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  1. Very frustrating...can't post new pics and all my old ones aren't displaying at present...
  2. Oh damn...wheel looks awful, how can they be that far out??? Seats look lush, will look at them soon...
  3. Not going to be my normal standard but for enjoyment, it's a cheap enough kit to test 2 pack on before I shoot the Williams...Should be nice enough in the end. I plan to detail engine a bit with distributer, HT leads etc and do some work on the interior. I have purchased a spare wheel but that has yet to arrive from Grand Prix models...
  4. Light blue has been revisited and cover more uniform. So time to move on to masking red wing flashes. For these I have purchased masks from Indycal. Red is Tamiya X7 as stated in instruction colour call out. I used Lacquer thinners (Tamiya) and it's covered fine. However, unmasking managed to pull off some base blue to the plastic, this despite being washed, prep sanded and primered before paint!! Very frustating but easily corrected. Once paint was done, it was left for a couple of days and decals placed. Decals were Indycals, laid down with Ultimate Decal Setting solutions and they went on beautifully. Some fianl paint prep to be completed and then on to 2K. Headlight recesses etc. Hope to get that sprayed in next couple of days, but very happy with bodyshell so far. Clearcoat will be Zeropaints 2 pack Diamonfd finish. Little bit of work with engine has gone on...original Alclad Titanium Gold was very shiny so I oversprayed that with Tamiya Gold Leaf, which seemed much better. Gearbox in steel and ancilliaries being painted by hand in a variety of metallics. Nervous of Clearcoat so may use my normal avoidant behaviours and do other little jobs first...
  5. 1/12 scale Ford GT40 as driven by Ken Miles. Out the box build generally with some detailing parts. This is being built alongside my Tamiya Williams FW14B as a distraction with no pressure upon myself . Started off with a session of de-chroming...there is lots of it in this cheap kit, most of which is incorrect. I used bleach and set up a small production line, bleaching, rinsing and drying... They were left with a very glossy finish but some base coat gloss black lacquer should cover that. Build starts with engine block, so that's where I started... This will be done in Alclad steel and titanium gold. As you can see, the chrome pieces would have made for a very shiny engine block!!! While waiting for engine to set up, I thought I would follow Paul Bretland's (International Scale Modeler) usual schedule and get some bodywork done. This comprised of trying to figure out what needed to be built/assembled to enable base colours to go down. Some PE was placed and my references aren't great for the Ken Miles car, so I am sure there will be inaccuracies. I note some of the interior and subframes on some are dark blue, called out in instructions as black so I figured I would do what I think fits. This is not my usual build. The tub interior I intend to do in the light blue, subframes in semi gloss black. So body work was prepped ready for primer, using zero paints light grey primer. I'm not very experienced with the airbrush but was pleased with the end result. This finish was given a gentle rub down with some soft sticks and paint was applied...zero paints Light Blue (Ken Miles) This seems to have gone on well and I am pleased with that cover. It dries matt but will be 2K'd following decals... I have noticed the coverage is a bit faint in some areas so these will be revisited tomorrow as time allows...
  6. So, some time today so wanted to explore the engine and do a little something. Looking at Top Studio detail set I think a lot of it would entail undoing a lot of work I had scratch built or detailed up from references. A lot of the PE will be useful but I won't be chopping up the rear suspension arms.!! So, rear wing uprights caught my eye and figured they would ease ne back into the build. Some carbon fibre decals, splash of semi gloss paint and more additional PE resulted in some nice looking wing supports. The engine set comes with new suspension arms, airbox, oil radiater, pulleys and belts, cam covers, a million AN and electrical fittings. To use some of these would require substantial rebuilding and I just refuse to do that, so I will add details I can readily access such as fittings to gearbox and engine. I will probablyu replace the big black ball suspension thingy as that looks much crisper than the kit one I tickled with, it has more plumbing too. I was happy with my engine work before seeing the detail contained within this box. Anyhow... The carpet monster ate a bolt destined for the jacking hooks...and there was no spare in the set...bloody thing. Still, you have to look real close to spot they are slightly different. Some touch up required a some spots on the edges, but happy with how they have turned out. Will affix to gearbox once I have attacked the engine (again)
  7. Quick update, not much time for modelling due to work demands and family time...since last update I've attended Telford IPMS show. This was my first visit to a show and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Christmas has come and gone, and with it, Santa clearly felt ive been good, so as a brief distraction here is my stash update...Please excuse the tangent from the Williams build... First acquirement was the 1/12 GT40 by Magnifier. I had to purchase something at Telford to justify my 30minute drive from home... Obviously i had to get a few additional goodies. The Suzuki was an object of desire from my mispent youth...again in 1/12th scale. Christmas time provided an opportunity for this...which I had to have because its Martini colours and 1/12th scale...how could I resist... However...whilst waiting for the Lancia to arrive from the lovely people at Spotmodel, a further opportunity arose...got to love Marketplace... I paid the princely sum of £130 for this untouched MFH full detail kit. I couldn't pass it up. I hope I can do it justice in the future. This came with an additioanl resin standing driver (Chris Amon?) I have always figured I could not justify £600+ for a model kit, but when I consider what I pay longitudinally during my builds, it makes sense now...I have neve built a truly multimedia kit, so there will be some significant challenges ahead and much learning to do!!! Final note...because of my ealier motorcycle, I spotted this gem and had to have one... This is because I used to ride one of these in my younger days, following a brief foray with an RD500LC... The Williams will remain on my bench, but because I have struggled for time and mojo has taken a hit, I think I will build a bike alongside it (on a seperate thread) The Top Studio engine update and drive shafts are here as well. So I have plenty to get on with... You in Stafford Malc? We should meet!!
