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  1. Model is slowly forming into several sub-assemblies...suspension, engine and ancillaries... Engine block as it came in kit, with additional detail parts. Kit injector on right, detail up part left. Not much between them honestly. And post paint and wash... Next up, front suspension assembly after much painting of linkages and arms, this seemed to go on forever...added brake lines to wheel hubs prior to assembly. Some wiring nest to tidy up now, leads on batteri
  2. Parcel from Spotmodel arrived very quickly, and I appear to have escaped any nasty import duties...so far... Some parts destined for FW14B...really high quality, hope I can do them justice... Some generic parts for anything really.... Few bits, added specifically for the Tyrrell... Building is continuing with front suspension parts...quite tedious work but is starting to look like a car! Just joining upper bodywork so
  3. Thanks for the heads up Dave, don't plan on going too mad with this as it was purchased just to fill waiting time...but I think this is starting to develop more than I had anticipated. I'll check @Orso out.
  4. Started at the begining, naturally...by making a right mess of the chassis tub...struggled to get any stable coverage, finally rattle canned it in chrome, which matched colour of polished aluminum well, but ended up about half inch thick...damn. decided to soldier on and as parts and colur have been added, I'm more accepting of it, but it isn't helping the build process. Luckily, and annoyingly I noticed I had installed the steering rack upside down. This required some dissembling and swearing was involved... So, I have attached brake an
  5. Following on from my last Porsche 935 build I have decided to build a full detail Williams Renault FW14B, but while I await final detail parts from Spain (the delay has been prolonged further) I have decided to build an out of the box(ish) Tamiya Tyrrell P34...Let the fun begin... First off, when the kit arrived, I must say I was disappointed with the size of the box in comparison with my current Porsches and williams kits...but the contents look very good. This was purchased secondhand via Ebay, and had been started. It contains a small fuel injector up
  6. Thanks for the recognition folks. It's been a fun build, learnt a few things along the way and produced a nice car. What would I do differently? Use canopy glue on all clear bits... Stop and return when frustrated, rather than push on... Don't mix paint types... Ensure you build a particular version, rather than changing variants... Be slow applying varnish...it can kill decals... Just take your time and enjoy the process...it's meant to be fun!!
  7. So for me, that's my Posrche 935 journey completed. A beautiful, drawn out experience, building a model with close memories of my father. I dread to think of the financial cost involved but it would be worth every penny. I would highly recommend the Tamiya kit(s) obviously, even at this age they are a great build. Use the Bestbalsa kits decals, the orange is glorious. If need be, treat yourself to the Reji Models seat belt kit as this has extras suchas a PE gurney flap and bonnet pins. Top Studio PE and turned connectors are lush, but expensive...you pay your money, you take your
  8. So with the end in sight...and other things cooking...some subtle weathering was done (hamfistedly) to overall car to give endurance racing style look, grime, soot and oil deposits following close proximity racing... I also came by some rust effects which I had never done before so just had to try out. I know this is not very realistic for a fairly well tended motor but I think the effect came out great. Very pleased... On with the upper weathering, added some small details (electrics cut off, wiper blade and aerial)...
  9. So bit more movement....I've been doing my best avoidance and refused to commit to finishing decals.... These will be fitted last so I can mask windows post decals.... And so further avoidance meant tidying under car wiring...don't beat me up too badly for this, once weathered they will blend a bit and will generally remain unseen below car.... An after paint photo will follow, they aren't too bad. And so, on we go....bloody decals....horrendous side stripes...but they have to be attempted and here my lack of skill shows it's ugly
  10. Not sure on 934 but 935 has cross pipes in rear chassis connecting rads...if this is what you are referring to??
  11. Thanks Ron, I've drop the front by about 7.5mm but I think the rears would require too much disassembly to lower further so will have to live with them. No easy access to top of shocks due to interior being fitted and engine in. Don't fancy messing with either of those at this stage. It does highlight how out the original Tamiya instructions were as I would have built these to plans.... Thanks again Ron, gonna check out your Mclaren now as I think I might do one of those next... Pete
  12. Thanks Ron, I have reference pics but just threw body on quickly for photos and working out wiring routes. Will adjust it's setup/stance properly when doing final body fitting. Any pics are gratefully received though. Thanks Pete
  13. So a bit of progress with lighting, not as much as hoped for but have continued to be busy with life stuff... Wiring completed for front, rear and overhead lights. Hole made under car for some wiring to pass through, this was small slot to allow connector to pass through. Loom was made using RC servo connectors forming three way loom into singular, switched battery. Car wiring simply plugs in to allow removal from hard-standing. This comprises of separate front wings, rear body and ceiling lights. All the wiring is still rough but needed to be completed to enable it to be fixed int
  14. Covid 19 has not enabled me to complete any further work or progress forward (I'm a nurse!!!) This is a little update to show slow progress over very busy period...Acrylic sheets arrived, cut to size with polished edges, along with some Tensol 12 adhesive. I had been quoted up to £350 for a bespoke plastic box, self building brought that down to about £45...I've never built one before but am very happy with result. Simply remove protective film, masking tape it together and run Tensol around joints with syringe. Capillary action carries it into joints and allow to set over several days. M
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