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  1. Unfortunately, the only SAAB I have in my stash ( > 250 kits!) is a Viggen. The other 249 kits are cars.....
  2. Thanks Andy - most helpful re the LP paints, I’ve not bought any for a while but will have to look out for these (and the thinner)
  3. Nice kit, I also made one - took me 5 (!) years. But your is far better. Tamiya LP paints - are these the Tamiya spray lacquer paints?
  4. Paul, Could you clarify the difference between a Kit Swap table, and a Table Trader - apart from the price! Thanks, Richard
  5. Boujour et bienvenue. I wont inflict my schoolboy French on you, as your written English looks just fine to me! look forward to reading your thread(s) - I hope you enjoy it here. I visit Rennes occasionally, as my daughter is at University there. Richard
  6. Welcome from another local bod - near Berkhamsted (the Hemel one, not the Hatfield/WGC one)
  7. Prior to seeing this post, i just made a new post elsewhere that Italeri have just re-released this kit. Love what you've done with the rescue - i started this model maybe 40 years ago, but it got the better of me and I never got it finished.
  8. Hello all, I've just seen this kit announced as an Italeri boxing. Does anyone know if this is actually the Tamiya kit (do Tamiya license their kits?), or what the history of this kit is? (Scalemates doesn't have any info) Edit#2 - just rechecked Scalemates at bit deeper, and it seems this IS the ex-Tamiya yet. I never knew Tamiya did this.....
  9. I've just been to the Polish Air Museum today- a fabulous place full of Migs and Sukhoi's and all 'those' planes we were warned of as kids, or were the enemy in an Airix Dogfight Double kit (Mirage vs Mig-15 anyone?). Being refurbished for the better(new exhibition hall) but well worth a visit.
  10. Lovely model, in a more natural setting it could even be the real thing ! A shame that the real car itself was so poor though..
  11. A very nice and clean looking build, excellent attention to detail (eg engine block, dashboard). It looks to be out-of-the-box, or did you add anything extra (apart from the replacement decals)?
  12. You can sometime also obtain a PhotoEtch stencil for Goodyear, which you hold against the tyre and paint thru (removing the need for decals altogether). I haven’t seen them listed for a while, but there might be an old one out there somewhere. edit. Hiroboy have some, but depends on the era which you need.
  13. It’s a bad pun I know, and also not strictly accurate but bear with me is there is an Anderson connection..... ... .. . The Angels have Intercepted him. (I’ll get my coat )
  14. Nice one for me, about 10miles down the road. I’ll be there ( just as a punter)
  15. Stunning, and - as per your Golf gti- fantastic photography too.
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