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Leslie Nielsen as Dracula - FDM 3D Print.


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Another project I've been working on over the past few months is an FDM print of Leslie Nielsen as Dracula.  The 3D model was designed by JS Studio 3D, and I printed it in several pieces on my Creality Ender 3 S1.

Yes, I know I'd get better results using a Resin printer, but I can't justify the cost of one to run along side my Ender 3 S1, or the health risks associated with resin.

The head was printed using a 0.2mm nozzle, with 0.08mm layer height, and the stand and torso was printed out using standard 0.4mm nozzle at 0.2mm layer height.  Since printing the model I'm now running my printer using Klipper via a Sonic Pad, which probably would result in better print quality. But the model is nearly finished, so I don't want to reprint.

Anyway, here are a few pics from the project.

53222914659_11b92be758_c.jpgScreenshot_20230731_170108 by Brian Innes, on Flickr

The head model in the Slicing software, 0.08mm layer height:

53223035385_cd9c226ca8_c.jpgHeadCuraSlicer by Brian Innes, on Flickr

And the body:

53222914714_7fe98a4bc6_c.jpgBodyCuraSlicer by Brian Innes, on Flickr

The stand getting printed:

53222841973_c7a83e32bf_c.jpgIMG_3988 by Brian Innes, on Flickr

And the finished print in white PLA plastic, standing about 20cm tall.

53222531661_2fcd051bc3_c.jpgIMG_3989 by Brian Innes, on Flickr

Some surfacer on the head and body:

53222914699_da3c5134ab_c.jpg369177500_9879630582077883_1020171349943395299_n by Brian Innes, on Flickr

And some base colours down. Mostly using revell aquacolor white, beige, red, and vallejo model colour matt black.

  53222842108_9094b017b8_c.jpgIMG_20230912_133800 by Brian Innes, on Flickr

Basic skin tone put down, along with off white for the eyes, light blue for the iris, and black for the pupil with a dot of white for the catch light. Sealed using Aqua Gloss.

53222841978_56a8ca61a4_c.jpg379135858_10004063422967931_7854499112597832143_n by Brian Innes, on Flickr

And here we are as of today, the 29th of September.

Revell Aqua Color aluminium for the chain & medallion and buttons.  Still more work to do on the face, as well as the  base to tidy up, fill and prime before painting.

53223035500_e0648252d8_c.jpgIMG_20230929_212417_DRO by Brian Innes, on Flickr

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Small (if somewhat delayed) update.

I had been wanting to get Dracula finished for Halloween, but stuff got in the way.

Anyway I wasn't too happy with the brush painted finish on Dracula's cloak and jacket.

So I masked the rest of his clothing, and airbrushed some revell aqua color matt black.

53338567433_b2673958bb_c.jpgIMG_20231117_200350_DRO by Brian Innes, on Flickr

Just a few touch ups required due to bleed through the masking, especially on his white shirt which is still a bit wet, but looking much better:

53338567443_e29444f145_c.jpgIMG_20231117_201246_DRO by Brian Innes, on Flickr~

Hopefully not too long until I get this build finished. 


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