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  1. To me it looks like the marks are to represent the change of material from the intake lip skin to the inner liner. There are some photo's in the walkaround section showing a Flybe aircraft that i took a few years ago now and this change is quite obvious in the intake pictures. If anyone needs any more info please let me know as i have access to these on a daily basis. Antony
  2. Can I join with the Airfix Mk.1A 1/24 scale that I was bought for Valentines Day? Antony
  3. Oh dear, looks like I might have opened a can of worms here. I did think Royal Blue looked a bit bright as there seems to be a definite colour difference between the fuselage and the fin flash. Humbrol Midnight Blue looks like it could be a good candidate as well. Thanks for the answers everyone, I appreciate the help Antony
  4. PhantomBigStu - Thanks for the info and the clear pic of a very nice looking Hurricane, those colours look pretty good. Work In Progress - Thanks for the link, that does seem to throw everything into confusion. I may well do it black now. Cheers Antony
  5. Thanks for the quick reply, I should be able to find them quite easily. With regard to the blue, all I've been able to find about colour is Royal Blue, are these colours fairly similar as Royal Blue seems a bit bright. Antony
  6. Hi all I'm currently in the process of wrestling together Revell's Seafire 1b. I'm looking at the colours for it and they are the usual Revell mix of a bit of this, a bit of that, stir it up and hope for the best. Does anyone have any suggestions for the colours from any other manufacturers please? There is also a scheme for a blue aircraft with a lightning stripe running down the side, serial number MB340, same question for that one as well please? Many thanks Antony
  7. Thanks for those tips, my Mk.1 now sits on the shelf of doom because of these problems. I can revisit her now and do her justice hopefully. Antony
  8. It's on Xtradecal sheet X72-156. Hannants have it here http://www.hannants.co.uk/product/X72156 Antony
  9. Excellent choice, i built one in this scheme a couple of years ago. I used Halfords Volkswagen orange for the main colour, which is a good match. Antony
  10. Hi all Time for an update. I've finally finished the Hasegawa 1/48 Harrier GR7, and I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. I'd read loads of horror stories about fit of this kit, but either I was lucky or mine looks terrible because I had no issues with it at all. Finished in a mix of Humbrol and Tamiya acrylics, dirtied up with Flory's dark wash and top coated with Vallejo matt varnish. Now to find some more of these kits to build, as I've bought the retirement schemes decal sheet and there are lots on there I like: My current build of an Airfix 1/48 Red Arrows
  11. They were going to be 1/32 scale Revell ones, but then she saw the Airfix 1/48 gift set with the 50th anniversary tail, so that had to be the one. The second one is another 1/48, but will probably be an Italeri one as I haven't built one of those yet. The Harrier has been on the go for a couple of weeks now, picked it up at the Yeovilton model show in February for the princely sum of £14 as the decals were damaged. Luckily these are mainly on stencils not used on the 20 Sqn one. Antony
  12. Hi guys Thanks for the comments, I thoroughly enjoyed them all. With regards to the Lightning cockpit, I don't recall any problems fit wise, it all seemed to just slot in. Here is a sneak preview of the Harrier Antony
  13. Hi all I've not built a model aircraft for a couple of years now, but just after Christmas I had a massive urge to build a Lightning. So, following a visit to my local model shop, I came home with the Airfix F.2A/ F.6 kit. The kit itself was lovely to build, not many issues with it at all, this is the result: While I was building the Lightning, I remembered I also had an Airfix Buccaneer which had been sat on the shelf of doom for well over 5 years! This was recovered from the shelf and also finished off: This kit had already been built and sanded, so just needed finishing
  14. Excellent photos, thanks for sharing. Please don't tease about the blue ones! Antony
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