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  1. Could you show us how the fibre optics are actually implemented/installed please? I presume there is a central white LED somewhere out of sight, and then optical fibres cable routing a ‘shaft’ of light from that to each instrument gauge.
  2. I never even new that a Jaguar existed! (I’m 56!)...but will have to buy a couple - one to make now, and to save to a possible conversion or aftermarket-update. Btw I have noticed that some retailer (eg Jadlam) already have it listed for pre-order, but at a few pounds more (£13.95) than the airfix rrp (£11.99). A bit odd, as they usually undercut a little bit. also looking forward to that Buggy.....
  3. Isn’t the problem with this the word ‘Apparently’ in the original post. It seems nobody here has yet bought the two items together as a discounted bundle - me included when I only got the magazine on its own today (no catalogue) in Tesco. let’s wait to see if such a discount does actually exist, then maybe there is a genuine cause for complaint (somewhere)
  4. I also had one nearly-new as my first car in 1982 or thereabouts. One of the first upgrades I did was to install electronic ignition (which I vaguely recall that I made from an electronics kit !!) - but it was utterly reliable and never let me down ( apart from a sticking starter motor). Regarding the model, it’s a lovely colour (in fact I’m sure I have an original Sud brochure which features the actual car in the same green shade) - and I also particularly love the number plate, although to nit-pick I’m fairly sure by the time that A-reg came around the actual car had been updated to
  5. Modelsforsale.com often lists 2nd hand kits amongst the new/discounted items, and they presently seem to have a handful of 144th (and smaller) kits. One issue on the site is you can’t easily filter-out out-of-stock items; I do this by sorting on the Quantity column so that those in stock are listed first.
  6. Putting that date in my diary....and am willing to place a (small) bet that it WILL go ahead.
  7. Have you tricked us all by photographing it next to a MASSIVE pencil? . ...That is truly excellent detailed modelling and finishing.
  8. Wow, at forty thousand hours to built the initial prototype, this isn’t going to be cheap to buy! Better start saving now, and hope my 14year old Ford Focus can last just that bit longer....
  9. (Sorry, I’m a bit late to this one..) Roy, that is a *fantastic* find. Unless it’s in anyway sensitive, I’d love to know how and where you managed to come across a model like that. This is another thread I’m going to have to follow....
  10. I think it’s a gorgeous looking car, and your model (and the photography) is fantastically detailed .....and impressive. In the causes of balance, I offer one minor criticism, which is to work on removing the seams on the (front) tyres. Other than that, it’s perfect!
  11. Don’t forget to look for highly-priced items which are accepting offers. I’ve gotten a few this way...often means the seller has no idea of price, so is willing to let the buyer propose a market price.
  12. Looks fab! I can’t really tell from the photos - is that a grey finish, or more of a silver? (I’ve read threads elsewhere with lots of debate on the actual colour to use for this car) I started one of these around 1990, and 30years later it remains a WIP...
  13. I love *your* model, and I love that particular model - I also slaved over it, listening to Genesis, back in 1980 whilst doing my O-levels (which might partly explain why I was asked to ‘leave’ that particular school shortly after ( due to lack of academic achievement!). In fact the 312T3 and the Genesis song ‘Paperlate’ are forever tightly-bound in my memory. It is still now in my attic, in shoebox, in pieces... Can’t fault your build whatsoever (even post kitchen-drop); did you de-chrome the front/rear wings? (and wheels?) - they seem a bit less shiny than the kit ones. And, of cour
  14. sennapod


    In the UK, a (probably THE) major supplier of spare reproduction parts is Steve Flowers, who runs the Model Supplies website. If you search for ‘Steve Flowers Model Supplies’ you’ll find it. The site is a bit old-fashioned (eg just lists of model numbers, very few pictures), but it’s fairly easy to check if he carries the parts for your intended model before committing to it. And obviously, eBay (or in the old days, a toy fair or jumble sale) to pickup a donor vehicle). there are also parts suppliers in Netherlands and Australia, who you’ll probably come across soon enough.
  15. Yeah, but the Sauber IS a beautiful car....that’s what counts for me!
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