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  1. Thank you for answer. I'm very glad you're trying to keep quality. Decals are also an important part of the model. Especially when I like to make a camouflage of a Polish pilot.
  2. Hello to Arma Hobby. Your kits are very nice. I like it. Hurricane looks awesome. But, please check your decals quality in your kits from Techmod. I build your Pzl.11c and decals was horrible. Decals no cooperate with decal solutions and setters and silverling a lot. Its very sad if some like decals ruins your good model kits. Thank you.
  3. Undercarriage bay. I say its no problem with it. Only fix some little corrections needed. Cockpit is not glued, it only for reference.
  4. So, my next step on this kits was deepen original panel lines by engraver from Tamiya. Same on fuselage plus adding some rivets to more detail.
  5. Pictures is 1000x750 px. I may change to 1200 px next time. But Im not too good modeller for that bigger pictures. I know AK-G is probably What-if because foto not exist. This scheme was atractive and I not decided to choose this scheme for my model. Probably made SAAF AX-X scheme. Yes, I buy two this kits, One is this Trop version and one is Nightfighter fighter version(JX-E Kuttelwacher). I waiting for Mk.I, MK.IIB and Mk.IId version.
  6. So, Iam regular 1/72 modeller, but sometimes I like big models. This model was good choice for me. I like these british war horses. I dont choose final marking yet, but I have two ideas.
  7. To Navy Bird - sorry but Im Czech, I know something about my born language.
  8. Dont worry. In czech text is not information about this kit. Its only some blablabla nothing.
  9. Here is from czech decal producer DK decals. He has three versions of Kutt Hurricane. Its propably best reconstruction ever. http://www.dkdecals.cz/navod_hurricane.jpg
  10. I have info from KP/AZ owner: P-51 is now finishing to HQT mould forms. First testshot sprues released at half of this month for reference. Model goes to shops in end of 2/15 or early 3/15.
  11. I finished same model some days ago. Your is nice one. http://www.modelforum.cz/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=89805
  12. Thanks Stew. Yes, its one camo option from the box. http://www.mpmkits.net/2014/09/arado-ar-96b-avia-c2-kamuflaze.html
  13. Hello, here is my new kit. Very nice kit. Minimal use of putty. Colors RLM70/71/65 from Agama.(alcohol based)
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