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  1. Ferrari 250 GTO #3505 Brands Hatch 1962

    Nice catch Roy! #3505 raced TWICE at Brands Hatch in '62. In August she had the #76 in the white roundel for the Pecos. But in May she had the number 137 inside a ????? roundel (see pic). At first blush the roundel looks to be a light color, maybe Yellow or Lt Blue since those were known to be in use in the early 60s. However, at the Le Mans test (#21) and at Silverstone (#30) the roundels were white .... then white again at Brands Hatch and Le Mans (proper). 137 I cannot rule white at this point, either. Although the roundel appears darker than the body color (which is very close to Sky Type S) in b/w photographs it may actually be white. There are some b/w photos of #3505 from Silverstone where the roundels look darker than white. However, I viewed some color footage on Youtube that revealed #30 to have white roundels. As for the earlier Brands Hatch race there were only THREE cars entered: the Ferrari, a Jaguar E type, and an all white DB4 Zagato. I was hoping that maybe, just maybe, someone had a color photo of #137 to ease my mind. Cheers
  2. I have seen this Ferrari 250 (#3505) with different numbers (15, 76, 20, 30, and 21) Now I see she had the #137 at Brand's Hatch that year (1962). What color were the circles on the body? She had white ones before and after that race, but black at Goodwood at the end of the season. Where they white at Brand's Hatch? or Yellow? or Lt Blue? TIA Jonathan
  3. Lotus Elan racing wheels?l

  4. Lotus Elan racing wheels?l

    Actually these types:
  5. Lotus Elan racing wheels?l

    Would love to build a racing Lotus from my Gunze Elan kit, but the ones I'm looking at (1964) had different rims than those that come in the kit. Are there suitable aftermarket rims for the Elan in 1/24??? TIA Jonathal
  6. Is there and aftermarket fix for the Italeri Ferrari 250 SWB. Kit comes as a LHD and of course I want to build one that was RHD. or Can someone point me to a tutorial on how best to relocate the steering wheel? Cheers Jonathan
  7. Car builder newbie, build questions

    yeah, I got the point I'm not above scratch building, but I'm basically lazy
  8. Car builder newbie, build questions

    Nice!! That's a lightweight, right? and point taken
  9. Car builder newbie, build questions

    Found 'em!! "Starting Numeral Lights"
  10. Car builder newbie, build questions

    RUNNING LIGHTS!!!! Fantastic! Now I know what I'm looking for. The only British Racing Green car I want to build is Roy Salvadori's Jag type lightweight 86PJ #9 from one of the Goodwood races. Any idea what green for the that one?
  11. Car builder newbie, build questions

    Thanks! What are those little light thingies called??
  12. Hello to all the gear heads! I'll come right out and explain that I'm rookie to model automobile building, but not modeling overall (airplanes mostly). I know where to go to get all my other supplies, but need a guide to where the cool car stuff is, and where the DEALS are, too. Having done a crash course of research and kit acquisition I'm on the after market items now. My focus is narrow, "Le Mans" type racing sports cars from the 60s. Here are my questions: 1) What type of PE harness(es) do I need for this era of car (Ferrari, Jag, Corvette, GT40, Porsche) 2) These cars are festooned with little lights on the body around the numbers. Surely these are available aftermarket, right? 3) What's the best acrylic paint (can or bottle) for the metallic British Racing Green for the Jag). Any other suggestions and hints will be appreciated. TIA!!
  13. Piper-Attwood Ferrari(s)

    Yes. Thanks for the help!
  14. Neede help with Greens

    Thanks! Ford Modena Green. Cool. Cheers!
  15. Neede help with Greens

    Anybody got a mix for Tamiya Acrylics for "David Piper" and (what I call) "Jaguar 86PJ Salvadori" Greens??? (I don't do the Zero Paints thing) Cheers