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  1. We will discuss it in an article to be posted next week on armahobbynews.pl/en/ . Grzegorz Cieliszak found possible explanation of "Q", stay tuned please.
  2. Grzegorz Cieliszak wrote an article on the armahobbynews about a French Hurricane I trop from latest box: The French Hurricane Z4615 link Aeroplane was old, weathered and repainted. Left wing was from another aeroplane, also fresh paint makes it extremely good subject for advanced painting techniques.
  3. I expected P-51B around Summer Holidays. Hopefully we will have it on Christmas (not sure). Mustang have much more detail than previous kits, including subvariants available out the box (nose panels, photo camera, different radio, rangefinder). So it adds more to the work.
  4. Sea Hurricane IIc is possible. It needs a new fuselage and few details. We can speak about when when we solve problems with tooling workshop. We have half a year delay with new kits now.
  5. New Hurricane box from Arma Hobby will be available next week: 70026 Hurricane Mk I trop Western Desert Limited Edition What markings will you choose for your models?
  6. Well, BCI team livery is quite intimidating to make in decals. With masks even harder. We hope it will be released by aftermarket decal manufacturer.
  7. I've contacted Eduard just after receiving kits in our shop. Everybody who bought the kit in www.armahobby.com will receive replacament wheels as soon as they arrive from manufacturer. Just fill claim on our FAQ/Support section please and we will send them free: https://www.armahobby.com/webpage/support-faq.html Eduard also recommends to contact support@eduard.cz for replacement parts.
  8. New archival photos of the P.11c fighters:
  9. 82 years ago started the Second World War. The first Allied fighter unit to oppose Luftwaffe bombers was Pursuit Brigade from Warsaw. Unfortunately, most photos about their PZL fighters were taken by Germans on aeroplane's crash sites. Didn't any other sources survive? Let's check out! Marek Rogusz brings new information about the P.11a and P.11c aircraft of the Pursuit Brigade and their paint schemes, gleaned from a series of unique photographs taken by Henryk Poddębski at Okęcie Airfield shortly before the outbreak of the Second World War. Read new "armastory" on the armahobbynews : link Photo from the collection of the Museum of the Second World War in Gdańsk, published under the license granted to Arma Hobby.
  10. It means you can buy this kit with so called "overtrees" in our shop to build two models: link See deal packages below the pictures on kit page please.
  11. Here are markings from the kit: Hurricane Mk.I V7118/ UZ-V, 306 Squadron PAF. Tern Hill, March 1941. Hurricane Mk.I V6941/ WX-W, 302 Squadron PAF. Northolt, October 1940. Hurricane Mk.I P3707/ NN-A, 310 (Czechoslovak) Squadron RAF. Duxford, October 1940. Hurricane Mk.I XR-S, 71 Eagle Squadron RAF. Serial overpainted, probably P3664. Kirton-in-Lindsey, March 1941. Pilot F/O Stanley Michel "Mike" Kolendorski. Last one is especially interesting: US Citizen of Polish origin, US crest (decal No 24) on the right side of cowling, Polish insignia under cockpit. Many thanks for Grzegorz Cieliszak for research.
  12. Marek Rogusz describes on the armahobbynews an epic fight of Salamnder „2” on 9th Septmeber 1939: „…My good mood was interrupted by a crackle from behind; it sounded as if someone were tearing a sheet of hard paper. I knew this sound. I nosed up. An Me 110 flew right by me. It proceeded in a slight left turn. I had the impression that we were both observing the falling aircraft. I could not follow it. I was afraid that they would shoot me down from behind. Thus, I watched from a height of over 1,500 m, while at the same time glancing at the newly arrived Kraut. The bomber hit the ground. But the “new” aeroplane was trying to get on my tail. I took up the fight. But then, from I don’t know where, four or five of them appeared, all Me 110s. Today I was on a winning streek, I thought to myself. Maybe I’ll get lucky once again. But these were not as easy to deal with. They arranged themselves in a defensive circle and I was forced to break off time after time, for they kept getting on my tail. Finally, however, I got a chance to shoot…” Read a full story on armahobbynews: link
  13. Marcin Ciepierski, 1/48 scale P.11c designer has built first one. Article on this build is posted on armahobbynews: link
  14. On the armahobbynews.pl/en/ you can find articles on Arma Hobby kits. They are sorted by tags with catalogue number. In the kit instruction link and QR-code are included. Articles are about kit itself, assembly guides, history of aeroplanes from kit decals, galleries of built kits etc. Everything we can do to help modeller to find references and guidance when building the kit. Last week Marek Rogusz, one of best P.11c operational history experts, published the article on 112 Squadron (Winged Salamander) in first week of the war. link See all articles on P.11c 1/48 scale from Arma Hobby link
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