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  1. Only for future "what-if" modelers!πŸ˜† The mock-up of a cabin An-70 and her elements fulfilled in the 80th years of the last century: Resource: B.R. Serge
  2. Do not HATE Martin!πŸ˜† Rob-Taurus vacu canopy help you: B.R. Serge
  3. How about FineMolds? B.R. Serge
  4. There was no MiG-29 9-13 from the Zvezda yet, these drawings were considered on 9-13 as the best. But as MiG-29 from the Zvezda became on the basis of documentation of experimental design bureau MiG and measurements of real planes, actually at the moment this model more precisely than any available drawings. In the Russian segment of the Internet, the drawings published by Mikheyev are considered accepted on early modifications MiG-29 9-12 while to drawings of other modifications there is a mass of claims. B.R. Serge
  5. O realy!? Seven pages of this topic: disprove this statement! B.R. Serge
  6. I always suspected, that someone besides me, make my models! πŸ€” Has got: πŸ˜† B.R. Serge
  7. I don't know because I have no Dragon any more, and AZ-models* not yet!πŸ˜‹ Π’.R. Serge P.S. Javier, but if you so want to make model MiG-17, it is: possible will help you?πŸ˜‰ ______________________________ *-however probably will also not be though the model is from me within walking distance in our local model shop. Just MiG-17 is not that plane which will remain only in models from the Dragon and AZ -models! Somebody will make high-quality model MiG-17 sooner or later! So why to spend money for low-quality?
  8. It is simpler to order a casting mold of short-run in Ukraine *, to cast in the same place, instructions for assembly, decal, etching, resin optionally - it is possible to make in the same place, and it is possible also in other countries. Here the question only available of exact and detailed drawings, will cost short-run a form at 8-10 times cheaper than a form of high pressure. As an example, model of the Mirage III-V from Modelsvit. However I personally put on emergence of model from AZ-models! (Let's predict!πŸ€’) Because many Czech models resin from Planet Models and CMR were made in short-run from AZ-models, namely: Gotha P-60C**, Attacker. But it is quite possible that after model from AZ-model also the model from Special Hobby can appear as we observe it with model AMD Super Mystere B.2 which is produced AZ - models and which is done now by Special Hobby is issued. (......... Czech internal corporate wars probably such corporate! πŸ˜„) B.R. Serge P.S. However I personally quite accept also Π³Π΅sin model from CMR. Therefore I don't understand about what this topic?! πŸ€”πŸ˜† ___________________________________ * - but here before an investment of money it is necessary to realize risks of possible instability in general. **- at P-60C resin from Planet Models and AZ-models even defects of a surface are identical !πŸ€”πŸ˜²
  9. How about Pavla models cockpit detal set for Meteor? B.R. Serge
  10. Search in the Russian segment of the Internet prompts that the necessary model is in St. Petersburg (Russia) at the price about $16,5 😲 in recalculation from rubles on a current rate of dollar, but it without shipment cost. This Russian online store among the Russian users has different feedbacks (including negative) which can be read at a forum of the shop: and at a forum of the Russian modellers: , however we don't know of a work experience of this shop with the western modellers. Generally, if it is interesting to you, stipulate with them questions at their forum or support: Or agree with any Russian modeller from St. Petersburg about exchange of this model for something that will interest him. B.R. Serge
  11. Boarding ladders on SU-7B...SU-17...MIG-23/27....and SU-24 were almost identical, detail see in post Boroda It is added May 02, 2016 11:36 am: "There differences in nuances which in the 72nd scale aren't critical... and in general a step-ladder same on SU-7B...SU-17...MIG-23/27....and SU-24" Therefore it is possible to assume that ladders of SU-7B and SU-9 were or are identical, or had insignificant distinctions. B.R. Serge
  12. Bill, you speak about these: drawings? These drawings from book Chechin and Okolelov "Take-off down" represent selection of this edition which contains drawings on YAK-38 and Harrier (all modifications). And if to factory documentation of YAK-38 thanks to archives Kharkiv Aviation institute as well as to the real YAK-38 set in the museums of Ukraine authors had access (that is confirmed by discussions on where one of authors) that their access to real Harrier's is registered as well as to factory documentation to them it is represented more than doubtful. Most likely these drawings are creative processing of drawings any of the western authors. Nevertheless authors of these drawings have university aviation engineering education, worked in the aviation industry of the USSR and represent "old school", and their new drawings (to which also drawings on Harrier belong) created in professional computer drawing programs are distinguished by high specification and careful study. Though from mistakes nobody is insured. B.R. Serge P.S. Bill, great building! But she won't force me to sell ESCI and to buy Fujimi! πŸ˜† ESCI forever!😎 πŸ˜†
  13. Ken, I have written about it at once: New E-150 on a photo, in details certainly looks better than old E-150. Whether however interests me more set will approach from MiniWorld to new E-150? And whether it will also be possible to integrate an old cockpit in which I have inserted an interior from MiG-21 into the new fuselage? For My general the question so isn't raised: πŸ˜† I all the same will take new model, and old I will give somewhere, at least to children to children's club of technical creativity. B.R. Serge
  14. It is indisputable because always so far there is an investigation there will be a counter intelligence, and information always so far will be near there will be misinformation. So far, from the point of view of a historical retrospective we can say that actions concerning misinforming of the USSR concerning the Archangel program, apparently didn't make success. About: "The problems of getting something to drop at Mach 3 are not trivial." I think a task it was solvable, as a last resort it was possible and to reduce speed to 2,5 M as it was made on MiG-25RB: "MiG-25RB could bear 500 kg to 10 bombs of caliber. Bombing was carried out by means of the Bearing aim navigation system. "Especially much I flew on RB. Purpose coordinates were entered into the Bearing system, and I went towards the aim completely in the automatic mode, I operated nothing, I only watched the events. I had only one task: when a complex "attention, dumping" gives the command, at this moment I have to sit with the pressed trigger, i.e. for the pilot left the right of acceptance of the final decision – to drop a bomb or not". Settlement mode of bombing: height is 20 km, speed is 2500 km/h" and it would be all the same impregnable for interception! Problem most likely was in criterion with "cost-efficiency"! Mass construction attacking SR-71 most likely would lead to reducing other defensive programs and in fact titanium for a construction of SR-71 was bought in the USSR that from the point of view of increase in possible needs for the titan for attacking SR-71 looks as an incident as ruining the economy the USA would be forced to sponsor economy of the USSR in case of a mass construction attacking SR-71. B.R. Serge
  15. In sense as in Vasya Lozhkin's picture"Who has offended a kitten?" ?????πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜† Don't worry this the cat breed can stand for itself: !!!!!!πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜† I don't know why at supermodel such sad look, it is possible because that the pan facing it isn't filled up to the top with a forage for cats, and it is possible because to him haven't allowed to bite off Mrs. Aardvark's hand:πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜† The supermodel has for some reason decided that there will quite drop down Mrs. Aardvark's also four fingers on a hand! πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜† B.R. Serge