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  1. Yep, We had to inspect it every day for cracks and continuity. We did cut back on it recently for the helmet mounted sight system.
  2. Are you talking about the approx 1" wide strip on the top of the inside of the canopy?? If so its a piece of pretty beefy aluminum tape that acts as a lightning diverter strip. It goes all the way to the rear of the inside of the frame where there is a screw that goes through the tape and connects to the frame to provide conductivity just in case of a lightning strike!
  3. I take it the Ukrainian markings are for that museum example?
  4. P.S. on that HUD glass cover. It was held in by a very easy to break thumb screw. So It might not be unusual to see a museum jet with out one installed or a regular jet flying around with out one installed. What would happen the thumbscrew would snap from being over tightened and the body of the screw would be stuck in the HUD frame, so we would just fly it without the dust cover till we had time to raise the windsheild and drill out the broken screw.
  5. That is a removable piece of metal that been installed on the A-10 HUD from the beginning. There is a small captive thumbscrew we would loosen take that cover off and then we had a home made cleaner thing we made out of a sponge then we wrap some low lint cloth around the sponge, spray some cleaning solution on the cloth and sick it between the two panes of the combing glass and clean the HUD.
  6. Yep! Thats where I was! The transducer is just out board of the L/H MLG sponson or "pod" it is pretty small probably 2"X2" its unpainted as it is a heated surface (it comes on when the pilot selects pitot heat )
  7. When they were Euro one camo, the wheel wells and actually the struts of the landing gear were "ADC Grey" FS 16473. As well as the interior of the ladder door well and the inside of the door itself. All the avionics bays were 16473 same as the inside of the panels.
  8. 31 Years between the Engine shop, Flight line (Crew Chief) and being the base Engine Manager. Still miss working on them!! Any questions you have please ask.
  9. Euro one dark grey on all the jets I ever worked on, there may have been some ones that had them painted the dark green. I never saw one other than the 36081.
  10. That was a test bird out at Edwards, and the crew chief of that jet personally painted the inside of the decelerons red so he could easily pick out "his" jet.
  11. Gabor, do you think the manufacturer/lead designer cut back on the decal sheet for budgetary concerns? I.E. wanting to keep the MSRP below a certain point?
  12. Released! (at least in the UK) Hope they will be on a ship to the US shortly! https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/RV3944
  13. Eduard - leaflet for distributors

    Has anyone seen the brochure for Jan 2018?
  14. Telford announcements

    Did Revell say when they were releasing the 32nd scale P-51D? I know it's imminent but just curious on "how imminent"? Thanks
  15. I'M not going to let a few misplaced fasteners stop my enjoyment of this kit.