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  1. Really enjoyed seeing this coming together. The way you put the exhaust together is closer to the real thing that you will ever imagine! I love the photo of the recreation of the brief formation with a Spitfire (without hand), it was a special moment wasn’t it? You’ve done the model proud and next time we are looking for a repaint can we give you a call? Looking forward to seeing what’s next on your build list.
  2. Looking great! I also had never noticed that the wheels stand out a bit. I’m sure it would be more aerodynamic your way so that’s no bad thing I think. I’m sure that the guys who resprayed WW a couple of years ago would also be most impressed by your efforts. Don’t forget to add a little oil for weathering. We try to keep her clean but like someone once said - if it’s not leaking oil it’s run out of oil!
  3. Hey, I’ve just come back from a little leave to find that whilst I was away a mini me Wacky Wabbit has almost been completed! It’s looking great already, and I find your attention to detail (as with the Rapide built) fantastic! Keep up the good work, and I’ll enjoy watching the final few steps, it’s a nice reminder of one of the last days I got a chance to fly ‘proper’ planes last year. I was very happy we managed to get all the variables aligned to make it happen! All the best, Brian
  4. On the Eduard website it has online instructions. In those instructions i think it mentions which sprues come with that kit, so you should be able to check to see if the sprues are the same for the models your looking at/wanting.
  5. I've often wondered about how much money they've made from the 1/24 range. The original Spitfire and Hurricane must have been a great cash cow over the years, but how are the Typhoon and Mosquito doing? The cost and physical size prohibits most of us getting more that one (well sensibly that is!), compared to 1/72, but I hope their profit margins would be greater per kit sold. I'd personally love to see a 1/24 bf 110 or Ju 88. Both are around the size of the Mosquito, with available ones to survey in the UK or in Norway, and if broken down cleverly could form the basis covering many of the versions made a la Hasegawa Ju88 or Eduard bf110.
  6. Interesting, replies. I've found that the RCAF have published a number of their Squadron ORBs on their website for all to see. I had a friend who flew for 403sqn and I found it interesting, and puzzling reading about events I'd heard about being mentioned or not. Sometimes nights out in London are mentioned and other times significant operational losses are hardly mentioned, when I know they hit home hard. Mhaselden's suggestions as to some of the human factors behind why make a lot of sense to me.
  7. Really enjoyed watching your progress and seeing the great final result of your labours. I gave up light aircraft flying for for some time too when I realized that I was doing it because I had to, rather than because I wanted to. I'm in a lucky place now where due to time I don't fly as much as I'd like to and when I do there are 3 or 4 types to fly, each with their challenges, and no day is th same. On top of it all is seeing the reactions when I take people up like yourself!
  8. That's an annoying seam to have to deal with on the home run. Thanks for the decal offer. I ordered some as soon as you mentioned where you got them and big H delivered them just this morning, running out of excuses to make a start on one myself now. Where did you get the rigging thread from, and does it come in different colors. They change color depending on the light (and if the oils been rubbed off!), but a light grayish colour I think would be closest in scale.
  9. Just caught up on your progress after a few days away. Looking good! Have some of the letter decals on order now and will be looking into getting some of the rigging stuff you recommend. Don't worry I won't try that manouver in the Rapide, but I often do in the T6. Have noticed that more often than not the boys scream (in delight I might add!) more like a girl than the girls do. Keep up the good work, the finish is in sight.
  10. Not only will the range be affected by the weight of the tea carried, you must also factor in the milk that goes with it. I'm certain our American cousins have not thought of either. ️-=. ️+=
  11. Wow! I can't believe you've made a p type compass, does it work as well?! Personally I hate the things so would be most happy for my 1/72 self if it didn't fit and had to leave it out. If you do manage to squeeze it in you might notice a frown appearing on the pilots face as he wonders which way he's heading!
  12. This is one of the favorite parts of the flying for me. I love watching people's reactions. Often (and not unnaturally) apprehensive when getting in, and then big grins when we get back. I'm lucky to fly the Harvard too and almost everybody comes back with what I call "The T6 grin", which takes quite a while to wear off! Glad you guys enjoy it. If you plan another trip to Duxford sometime, please feel free to pm me and if I'm around and I'm not flying I'd be happy to show you around some of our aircraft.
  13. Thanks for giving me all that hair, i will forgive you for surgery you performed on my posterior !
  14. Starting to look very nice. Please tell what type of wire did you use for the rigging? I assume you didn't go for the double rigging option, it would be pretty fiddly in this scale. I've mulled over the order of painting, rigging and construction and your way seems to have got good results so far. Are you going to paint the wires after you finish or are you going for a silver dope finish? That would be pretty close to their real color I should think. I've got a few of these in my stash and I hope mine turn out as nice as yours.
  15. I just caught up on this after a very long flight through the night, whilst in th quiet section of the train. Thank you for making me go as pink as some of those people whilst trying not to laugh! Best laugh out loud moment I've had in quite some time!
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