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  1. Hey Everyone! Here's my latest video, a simple film that shows how to mask some straightforward shapes on a model aircraft. It's not groundbreaking as such, but will show you how I do things for Model Airplane International projects and in particular, the very new Great Wall Hobby T-33 Shooting Star, which I will show you once complete in a week or so's time. I hope that you like it! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q2tyki3A5zE
  2. Hi everyone! I am a show this weekend in Dublin, so decided that I needed a little base for my Fw190. Here it is! made using one of Uschi Van der Rosten's scenic display bases, it's the perfect accompaniment for this little fella. I hope you like it! Spence https://thekitbox.wordpress.com/ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCy2zx9zdns3FWzQAWs8s-XQ
  3. Thanks you all very much for the kind words - I'm really pleased that you like it! All the very best - Spence
  4. Thanks very much guys - I'm glad that you like it! Spence
  5. All done! The end of the week and that's my second Eduard kit completed in the last fortnight, this time their truly beautiful Messerschmitt Me109G-6, here seen in the somewhat speculative colours of Kurt Gabler's 'Mosquito Chaser', Red 8. This is Eduard's interpretation of Red 8. I say interpretation, because the scheme has been speculated over for years, the consensus being that it was a standard G-6 that had had it's paint sanded off to reveal the underlying metal (with all of the scruffiness that that would have created!). There is talk of paint remaining - particularly on the wings - and also that it may have been finished in primer - both of which seem feasible to me! But this is what Eduard suggest and as I am building the model from the box using their decals, I decided to go with it, the resulting model being rather striking with a bare metal fuselage and painted wings... I love this kit and really enjoyed putting it together - it's every bit the equal of Eduard's superlative Spitfire range. Will I build another? You bet! I hope you like it! Spence
  6. Thanks once again everyone - I'm pleased that you all like it so much! Have a great day! Spence
  7. Thanks a lot everyone - I'm truly pleased with the response to this model and I'm delighted that you like it so much! Have a great day - Spence
  8. Hi everyone - thanks for the comments! I'm working on the design and content of Issue 3 at the moment, but have to say early on that I have no plans to expand the scope to feature anything other than aircraft. There are plenty of magazines out there that cover these subjects, so I don't want to tread on their toes too much. So, for the moment I'll stick with aircraft and then maybe work on additional releases if I get the inspiration and time to look at other areas. Cheers! Spence
  9. Interesting - so do I! I'm still at the early stages of designing this, so may well go back to what I started with. Who knows! Thanks for the comment. Spence
  10. Thanks for the comments - most interesting. Having read what you wrote, I've taken another look and simplified it further. Here's what I came up with - I won't keep tweaking it, but maybe now it's easier to read... Spence
  11. Hey everyone! So, following on from the weekend's shenanigans, I've spent a few hours this evening working on the cover template. Though I had this on my laptop, it was proving troublesome to export it onto my desktop, so I took the opportunity to completely rebuild the file, clean up the logo and all of the text. As before, the cover is simple and in-keeping with the looking of the contents. Once again, this is a practice run, but I'm happy with it - see what you think. Spence
  12. Me too - it's taking an age to rebuild all of the templates! Hopefully, it will look smarter this time around as well... Thanks for the comment! Spence
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