others in the future will be directly tooled from the CAD. In other words, the mold itself will be 3D printed rather than than create master parts. Initial small scale testing of this method has yielded some extremely positive results and the new fuselage mold in CAD is well underway. We also want to reassure everyone that Jim and I are 100% committed to finishing this project and finishing it correctly. We've had plenty of opportunity to release substandard kits and parts, but we are commited to true to CAD quality and we are going to see that through. I'd also like to make a frank admission that I've underestimated the amount of work and talent(and money) that making durable, high quality molds require. When this became apparent, we looked at completely outsourcing the molding and casting. While that's still a possibility, we believe directly printing the tools in much the same way most companies CNC their molds is ultimnately much simpler, faster and overall cheaper. The quality of newer industrial quality plastic 3D printers is truly astounding. The last five or so months have been very hard for both of us for many reasons so making *any* progress has proven to be a challenge. In late 2020, my fiercely independent mother suffered a nearly disastrous fall from which she will never fully recover. She's unable to walk and now has to live in an assisted living advanced memory care facility with 24 hour nurses and doctors on hand. This has been extremely hard to me and my two siblings and we've struggled with the financial burden of the care as well as dealing with other secondary issues and the ripple effect this had on our family. Jim, who happens to be my father, and my stepmother suffered a setback as well in that they contracted COVID in early 2021 and their recovery has been a long one, but I'm happy to report that they are making a full recovery. I sincerely apologize for the lack of an update and the poor communication with you guys over the last several months. There is no excuse for that and going forward, we'll be notifying you guys every step of the way. The problems are not quite in the rearview mirror but we are seeing the first glimpses of light at the end of the tunnel and are still excited about producing some next level models. We are extremely grateful for your patience and we do hope that your models will be worth the wait!
  9. I emailed him again recently and informed him that I was aware he was having family problems and production issues,and I was prepared to wait for my order.I also made my concerns about his lack of communication known and the necessity of showing a bit of courtesy to his customers. No reply. I didn’t doubt his enthusiasm or genuine motives.I don’t think he set out to rip anyone off.The whole project seems to have fallen off a cliff late last year,or maybe I should say fallen out of the sky! Maybe he’s overwhelmed by it all a bit and hiding under the bed so to speak. Given the trying times we are all living in delays are inevitable and I am prepared to live with that.But I am pretty peed off about no effort to communicate or reply.If he was genuinely straight up about what is going on and put his paying customers at ease I’d be more inclined to patience.At least some people are beginning get replies and that’s encouraging I suppose. So,in the meantime,while I’m waiting,I have another question that needs answering from y’all. Welsh Models or BPK?
  10. Is it a 700 or 800 series they are planning?I know that Authentic Airliners are planning to produce an 800 series later this year.
  11. Another person lusting after a Maxdecals Aer Lingus early years sheet! I also intrigued by the colour shemes of the early years,and I exchanged some messages with Joe late last year. I discovered some pictures of Constellations arriving at Shannon airport in 1947.they are on the Clare County Library website. https://clarelibrary.fotoware.cloud/fotoweb/archives/5009-Bluett-Photograph-Collection/ There is a picture of one of the Connies with a DC3in the background. The 2nd colour looks like it is orange but it is unclear whether these pictures have been colourised or not. Orange and green is not a great combination from a graphics/legibility point of view. And lets face it orange wouldnt have been the most popular colour in the nascent Free State of the 1940s! I always had a sneaking suspicion that the lighter colour on the 1940s scheme was a paler green though. Eamonn your theory of the paler green a la the buses and trains of the period would be quite plausible. Joe your theory of the orange being in fact a pale gold type colour i think is a lot more plausible than the orange. Im in the process of knocking up a couple of samples for your perusal,i will post them here shortly,I am a lettering/signwriting,typography person.
  12. I am also attempting the Aer Lingus viking and have the valom Viking kit with the two fuselages.im having problems with Flickr so am unable to post pics of the sprues.I posted on another part of BM before Xmas that I would post pics but have been tied up with Xmas Family stuff and didnt get around to it.if you PM me maybe i can help. The longer fuselage in the kit has the extra length forward of the fuselage,the passenger door will need to be modified,i am open to correction on this though!
  13. I ordered one of these back in June,I understand the lockdown has affected the rollout. I emailed Neil with a query a few months ago and he was very quick to reply. I contacted him a week or two ago to see if there was any progress,but no reply. I hope all is well over there.Happy to wait. Also concerned about the weight on 3D printed U/C
  14. Hi Longtime lurker second time poster Ill try to stick some sprue pics up to test
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