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  1. creating metal flake supreme
  2. Seems like there was a lot more planes back then.
  3. Hi from the great white north. You’ll find a lot of useful information here.
  4. of lovely coconuts, lions
  5. virus potions for el-president
  6. are hunted by sandsnakes
  7. The colour on the bare steel looks perfect, especially the dozers rollers. Are you keeping the leftover parts for other dios? Like to see how you did the steel.
  8. avoiding the family rebellions
  9. I’m sure the photos don’t do it justice after all the work that went into it.
  10. well Halloween is coming
  11. phones are museum pieces
  12. Found a new Revell 1:72 DC-4 for $45 Cdn and an old Skyvan for $10 Cdn. from the flea market. Hope that’s a good haul. Both unbuilt.
  13. whoa, knarly licks dude
  14. Good thing you don’t need an excorsist for all those Phantoms.
  15. with really bad voiceover
  16. To think, if when it was scrapped, had they known how popular this plane would’ve been. Nice work.
  17. causing strobe light seizures
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