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  1. Pictures of the box art, the model and sprues are available on the tamiya blog https://tamiyablog.com/page/2/
  2. This is great news! Many of these fighters were stationed in Norway. The T version has not been well served in 1/72 scale. Really hope this will be a good and accurate model kit.
  3. I was surprised to see that it is already available in Germany. I thought that it was not going to be released until January or February. Now it is also available in Norway! My local hobby shop got it on the 22nd of December. Price is 599 Norwegian Crowns. That is about 61 Euro. Pricey, but cheaper than buying it online with the high shipments costs these days. Happy New Year!
  4. Same to you Nils! It was a good show. Got some nice new kits, some decals and some other accessories. But didn't go nuts this time -Thomas
  5. I talked to one of the guys at the Airfix stand at SMW today. There will be No New announcemet from Airfix today.
  6. Hello everybody! I am a fairly new member here. After I have been following this forum for a couple of years I joined up in May this year. Participated in the Bf109 group build and failed miserably (DNF) I joined this forum because I like model kits and model building. Started gluing kits together when I was around 8 years old. Back then I build all sorts of models although mostly military stuff. Now I am 41 years old and prefer 1) airplanes 2) 1/72 and 1/48 scale 3) WWII subjects But Hey! That AMK Kfir jet in 1/72 looks very nice and I hope to
  7. Sorry guys! I didn't make it. Even with the extended deadline I had no chance. I would like to thank everyone in the group build for great inspiration and I would like to honor those how did finish their kits! Many fine looking models! Also a big thanks to everyone who have shown interest in my build. I appreciate it! So that was the bad news I guess... The good news is that this group build, although I did not finish it, has kinda kick started my modelling building again. I have done more model building the last 3 months than almost the entire y
  8. Hi! Here is a small update. This is an overall view of what I have been doing. After finishing removing of some hatches on the front fuselage I have been mostly painting the cockpit and other small parts as propeller, wheels and struts etc. Here is the cockpit. Not yet finished painting it. Also it will need a wash and some drybrushing. Same goes for the cockpit tub and instrumentpanel. I have added some strips of plastic inside the fuselage where the exhaust should be placed. This way I can paint and weather the exhaust stack and put them
  9. Good job! Following this build with interest. Very nice painting of the pilot! Bringing more "life" to the model when there is some one in the cockpit I think! -Thomas
  10. So progress this first month since the starting of this group build has been slow. I have spent the time studying the instructions, the kit and my books on the Bf109 that are relevant. Here is some of my books I am using as reference for this build. What you get in the box is the sprues from their G6 kit with most of the small parts and upper/lower wings. The G6 fuselage have been cut off and replaced with a new fuselage and some additional small parts. Actually you get an Bf109G10 and then the instructions tells you too fill and sand smooth some hatches and replace/re-p
  11. Hi! This will be my first AZ Model 109 also, if I can finish it... I have several in the stash and have started on a couple of them. Thanks and you are quite right! I have read about that encounter both online and in some of my books on the 109.
  12. Hello! This will be my entry in the group build Ok so I was planing on building a Bf109G2 belonging to JG5 flown by Rudi Müller, but the winter camouflage with green blotches kinda scared me off. I am not that familiar with my airbrush yet and will need more practice. Therefore I chickened out and decided for this beauty instead. Overall RLM76 I can handle. Besides I build veeeeery sloooowly, so if this gonna be finished in three months I have no time to loose and an easy paint job would be the best thing. BTW I am going on a weekend trip with my wife
  13. Hello everybody! I am a brand new member to this forum and I am a 109 nut! My modelling needs a kick start and I thought that by joining this group build I might get some modelling done. So please count me in. -Thomas Inge
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