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1/32 - Dornier Do.335 Pfeil by Zoukei-Mura - released

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1/32nd Dornier Do.335 Pfeil by ZM in Super Wing Series - ref. SWS09.

Box art was on display at SMW2013.


Don't forget there's another 1/32nd Pfeil kit coming from HK:


ZM old man blog. Scroll down "Research at the Smithsonian"








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That first photo shows off very well just how big the Pfiel is !

A WWII fighter bigger than some WWII bombers :yikes:

Mmmm ZM or HK ?? Which is best......theres only one way to find out .....FIGHT !!


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I think Zoukei-Mura will be more highly detailed and more expensive where HK will detailed but less expensive. My vote at this moment is with HK unless something changes

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▋The latest test shot runners of the 1/32 SWS Do 335 are finally in my hands!

I will try to go through briefly with these test shot runners and, if there is no problem, then the kit will be delivered to you. So let's step in and see together how the model kit of this wonderful aircraft tastes like.

So, let's build the Do 335!!

So, let's build the Do 335!!

Ancient city, early spring.

Totally different from yesterday, a cold day with some small clouds dancing in Kyoto's sky, for some reason today has turned warm with sunrays hitting the ground.

SWS brothers all over the world, are you alright? OK!!

What? If you're fine, keep fine and don't care about trivial things.

Eat a lot of good food, have your family around you and enjoy to its fullest the SWS kit, this wonderful hobby of yours!!

Human being... When somebody gets 60 years old, whatever he may do or say is fine. It looks like an unwritten law valid all over the world from ancient times... Right? Oh, maybe you… ?

Yes! Did you say that the attention of the world and your family are not so sweet?

Ouch!! That's just your imagination, just your imagination! Probably everyone admire and compliment you when you are not here!

Oh? Don't you understand the meaning of these words?

Don't worry, this world is still full of things weirder than that. Don't mind about some words you may not know. OK?


Yesterday, finally the latest runners of the SWS 1/32 Do 335 arrived, and so I'll start a very simple build to check them and verify if the assembly works well or not.

There is still some time until the release, so please enjoy the kit's "presence" through my pictures and comments.


▋Look at this! Here's what I did in only 3 hours of test-build.

As always, "the fitting of the parts is perfect" for this SWS kit too, making you feel confortable.

Every time I do a test-build, of course "The Old Man's 7 tools" shown in these pictures make an outstanding work.

From the left, nippers (specific for plastic models), chisel, diamond yasuri, tweezers, shaping knife and a pig-hair toothbrush.

Just by having these tools, the assembly of the kit goes very smoothly.


▋The propeller is the heart of the reciprocating engine!! That's it. Just so true!!

That's why it is right to say that this time Do 335 propeller is a masterpiece for how good it looks.

I am so picky about the propellers, so if I say that, then it must be true!

You guys, please trust me. Trust is happiness, dear fellows.

Ho, and by talking about the beautifulness of this propeller!

Exquisite! The precision of the shape, the thickness and that unique twisting, and then the sled shape delicately connected from the core to the tip, everything is represented in fine details.

I promise you this is really an exceptional propeller.

A special mention for the gates of the runner, which has been brought to the back side of the propeller's core, as you can see on the picture. The idea of our design department joint with the skills of our tooling-maker makes this difficult propeller eject from the mold at once.

Thanks to them, we modelers can safely apply sandpapers no. 240 and 800 on both edges of the parts, and get immediately an awesome finish just by doing this.

Very well done, Zoukei-mura Development Team! Good on you!


▋Look! We moved the gate of the runner to this place!

Here is why both tips of the propeller came exactly as they have been designed. And then, you just have to tidily refine with a shaping knife the protuberance resulting from the cut of the gate.

This entry was short but that's all for today.

The rest will follow few days later.

Get ready because I will show you the assembly of the awaited "DB 603 engine".

Until then, the most important and essential part of the work that will make you decide to buy this kit for sure is still to come.

First you need to do a lot of stuff, from a far-sighted political maneuver, or a conciliatory measure to mobilize your grandchildren, like the well-known "he that would the daughter win, must with the mother first begin"; to family matters, garage cleaning, and wall painting. Toilet cleaning will also be a strong point too.

In addition, it may be a good strategy to buy a small present for an impregnable wife.

In any case, be patient until you get this very adult response: "If you do one of these things, I will pass on" .

Haste is waste. Mistake is the key to success. Don't stop until you get it!

I hope you brother will fight and succeed…

C'mon!! SWS brothers all over the world!!

Absolutely get this Do 335!!!!

Hideyuki Shigeta

Representative of Zoukei-mura, Inc.




▋And… it's finally complete!


Edited by Homebee

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All very nice but YET AGAIN Zoukei-Mura, IMHO, score an 'own goal' by producing a kit (albeit superb looking) that has already been recently kitted in this scale !. Just how many kits do we need of this very interesting but quite esoteric machine ?. I fully appreciate that this kit will most likely be far more detailed and perhaps more refined than the recent HK Models version but can the modelling fraternity really support two such kits ?. I simply cannot believe this will become an economically viable project and in some ways its a criminal waste of resources when there are SO MANY other subjects, Luftwaffe or otherwise, that have NEVER been kitted in this scale by a mainstream kit producer and are crying out for the high quality treatment from Zoukei-Mura.

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Yep... the campaign to get the oyaji to tool a 1/32 Whirlwind using the Whirlwind Project's CAD work starts now!

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