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  1. sennapod

    I retired today

    Congratulations....hope you enjoy the extra time and do the things you’ve always meant to do. I’m just a few weeks behind you in retiring, but not sure if it’s going to be permanent or merely ‘a year off’ (I’m only 54 - although my wife is retired and just turned 60). We’re hoping to get out more before we’re tool old - although we did backpack around the world for 2 years in our 20s.
  2. sennapod

    Subaru Impreza WRC '99

    Photograph that in an outdoor setting and it could be the real thing. Fantastic detail and weathering...
  3. sennapod

    Best Tamiya Group B kit?

    Nothing can beat a Stratos in the Alitalia scheme, surely?
  4. sennapod

    # of post's doesn't change

    I have the same issue....been here for years but still at sub-100 ‘official’ posts.moslty chat ...but trying to be more productive/useful commme t on the subject forums.
  5. sennapod

    New Space 1999 kits on the way

    Space 1999 is in my top 4 or 5 Anderson productions, but i can't say I recall the Hawk in any episodes. What was its intended purpose?
  6. sennapod

    Fairy Powerspray - Has it been discontinued??

    ditto FPS useless, as is Mr Muscle Oven Cleaner (another changed formula rendering it useless for our purposes)
  7. sennapod

    Mini Cooper Mk.1, 1:24 Tamiya

    Fantastic photography too.
  8. sennapod

    eBay Item - Li-Ion 12v battery

    As it has a (presumably fake) CE marking, there is probably a case to raise this outside of EBay eg to trading standards?...
  9. sennapod

    Can’t reply to for sale threads

    Sorry Bhouse, that was the inevitable auto spellcheck !
  10. sennapod

    Can’t reply to for sale threads

    Thanks blouse for clarifying..in the back of my mind I always new there were two grades of post eg qualifying and non qualifying.....so I’ll have to get EVEN more busy shame as I’ve been a member for several years already, but am just not that active due to ‘life’ getting in the way.k. Still...kids have gone to Uni and I’m considering retirement soon.
  11. sennapod

    Airfix/MPC Monkeemobile

    That’s lovely.locely gloss red finish and good scratch build on those pipes...shame about the slight defect in the decal on the door...perhaps one of those gold paint pens with a very thin nib might make a good repair?
  12. sennapod

    Can’t reply to for sale threads

    Oh ok. I thought the 100 post rule was just for placing ads/starting threads, and not just replying to them. eg the red bit which says... Topic starters must have 100 posts or more to post. Posts from users below this limit will be deleted shame as there are some tasty offerings there...I think I’m on 93 posts - so will have to get my activity up a bit... thanks for the replies chaps. richard
  13. Simply put...I can see no way of replying to posts on the for sale forum. I see no reply box or button, and no other links with which to respond. Thry are current/active threads eg The one about richard leaving the UK presently on the top other threads on similar topics talk about permissions issues etc - could that be the case here? I’m using an IPad Pro... thanks in in advance for any help.
  14. sennapod

    Ford Escort RS1600 Mk1

    Lovely model.those flared wheel arches are beautiful.
  15. sennapod

    Airfix Ferrari 250LM 1/32

    I too am currently making one of these; thought I'd be a one-off with a model everyone had forgotten about, but you've beaten me too it. Like buses, you wait for one, and....... the fit on mine is not as good as yours, esp at the front of the nose where there is a noticeable step between upper and lower body parts.am presently wondering if filler,or sanding, is the answer. i may have to post a WIP, or maybe just wait until finished and put in RFI. BTW for Alan R - The Ford 3 litre IS presently available in the shops.