  8. Hi Malc, Yes I did...normally have a fair size order. Just keep adding stuff each week til I cave and get it sent. Normally waiting for something. Just ordered Italeri 1/12 Lancia...
  9. Little time to get stuff done, but did manage to get to Telford for the first time. Great stuff, well done to the organisers, I shall definately visit in the future, more on my haul later... So, just to make sure I have done something, elected to get wheels completed... This meant some plasticard wheel weights, held down with some bare metal foil gaffer tape, fitting the obligatory tyre valves, some Decalgas chalk markings and my first time using Tamiya tyre decals, which considering their age, went on quite well. I mean, tyre markings aren't perfect are they?? pleased with the outcome. Look okay to me!!!
  10. Hi Malc2, The lines are already printed in the design (see them on front wing) but I simply used grey acrylic paint to replicate them on the in fill section I needed to add. They look quite good in reality. Thanks Pete
  11. It's a good day...struggled like buggery with the f@*%ing rear wing and its assembly...I think I broke it about six times whilst assembling it. But consider it done now!! Much swearing was involved but no animals were hurt in the construction of this assembly. Any how, I have pushed on and am happy with it as it now sits but could very easily have thrown it out the window at one stage. Used my own advice and walked away and returned to it a few days later... In other news, bloody engine is ordered...I blame you lot, and so are the drive shafts...that's your fault as well....delivery date has only been put back five times so far... So I had already covered the inner sides with a darker carbonfibre decal, but I changed my mind and decided to use my ebay purchased Studio 27 fake, upscaled decal sheet. These had a nice vertical line pattern I wanted on mine. However the fit wasn't great and they left some areas under the wings uncovered. To get around this I made some small patterns and utilised some spare bits to cover the pattern error... This obviously has left me with no vertical line on this section. I could have aligned the carbon decalling better as well, but by this time I was already beginning to get fed up with this process. I used some Tamiya Sky Grey paint to replicate the vertical line and from normal distance this looks fine and I was pleased with the effect. So I began to place the remaining decals. The Tamiya ones cracked almost instantly. Having experienced this previously, I was prepared as I had ordered a replacement set from Indycals (as I had with my Tyrell P34) These proved much more amenable, and better than the Tyrells. A thinner decal, but very strong. I used Mr Hobby Setter and Softner, encouraged to comply with a hair dryer!! Once I had fitted the Top Studio details i was happy enough with the finished article. Now remember I had this disammble several times due to me being heavy handed and over zealous. This meant the wing became more and more difficult to get to go together properly. It could have been better finished but it could also have been a damned sight worse. The rear wing now, along with the front wing require the varnish/lacquer coat and final Top Studio jewellry. I have the Zero paints Two pack Diamond finish for this. I did the rear wing to avoid the body. I now have no excuse and will return to that next. While I struggled to get my motivation back on track during this PIA section, I have purchased a small 1/12 motorbike which I may start and drop onto when times get difficult. As a further distraction, those following this know I have the Brabham BT44B to build, and I purchased one for my brother to do alongside me. Well, I came across a broken up one on ebay so planning ahead purchased that for the spare engine and wheels. My display for this model will be outside a pitbox/garage so the wheels and tyres may be useful. Also in a fit of comfort shopping I bought a Lotus Ford 49B (1/12 - Gold Leaf?) decals are shot, so I have replacements enroute and zero paints were delivered a few days ago (Thanks Hiroboy) Still chassis and cockpit ahead...
  12. You are all a terrible influence....ordered mine on Saturday evening but suspect it might mean some serious swearing and undoing already done work...while I was on there i ordered a 1/12 scale Suzuki GSXR 750 (and detail kit) Need to stop now as rhis is creating a larger and larger stockpile...back to the model room for me then...
  13. I know, Spotmodel have it listed for preorder but I shall leave my engine as it is. Can't be bottomed with all that rebuild and I have a full set for the McLaren to build. Actually quite keen to get to the straight build of my Brabham as I bought my older brother one for a birthday pressie and would like to build alongside his...I'm pleased with my engine, parts Ihave added are good enough for me. Sometimes, you just have to draw the line.... In reality, I'll probably order the bloody thing....
  14. Mine was done from references so assume it may have had two at some point, but mine is not a specific car, more what I liked the look of, so this could easily be from where it had been moved. Most of my references were from the detail CD.
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