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  1. sennapod

    Goodyear Eagle 1/20 decals

    You can sometime also obtain a PhotoEtch stencil for Goodyear, which you hold against the tyre and paint thru (removing the need for decals altogether). I haven’t seen them listed for a while, but there might be an old one out there somewhere. edit. Hiroboy have some, but depends on the era which you need.
  2. sennapod

    Scott Tracey has left us

    It’s a bad pun I know, and also not strictly accurate but bear with me is there is an Anderson connection..... ... .. . The Angels have Intercepted him. (I’ll get my coat )
  3. sennapod

    The Elstree Model Show - Brand new! Sunday 9th June

    Nice one for me, about 10miles down the road. I’ll be there ( just as a punter)
  4. Stunning, and - as per your Golf gti- fantastic photography too.
  5. Very nice. I had a real GTi Mk2, and yours (especially the first photo) does look very convincing and realistic. If I may make a minor criticism, the only detail that doesn’t look to scale is the front number plate, it seems too big. Perhaps if possible take off some of the surplus white border around it?
  6. Hooray ! I’m not yet confident I’ll do mine justice, but maybe later in 2019 we can have an unofficial mini group build to compare each of our results
  7. sennapod

    Member post count.

    Thanks to both of you for clarifying, much appreciated.
  8. sennapod

    Member post count.

    Hi all, I was fairly certain this has been asked more than once before , but having gone through FAQs and Help & Support from start to end, I can’t find any similar prior topic, so please indulge my question, and apologies if this is actually is duplicating. My own profile shows I have over 100 posts , but for the purposes of posting in the Buy and Sell forums, I had thought some of these do not count - eg those posted in the Chat forum etc. so my Q is - are there actually two post counts - a/ an ‘overall’ one and b/ a ‘qualifying’ one. If so, where can I see these and what are they in my case? (Admin?). I would like to sell a few items, but don’t want to get a slapped wrist for starting a topic whilst being under-100. thanks in advance, Richard
  9. sennapod

    Hazard lights/warning lights in 1/24 scale

    How about LED of suitable dimensions (RS Components) with Tamiya Clear Orange X-26??
  10. sennapod

    Ebbro 1/20 Lotus 49b

    Mmmm, now *that's* a rear wing ! Lovely paint finish on it (and rest of the car) too.
  11. Thanks Fac63, would be interesting to follow your build too, but my Q was intended for the OP of thIs topic, Mark, as he had got his build underway (albeit a few years ago now).
  12. Did this ever progress? Or get completed? I'm about to start mine....
  13. sennapod

    MFH 1/12 - Maserati 250F

    Amazing detail, and as others have said, you cannot believe that isn’t the real thing. Fantastic. inspires me to make a start on a 1/24 MFH Ferrari 330 P4 which I’ve just acquired.
  14. sennapod

    Spot of the Day Part 2

    Alfa 8C in a metallic red, in my local High St (Berkhamsted). Sounded fabulous, despite being stuck in slow moving traffic. The first one I’ve ever seen, despite them being around for quite a few years now.
  15. sennapod

    Empire of the Clouds

    The hardback copy of this book is worth tracking down (try The Works)...a lot more good quality pics than in the paperback version (which seems freely available in charity shops...)