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  1. Hi Bud, would be nice to get some upgraded parts from MM, Pity they dont respond with enquiries???
  2. Thanks for that bud. Yes I like to detail my cars as much as pos? Heres my last one. An Airfix Bentley,with all brake linkages,opening doors, engine detailed and leather cover etc.
  3. Ive ordered the DVD for some guidance....
  4. Hi Paul,no pics Im afraid,Cant find a host that I trust,sorry.
  5. New quote on me?? Been building for 55 yrs. It wasnt a knock off,direct from Hiroboy. £120
  6. Just got this today Pocher Rolls Royce from Holland. Still factory sealed too. Im going to order the DVD thats available to help with the build. How do you post pics please? Thanks
  7. Fair enough,I bought 1 1/12 scale Cosworth DFV,what a joke. The quality and the fit was so poor I sold it on e bay. The buyer messaged me and said now he knows why I sold it lol!!!
  8. Ive built both and Pocher win hands down on detail. MFH are a tad overpriced imo and can be a mare to put together. The last MFH I built was a Mclaren F1 road car,bits missing,poor fit and the decals were a joke,like cardboard. I dont know of any MFH that the windows wind down,brakes work,lights work and engine etc turns over? Just sayin...
  9. Hi, Has anyone had experience of building the Finecast traction engine? I ask,because this kit is a joke imo? The instructions are useless but more important the quality of the casting etc? Ive built many metal kits kits mainly 1/43 scale F1 cars and apart from the usual flash clearing and fettling they go together well. This kit, I have to say is poor for many reasons and will need many,many hrs of work to get this together if I dont give up before lol?? Is this just a 'duff' kit?
  10. Hi, Has anyone built a Pocher K70 kit or had any experience of them? Thinking of giving one a go? Any suggestions would be appreciated, Thanks.
  11. lespaul

    Norton Kit?

    Hi,Im building an old kit that was made in the 80's a Heller Norton 705 hi rider. The chain is made from soft plastic and although looks ok I would just like to highlight it from just plain black. What colour(s) do I use? Thanks
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