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  1. Yeah, but the Sauber IS a beautiful car....that’s what counts for me!
  2. I’ve just seen one famous Scottish retailer listing this for ...(wait for it) ....£169 !!, whereas Hiroboy have (had!) it at £99, but now out of stock. What is very noticeable is how the box art seems to have been downgraded (from the original Trumpeter kit) to almost looking like a childs toy - the perspective is all over the place, and generic wording only.lie there is no mention of Ford or GT40...just. ‘US Sports car...24 hour endurance racing car’. sorry, I haven’t mastered posting pics to BM yet, but the box shot is available online under brand Magnifier (who they?).
  3. Fantastic! The first photo I honestly, honestly thought was the real thing - Ie you were posting a real pic so that we could compare against your model.
  4. sennapod

    Model Shops UK

    There’s a similar sounding shop in Kings Langley, right by Junction 20 of the M25 called, unsurprisingly, Junction 20 models - tiny shop, mostly railways but reasonable supplies of modelling bits and piece ps and some interesting new and secondhand kits. (Haven’t checked myself if it has survived the Covid downtime).
  5. sennapod

    Model Shops UK

    Perfect, and very quick work! maybe discuss with one of the admins if this could be pinned somewhere, and also if the editing rights could be opened up so that one person isn’t responsible for maintaining it - but on the other hand not so ‘public’ that it can be spoilt or hacked by anyone.
  6. It’s available at Hiroboy and Wonderland models (assuming you’re in the UK) - but it ain’t cheap at around £160gbp. btw - for some reason it’s being retailed as an Ebbro kit, not Tamiya.
  7. That is lovely, but from the side I would have sworn it was a Cortina Mk3 with its coke-bottle curves. would be interested to know how you manage to dismantle it - was the old (non-liquid) poly-cement used? in which case maybe you could break the parts apart.
  8. Fantastic work, and the models have aged really well, eg minimal yellowing of decals etc. (Do you keep them in the dark?) I really can’t pick a favourite...I love the F1 kits (that Matra is soon to be re-released) - but the ‘simplicity’ and innocent look of the Porsche gives it a certain je ne sais quoi.
  9. sennapod

    Model Shops UK

    Nice thread, and as someone else said there was a similar one a few years back which became quite comprehensive. a good next step for someone with time would IMHO to plot all the shops on a Google map - maybe that could then become a pinned topic/link. The difficulty of course, will be keeping it up to date - but it would be lovely to have a visual view of the distribution of shops.
  10. I have a sheet from the Hasegawa 1/24 kit. Interested? I can send photos etc by PM.
  11. Nice to have you back Roy ! (You gave me some 1/12 GT40 decals a few years back) lovely models - were they in your stash already? I’m on the lookout for Entex kits (on EBay) but never come across any.
  12. Have you considered Wonderland models, in Edinburgh. I find their prices are ‘usually’ comparable to Jadlam, and of course they’re much closer to you.
  13. Fantastic woodworking Of a great subject, Would love to know a little of where you start, and the process in general. I would assume it is all chisels and sandpaper.?
  14. Agreed Russian. People saying Su-25 and Su-30. but then again, a lot of people thought they were the Red Arrows (despite them not being red colour, and there being far too many of them- and two different plane types)
  15. Never mind the modelling, I’m really enjoying the quality of your writing. Very entertaining and nicely balanced humour with the sense of frustration. Did you write professionally at all? PS - Model and workmanship looks fab from here , what a shame kits like this (and of this scale) are rarely (if at all?) made any more.
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