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  1. I am also attempting the Aer Lingus viking and have the valom Viking kit with the two fuselages.im having problems with Flickr so am unable to post pics of the sprues.I posted on another part of BM before Xmas that I would post pics but have been tied up with Xmas Family stuff and didnt get around to it.if you PM me maybe i can help. The longer fuselage in the kit has the extra length forward of the fuselage,the passenger door will need to be modified,i am open to correction on this though!
  2. I ordered one of these back in June,I understand the lockdown has affected the rollout. I emailed Neil with a query a few months ago and he was very quick to reply. I contacted him a week or two ago to see if there was any progress,but no reply. I hope all is well over there.Happy to wait. Also concerned about the weight on 3D printed U/C
  3. Hi Longtime lurker second time poster Ill try to stick some sprue pics up to test
  4. Hi Im a longtime lurker,fist time poster I got one of these in the post today and plan to build it as an Aer Lingus 1B so my question was the same as yours about the fuselage. I am planning to do a series of Early AL aircraft.I have a Heller Constellation,an Airfix Super Constellation and a 707 in early prep. Now looking for a DC-3 ,Viscount and Friendship. Im particularly interested in the early graphic identity of Aer Lingus,and the evolving styles of Typography and Graphic devices,eg the Winged Shamrock at the nose, the Shamrock itself etc.
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