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  1. Is there and aftermarket fix for the Italeri Ferrari 250 SWB. Kit comes as a LHD and of course I want to build one that was RHD. or Can someone point me to a tutorial on how best to relocate the steering wheel? Cheers Jonathan
  2. yeah, I got the point I'm not above scratch building, but I'm basically lazy
  3. Nice!! That's a lightweight, right? and point taken
  4. Found 'em!! "Starting Numeral Lights"
  5. RUNNING LIGHTS!!!! Fantastic! Now I know what I'm looking for. The only British Racing Green car I want to build is Roy Salvadori's Jag type lightweight 86PJ #9 from one of the Goodwood races. Any idea what green for the that one?
  6. Thanks! What are those little light thingies called??
  7. Hello to all the gear heads! I'll come right out and explain that I'm rookie to model automobile building, but not modeling overall (airplanes mostly). I know where to go to get all my other supplies, but need a guide to where the cool car stuff is, and where the DEALS are, too. Having done a crash course of research and kit acquisition I'm on the after market items now. My focus is narrow, "Le Mans" type racing sports cars from the 60s. Here are my questions: 1) What type of PE harness(es) do I need for this era of car (Ferrari, Jag, Corvette, GT40, Porsche) 2) These cars are festooned with little lights on the body around the numbers. Surely these are available aftermarket, right? 3) What's the best acrylic paint (can or bottle) for the metallic British Racing Green for the Jag). Any other suggestions and hints will be appreciated. TIA!!
  8. Yes. Thanks for the help!
  9. Thanks! Ford Modena Green. Cool. Cheers!
  10. Anybody got a mix for Tamiya Acrylics for "David Piper" and (what I call) "Jaguar 86PJ Salvadori" Greens??? (I don't do the Zero Paints thing) Cheers
  11. Really? Are there NO decals available for the Piper-Attwood Ferrari 250 LM or their 412 in 1/24???
  12. As I understand it the Met flights flew a mix of Halifaxes, Gladiators, Hurricanes, and some Spit VIs and VIIs. These flights were under Coastal Command. The Halifaxes from these flights usually have Costal Command paint schemes (makes sense as their being flown by Coastal Command). Question: were ALL of their aircraft wearing Coastal Command colours?? (and, while we're at it, anybody got access to 1402 Flight's ORB?) Cheers Jonathan
  13. I've done what I could looking for info on this plane and have more questions than when I first started. As I understand it Frank Tinker flew an I-16 type 5 for a majority of his kills which were all gained in 1937. The code for that I-16 is listed as CM-023, however no picture of that airplane (revealing the code) exists. So, any depiction of said I-16 is conjecture. However, some have made what appear to be logical assumptions: I-16 type 5 (based on the time frame AND a picture of Tinker in the cockpit of an I-16 with the type 5 canopy) Black cowl: as did other Republican I-16s from the period and I have read that pilots left the canopy slid forward. then things get sketchy (and here are my questions): Fuselage codes???? Other I-16s from the summer of 1937 seem to show the individual number on the RUDDER. Examples include: 1, 9, 33, 35, 37, and 61 Could -023 have simply been 23 but on the rudder? -- or did I miss something here -- 1) When did the practice switch from rudder numbers to fuselage CM-xxx codes? 2) And, if they were using the CM-xxx codes in July 1937, was the CM- BLACK and the 023 WHITE as I have seen in so many drawings and paintings? 3) And, lastly, what about the red on the wings: stripe? or full wingtip? Any help will be appreciated on this build. I'll be using the Eduard 1/48 I-16 type 10 kit as the basis with modest corrections to the cowl and a Squadron vac canopy.
  14. Very nice work!!! But, can somebody make FIGURES for this thing already!!!
  15. Thanks, Jess. Curious that a good many of the aftermarket decals available are better suited for the "Civile" version. Cheers JS