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  1. In LSP there was recently long discussion on Tamiya P-38 which wasn't announced on Shizouka, so I advice to take rumours with a grain of salt
  2. Thanks very much guys! I thought more about famous Jokers smile from Batman movies and comics Unfotunately I have one photo from build: When i'm building model I always mix weathering from many photo sources, not 1 particular. There is second photo which is showing same aircraft, when order to repaint all planes spinners (maybe for recogition purposes) to red colour was executed
  3. Spitfire Vc from very modified Revell MK II kit with entirely new ammo covers and bubbles, Vokes filter and canopy from Hasegawa MK V. Master gun barrels, resin wheels from Halinski, bronze legs from Eduard, Eduard etch, Montex Masks. Lots of small corrections, cockpit was changed too. With older buddy:
  4. New Chaika from ICM, nice kit, fast to build. I made conversion to early type - with spinner similar to I-16 or I-15 Bis. I think that it is prettier than late - but it is only my opinion. It looks like a cartoon plane, from Mickey Mouse comic book . After doing photo session i got info that metal parts of plane were light grey, so i corrected it and first two photos are with this change. WIP: https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?showtopic=75355&hl= \
  5. Hi, Dora from Hasegawa with few corrections. Fast to build, easy kit. Needs a little bit of fitting but nothing hard to deal with. Side inscription means: "Sell my clothes I'm going to heaven!". List of modifications: - pilot seat - added seatbelts and Yahu IP - modified gunsight - Quickboost exhausts - Eduard Bronze legs from Revell F-8 - gun barrels / pitot tube / bottom antenna from syringe needles - pilot motto - shortened tail wheel - wings crosses from Montex Masks WIP: https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?showtopic=74576
  6. Fly Hurricane with Montex Masks. Plane flown by Bert Houle - Canadian Ace. Kit is unfortunately not a pleasant experience. I recommend it only to a Hurri fans.
  7. Thanks guys! Thx. I used Gunze H59 IJN Green, for bottom I mixed white with grey. Exactly, it was one of my fastest and most pleasant builds. I wonder why i didn't started it before.
  8. Hasegawa, manufacturer name is in tag section.
  9. Hi guys!. Japanese Thunderbolt from the box, only seatbelts and few cables added into cockpit. Superb kit, in terms of fit as excellent as Tamiya. I forgot to add antenna wire, but 15 minutes of work will fix that.
  10. First painting with Gunze Procon Boy PS-289. I had HS Silverline Solo before that.
  11. I bought this kit few years ago, before Eduard made their Limited Edition P-47 set, but i lost my appetite for this big fish . Now i have new airbrush from Gunze so it was a good time to check how it works. I used these additions for P-47: - Eduard resin wheels, - interior PE set, - RB model gun barrels, - Montex masks/decals
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