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  1. Hopefully I have managed to sort my picture problems. I have also gone back and added some full size reference pics, I will continue to slowly add them as I get chance!!! Hope you enjoy.... Thanks Peter
  2. Been busy recently so not much progress. Decided to try to fit lights...these are a simple set of LED's designed for RC cars and trucks. My final vision is to mount the car in a case, probably simulated concrete floor/garage or workshop walls so hiding power wires should't be too much of a headache... Chose to light inner/lower fronts as it provided more room (and I think I saw an image with these lights on during a race meeting) Following images show temporary fittings...very much a work in progress...
  3. Thanks Mustang, I'm really enjoying it. Cheers Peter
  4. After paint tidy up.... then moved on to wheels and tyres...added some valve caps, scrubbed 'em in and painted some detail....all avoidant behaviour because I don't fancy attacking the glazing!!!!
  5. Ouch, that sounds very trying. .glad you've got it sussed now. I used very narrow tape to edge mine but they also needed some remedial work with brush until I was happy with them. Just at glassing stage now, avoiding it by doing wheels and tyres!!!;
  6. Nicely finished result, I hope you are (justifiably) pleased with your work. Great to read your insights and learning from this episode. And if you've achieved this result on your first, just imagine what the future holds for you. Good luck with the next and keep enjoying it!!! Peter
  7. Welcome Dan, to an infectious hobby. Really enjoying your build, and you are doing a great, very patient job!!!! Look forward to seeing what you produce with a more modern kit .... Peter
  8. Quick hour today, sorted photo-etched Gurney Flap and adjusting hardware today on rear wing...again used references for guidance. Gurney flap was unexpected extras with aftermarket seat belt set from Reji Models (purchased from Spot models. This was a good addition as it was bought for seat belts and contained PE bonnet latches and said Gurney Flap amongst other useful 935 bits. I was deliberating buying the separate Tamiya PE kit but this saved me £80+ Even pre-paint they look good. Unfortunately I dropped the sub assembly earlier and it broke off the very tips of the side plates, but I've learnt to live with this mistake!!!
  9. Looking sweet Martin, some nice work in there. I don't think we are too far apart in terms of progress on these monsters. Will follow it with interest. Regards Peter M
  10. I have a scale Motorsport reference cd. It contains lots of reference pics and a scan of the immense SMS upgrade kit gives you schematics for oil/water lines. Are you building one Kirk? I've tried to post some pics for comparison but haven't been able to as yet. Hopefully I'll figure it out. Google is a great reference tool as well!!
  11. They show on my devices, I'll see if I've put them in wrong folder...gimme an hour... Try now folks and let me know....can you see earlier photos??
  12. Now clear to fit roll cage and tidy up interior cockpit... Here the blue pipe is connecting the front mounted oil tank as per real vehicle with 1/12th scale zip ties (these were incredibly frustrating). Smaller silver pipework is for internal fire extinguisher which will be finalised tomorrow, I also need to add the gear knob (if I remember!!!) The pipework in the rear connects the lateral oil/water coolers. Be fitting bodywork soon....
  13. Rookie mistake number #1007. Finished fitting out fuel tanks etc and moved onto completing cockpit interior BUT I glued in fuel cell before fitting steering column and linkage which led to several frustrating minutes of swearing and steam fiddling in recesses far too small for my fat fingers. I eventually gave up and removed some small items to give better access. Fuel cell and under bonnet compartment now completed, enough extras under there to satisfy me.... All that remains under here is to weather the final fiberglass piece I have added braided oil lines, extensive extra plumbing,added fuel filler overflows.Covered fuel cell with fiberglass and added hardware to fuel cell. Window washer has been electrified!!! Power cables to battery. Oil tank return line (from rear engine) C kit fittings for Top Studio AN fittings, such as on fuel cell. Also added small electrical isolation switch on right wing. Then weathered it. I'm happy with the results.
  14. Mines been underway for years, had to stop midway following a fire. Back on it now...
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