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  1. Count me in... Ive got a leopard, panther, tiger, king tiger, puma in 1/scale and a canadian cougar in 1/35 But i shall be different, and unique..... 1/35 South African National Defense Force - Rooikat. (loosely translated, Red Cat, but actually a Caracal) STEVE
  2. Sent you a PM, have some pics for you. Steve
  3. (Quote) Getting hold of the Rhodesian markings could be problematical, unless you know someone with the AZ Spitfire 22 Egyptian/Rhodesian boxing and willing to part with the decals. Four Plus rereleased their book on the type with decals for Rhodesia too, but at £20 it's a bit pricey for a softback and some decals. Hi Guys No problem at all about the Rhodesian Decals... try: www.mavdecals.co.za - (they have just about everything that they flew) or www.aviationshop.co.za - they normally have a good selection on old Rhodesian and SAAF decals (shameless plug of my local hangout) Steve
  4. Hi Tony Ha, yeah, we all say that we just 'went over to do another job'. I served in Bosnia, got a bit ****** up and certainly, never felt like a hero, but I was with the best trained army in the world, with the best gear and the best mates... My Daughter says, (in her words), we are all hero's because we went away to save people and the people were happy..... I like that. Good talking to you. Steve
  5. Howdy Light Grey.... I was advised of, and tried, Tamiya Fine Grey Primer for the closest colour, nothing else, and it worked out fantastic... steve
  6. Morning all Could anyone give me the colour match for Caterpillar Yellow. If anyone has a Humbrol, Tamiya etc colour match, would appreciate it greatly. Thanks Steve
  7. Thanks for posting such wonderful pics of our past Hero's down in the Falklands Lost a good friend on the Galahad Big cheer to everyone that gave of themselves so unselfishly. Ay ay brummie!, you will never be forgotten. Steve
  8. HI Really really like the 88, very nice S
  9. Hi Andy I recall a photo years ago of a Brummbar that was in the final days of the war with like three different paint schemes, was undercoat, Pz Grey and the Yellow summer camo i believe and most of the zimmerit was missing. It basically looked like a very unhappy bunny I stand to be corrected but it was emplaced i think somewhere in Germany and taken out by Firefly's I have the pic somewhere in the mess that I call a 'filing System'. I just recall it because it was in a model mag, and the author had reproduced what it may have looked like in a colour plate. will have a look for you
  10. Milmod had a 1/35th drawing many moons ago, but I seem to recall that it lacks details of the underside. I am happy to dig it out and scan for you if you can wait a couple of days. Regards Dave Would greatly appreciate that dave, thanks Steve
  11. Good Morning New poster here, originally from Coventry, now living in Johannesburg and working in Zambia...(Phew) My main sphere of lunacy is British armour from WW2 to present, in 35th and 72nd scale. Ok, so onto the question. Does anyone have scale drawings for the Saxon APC. Been all over the interweb looking for line drawings and cant seem to find any. Im looking to scratch build one in 35th scale and im basically just too dumb to work out sizes etc from photo's Any help would be greatly appreciated... Steve
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