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  1. Hi Guys, I'm back to modelling and just completed this, the Revell LaFerrari 1/24. I was really excited to build this, the Tamiya version is well over twice the price of Revell and both have great reviews. Opening the box all the parts where crisp and great quality! it seems Revell have upped there game with this kit. Have just received my Tamiya Enzo so will be building that next. I decided on silver and black for my version so here it is: Thanks
  2. Hi How do you fill in the address form on the website as all that comes up is for Japanese addresses?
  3. Hi Guys, Here's my take on a burnt out and damaged Super Sherman. The Kit is a 1/35 M50 by Dragon No strict historical references used here just good fun and trying to improve on my techniques etc Cheers! Sam
  4. Crisp and great paintwork, is it airbrushed or handpainted? what do you use for the weathering etc? Cheers Sam
  5. now that looks cool, would love to build one of those! Sam
  6. Hi Keef, yes this was the acropolis revell, with slick tyres although im not sure how long they would last on the tough terrain.... Sam
  7. Happy to say the Lancia 037 is now complete, The kit itself is not bad, however if i do another i will be purchasing the hasegawa, this is still a nicely detailed kit from revell. as some may have seen in the WIP, i have made a few modifications to the kit, Made my own rear grill and air vent grills, Cut the rear bodywork out to have the engine on show and a little engine detail. as always room for improvement. Thanks for looking Sam
  8. Build is now complete. thanks for looking at my WIP Sam
  9. Brilliant! really clean and well weathered, attention to detail second to none
  10. Thoroughly enjoying this build, i was a little worried about it being revell as all the revell kits i have made go together horribly... well when i compare them to Hasegawa/Tamiya etc. But luckily its not too bad at all, So yesterday i spent some time on it and am almost complete. installed the grills into the front bumper Cut to size a new rear grill as the one supplied was horrible Installed all the glass and marked in the window rubbers drilled a hole into the gearbox and used a cocktail stick painted black as the rear bonnet holder Need to get the fuel caps, door handles and have decided against mudguars. Sam
  11. I see, do you have any experience of tasca kits? are they as crisp as this one is? Shame it was a limited release, you have certainly done it justice though. Sam
  12. wow it really looks great! is this a brand new release? looks so crisp and detailed Sam
  13. Hi ash, i would highly recommend Hasegawa, i built this and the Stratos both Hasegawa kits and they are a dream to build as good as tamiya's quality as you would expect being Japanese. Cheers Sam
  14. Another update this afternoon: Sprayed all the bodywork in paint code FIAT swift red which i think is a really really good match! Brakes installed Wheels installed and the bodywork test fitted again. Currently marker penning the window frames in then installing the glass etc. And cutting and marking up the grill for the bonnet vents and the rear grill. More to come Sam
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