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  1. ON the video over at Hypercale, Brett mentions and shows the three different cowling oil cooler outlets. Perforated, Perforated and louvered, and solid. He mentioned that the Perf and louvered ones were typically founf on K models so there some hope.
  2. I could really dig a accurate MiG-23 MLD
  3. Your Airfix top (REALISTIC) future releases?

    A modern tool 1/48th Hunter preferably a single seater please!
  4. Hello All, about to get paint ready for my Eduard MiG-21 which will be in Iraqi colors. As far as I can tel they are in the standard Soviet desert export scheme. What paints would you all reccomend? I know AKAN makes a set, but to be honest I really enjoy working with the MR Paint line. Anyone have any choices in that selection. AKAN Can be gotten but its not super easy for me. Thanks in aadvance!
  5. When did A-10s get AIM-9 capability?

    Mid 80's it was a depot level mod that was installed around the same time we got the formation lighting strips although those two TCTO's were not tied to each other.
  6. Nahh the Flanker family is a Huge A/C and the Mirage/Kfir is pretty small.
  7. Here is a link to a previous post regarding the nose.
  8. Master Mi-24 Hind gun and pitot

    Super Impressive!! That companies work continues to amaze me!
  9. Great! these moneymakers will allow Airfix to continue to do more esoteric subjects like the Walrus and hopefully other less mainstream subjects in the future.
  10. Why do they insist on molding the aux air intake doors open all the time??? It really ruins it for me. I hope at least they give you separate closed ones but if its like their 72nd scale cousins they are molded integrally with the upper fuselage. I hope they give you the option in the production version..
  11. Su-33 Stencils

    Thanks!! for the reply, Yes its for the Kinetic kit. the kit decals are great but they don't include any pylon or missile stencils.
  12. Su-33 Stencils

    Would the Begemot Su-27 family stencil sheet be appropriate for the Su-33? I think it would but I would like some confirmation. I would check the Begemot website, but its blocked by my work :-(
  13. That is some very attractive boxart!!
  14. Wow, people that have worked on the aircraft their whole career a point out a factual error on the kit, supply photos to the manufacture who says thanks and says that error will be repaired on the next batch. then pointing out the lack of a blister antenna which is also acknowledged by the manufacture. Yes they're is some negativity but that is on every site, learn to separate the "wheat from the chaff" and I think it's a very valuable site. They're are a lot of flaws pouted out about new kits on almost every site, read them and be objectionable in your reading and you will find out a lot of good information and decide whether a particular "flaw"new kit is good for you or not. Personally I would like to have all the information and make up my own mind if the "flaws" are show stoppers or who cares type of flaws. It's up to each individual reader. to make up their own mind.. My 2 cents!