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  1. I'd like to see 1/72 scale down versions of their Sea Vixen, Javelin and BAC Lightning F1 ! Regrding new tooled kits (all 1/72): Avro Vulcan B1 Vickers Wellington (all versions) Short Stirling RAF Cold War Bomber set (with Blue Danube and Yellow Sun nukes on trailers and other vehicles) RAF Thor Missile RAF Blue Streak Missile RAF Bloodhound Mk2 Missile Chieftain tank HMS Dreadnought first UK nuclear sub (in 1/350th scale of course)
  2. I hope that that someone will release the correct dorsal airbrake (smaller on ACTIVE and other F-15 prototypes).
  3. Let's hope for the 1/72 version !
  4. This set will be probably available from HLJ. I hope that a 1/72 version will follow.
  5. Hi All, I'm waiting for this kit and I hope that they will scale down their other kits in a near future ! Violet Club
  6. Dear Sirs, As you already have a 1/72 Meilerwagen in your Special Armour range, why not a kit of the Meilerwagen with Rheinbote missile ? With some new parts added to your Meilerwagen, you have a new kit subject. https://lots-of-models.com/products/customscale-1-35-flugabwehrrakete-rheinbote-trailer-meillerwagen-resin-35011 This kit doesn't exists in 1/72 scale at the time. What do you think about it ? All the Best, Violet Club
  7. After seeing the 3D renders, I believe that this kit will be more detailled than the old Huma kit !
  8. What are the mistakes on the scale down 1/72 kit. Could these mistakes be fixed ? All the Best, Violet Club
  9. Hi David, Do you accept payment via Paypal ?
  10. Hi Colin, The problem is out ! I've finally got an answer from A2ZEE via Facebook. There was a problem with Facebook, now resolved. All the Best, Violet Club
  11. Hi Colin, I've tried to contact A2ZEE Models several times but I get no answers at all. I know that you known the guy responsible of Alley Cat models. I've tried to contact him even via Facebook without results (is his computer crashed ?). In fact I've ordered two kits from him in mid October and I don't get my order. see invoice below : Dear Danis, We want to let you know that your order 16881/061016/58 status has been updated to... PROCESSING If you have any questions about your order, send an email to alleycatmodels@outlook.com or simply reply to this message. AlleyCat Models www.alleycatmodels.co.uk I don't have received my order yet ! Furthermore, the postal service in my city isn't good as they sometimes forgot to place an advice preventing me of my order arrival, with the result as they return my merchandise to the expeditor ! If you see him at Telford, would you Please ask him to respond me ? Sorry to ask for that, but I've tried other ways to contact him. All the Best, Violet Club (aka J.C. DANIS)
  12. Hi, Well, it is a good idea, but why not in 1/72 scale ? It is a small submarine after all. I'd really like to see more midget subs in this particular scale. All the best, Violet Club
  13. Hi All, Recently, I've discovered in an old Planet models kit box on my stash, that the vacu canopy included in the box has got a yellowish tint although this particular part wasn't exposed to light. I've seen this yellowish tint on real canopies in some museums (especially on old Soviet aircraft) ; is there a way to avoid this problem on model kit canopies, with years passing by ? Thanks for the help, Violet Club
  14. Hi, Why not the armoured version of the BE2C ? https://yooniqimages.com/images/detail/102208214/Creative/a-british-be2c-armoured-biplane-on-an-airfield-during-the-first-world-war Ranken dart launcher and Fiery Grapnels would be a welcome addition too ! All the Best, Violet Club
  15. Hi All, Great, all these Modelsvit novelties ! Regarding the SU-15, a really accurate SU-15 Flagon family would be finally welcome too in 1/72 scale ! All the Best, Violet Club