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  1. It will be 10 AM here in Pennsylvania. Optimizing for the colonies?
  2. Wonder what’s wrong with the decals? My two kits are on their way from Ukraine. Probably nothing that can’t be remedied from the CMR and Eurodecals in my possession but it would be nice to know what the problem is.
  3. 202 Replies on a kit that is 18 months away. We do love our Scimitars —- me included. Can’t wait.
  4. Did not Hit-Kit release a very rough injected molded Bleriot 510?
  5. You are right about the “to do” list. Once made a Frog Wyvern that a friend gave me because the fuselage had been smashed into a dozen pieces. Came out well. Still have it 30 years later and still pleased with it. Gonna give the Twisted Vampire o go. I’d post pictures of I had the faintest idea how.
  6. Sounds like a rock group but it’s actually my new Airfix 1/48 scale Vampire that arrived today from Lowestoft. The front upper fuselage is twisted in a way I have never seen in 59 years of opening kits. The right side of the upper fuselage is pulled out and twisted up so badly that the cockpit opening is about 10 degrees out of fore and aft and even the rear wing root, on that side is pulled forward about 5mm. Has anyone else experienced this? Seems like a new record in Airfix quality control’s race to the bottom. Best guess is that it was put in the box still soft and hardened in that way. Lower fuselage is fine. Brief experimentation suggests that it can be twisted back with enough hands and super glue. Don’t know how that would work with innards installed but, at least they mostly mount to the straight and true lower fuselage. Am I alone?
  7. The Ta-152H is a significantly different machine. That tail is the least of what is needed. New fuselage and wings would be needed. Ta-152 and Fw-190D look a lot alike but differ significantly in detail. I’m just happy it is a 190D.
  8. I am a subscriber since Vol 1, #1. Last issue recieved was Nov 2020. Just received today the Aug/Sept issue in today’s mail. masthead still says it’s a monthly but the cover says otherwise. No explanation of anything between the covers. Guess it’s goodbye to old SAMI.
  9. Try Vintage Flyer Decals. Just google the name. Links are still a mystery to this aging analog guy in a digital age. I have them — very nice. And VF decals are very high quality and a pleasure to use.
  10. Anybody know if these differ from the version Revell kitted. Seem to be the same fuselage length. The wing tips look a little different. Anything else?
  11. Are the clear parts actually clear? Can’t tell from the photo. Windscreen looks pretty good. Side windows look frosted. Hope not, I would love to get one.
  12. Thanks guys. Seems like there is no simple rule. Study the pictures. Guess that the unused portions of the Airfix canopy sprue suggest that B.IX and some PR versions are coming.
  13. The new Airfix B.XVI kit contains two types of canopies but only one is used for this particular boxing. The ones specified have bulged side windows. The unused ones have teardrop fairings on the side windows and roof. My references are failing me. Is there any rule as to which canopy is used with which mark of Mosquito. According to photos, the teardrop side panels seem to be characteristic of the Mark IX and the bulged ones of the Mark XVI , but not entirely. There seem to be exceptions. Other late marks seem to be a mixed bag of both, IS THERE A RULE?
  14. Entirely gratuitous character assasination, some thoughts are best kept to ones self. I have dealt with Gary for many years. Always found him to be honest and responsive guy with a superb and imaginative product line. Will also be dealing with him for a long time to come. Go make a model.
  15. The Special Hobby Anson were Mk. 1’s. The T. 21 was a very different airplane. Entirely different fuselage to start
  16. Not an expert but I’m not sure the rounded blue is wrong. Seems that I heard that the standard color changed over time and that it was lighter in earlier times. Any experts out there.
  17. Neil, Thanks. I suspect the Hannants inguiry was mine. I can probably overcome the decals issue (a Modeller since 1952 I have plenty of spare decals) but the instructions will be much appreciated. Last evening I freed the fight fuselage from it’s forest of supports and I have to agree with you that this is the future of Aircraft modelling. The detail is amazing and the engineering is even better. Wonderful first choice of subject. Don’t want to give you any ideas but the price is also amazing given the quality of the product. Every body should get one. how about some more interwar naval aircraft subjects. Bill
  18. Thanks Patrik. I am getting an e-mail off to Hannants. Hopefully they will supply them.
  19. My kit arrived yesterday. Beautifully detailed. My kit contained neither instructions nor decals. Am I the exception? Are they supposed to be there?
  20. There is a very nice 1/72 kit of the Sea Venom by Dragon. Also bears some reamblance to the original.
  21. Bit of eyewitness testimony. Spent 1968 in Pleiku. Saw many vehicles, primarily those of the 4th Infantry, and the helicopters of Holloway Army Air Field. They were the same color and the more brown shade. Already a modeler I’m fairly sure of my observations. The dust in the Central Highlands was very fine and red but the fresh colors appeared as described.
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