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  1. Nice bit of work there Clive..................my next project is going to be an allied AFV....not sure which, but looking..... Regards Simon.
  2. Tamiya WESPE Sd.Kfz.124 - My first blog build

    Hi Chaps, I hope your weekend goes well. Managed to get more time in today on the build. More scratch building and PE. Also got to starting the man armament which went together well, except for the bloody toothed cog when you put the two halves of the gun carriage....... Still have the gauge marker to make for the main gun and some scratch built shield struts, that Tamiya seemed to have ommitted....not sure why they are on all the last remaining vehicles in museums. I also started the interior of the fighting compartment, and working my way through the ammo bins etc. Need to start looking at the wiring for the radio too. I decided to scratch build a new handle for the footlocker on the right of the interior and also the handle to close the main air vent to the engine compartment. Not much trouble, stretched spru in both cases. And after looking into some images, I realise Eduard supplied the latch and fittings for the crank handle....but Tamiya doesn't provide one. So a scratch built one was required. Anyway, and pointers welcomes and I did make a couple of boobs....but unless you can spot them...I 'aint saying..... Maybe post some more progress....if I get the chance the rest of the weekend. Cheers all. Simon.
  3. Tamiya WESPE Sd.Kfz.124 - My first blog build

    Cheers mate, I'll take a look now. Maybe I'll find them at the IPMS show in Telford on the 11th. Simon
  4. Tamiya WESPE Sd.Kfz.124 - My first blog build

    Hi both.Thanks for the compliment. and yes corsair, finally got the pic situation figured out. The PE is a first for me at this level, so taking my time. I've used it before, but just for some large basic add ons. Made a couple of mistakes after checking the pics of museum samples, but nothing that screams out..... The angle gauge was a tough one. I'm weighing up if to add all the hex bolt heads to the brass detail. Not sure if I can get hex head rod that small. If not then I'll stretch some spru as they are just 1mm in diameter, and try and see what they look like. At that scale you won't be able to tell round from hex.... I'm going to try and get the rest of the upper hull done by the end of the weekend, if not; I might switch over to the main gun for a change of scenery. Have a good rest of the week. Regards Simon.
  5. Tamiya WESPE Sd.Kfz.124 - My first blog build

    Good evening gents......managed to get a couple of hours in tonight on the "Vess-Pee" as they say across the Rhine.... That is after a long afternoon college...... Here's a few update shots. Managed to get some more PE done -mudguards, internal runner plates and what I think is an angle gauge. Also filled in the holes on the main running boards with a stretched spru method, beats using filler and having to sand it down and loose the detail around the filled hole. Anyway, g'nite chaps. Regards Simon.
  6. Tamiya WESPE Sd.Kfz.124 - My first blog build

    Thanks Ozzy. Trying to keep it as clean as possible. I'm going to try and finish the chassis and upper structure then move on the walls of the fighting compartment. I'm not going to make the same mistake as I did on the 38t Geschutzwagon and attach them before painting..... I need to get some 2mm styrene tubing for some detail work, so that might slow this stage down a bit. But plenty to go on with for now. Cheers Simon.
  7. Tamiya WESPE Sd.Kfz.124 - My first blog build

    Hi Corsair, cheers. Added the direct links above. Thanks again, I'll finally get better at this. Regards Simon.
  8. Tamiya WESPE Sd.Kfz.124 - My first blog build

    Update on the Wespe.Sorry if this isn't the best way to post as regards pics. I'll figure out eventually how to So.......Got into the chassis, pretty much following the sequence of the Tamiya instructions and blending the Eduard PE parts where neccessary. I have to say, I picked a good one as regards the quality of the moulding. Top notch as always from Tamiya.Everything is tight and fit's together wonderfully. In my research I have picked up on a host of missing detail beyond what Eduard did, so attempting to do this too. Bolt heads, handles etc etc. Here's the link to Imgur of the chassis album part 1. https://i.imgur.com/M324qcl.jpg https://i.imgur.com/jTmTus9.jpg https://i.imgur.com/CS44uwg.jpg https://i.imgur.com/xpomNPh.jpg https://i.imgur.com/xpomNPh.jpg https://i.imgur.com/Du4WxLp.jpg

    Hi guy’s I didn’t know you don’t get them in the UK. I did live in ‘New York since 95 and came back recently. Sounds like I made a good decision throwing a couple of boxes of metal thumb tacks. Maybe you could get them on EBay. Have to think of an alternative. I suppose a simple piece of plastic rod in the same diameter. Glad you liked the idea. Probably the smallest orbital you’ll find....🤓 Simon

    Thanks bhouse I would recommend also that as you change your heads ( if u use electric toothbrush) you can have a set of heads with different grades so you can use as u need for different surfaces

    Hello all New to the forum and still learning the ropes of the site etc. But I wanted to post this little tip on a tool that I came up with, in the hopes someone finds it as useful as myself. Not sure if anyone else has heard of it or has done one but it does come in handy for tight sanding jobs etc. I use to do the in-store retail advertising for Oral B a few years back and had a few samples (still working my way through the 200+ brush heads I picked up... Anyway, I tried to post some pics of a recent version I did for the new modelling I am now able to do now, (uninterrupted...I hope), but couldn't. So I posted them on Imagur (link below). You start by picking yourself up a second hand rechargeable off Ebay, or if you have an old one use that. Here is the link of some pics on the simple sander and how to put one together. <blockquote class="imgur-embed-pub" lang="en" data-id="a/uM9YU"><a href="//imgur.com/uM9YU">TOOTHBRUSH SANDER</a></blockquote><script async src="//s.imgur.com/min/embed.js" charset="utf-8"></script> Any questions, let me know. Regards Simon.
  12. Tamiya WESPE Sd.Kfz.124 - My first blog build

    Hi, Simon’s Fine mate. Longshanks is a screen name I’ve used for years. 😊
  13. Tamiya WESPE Sd.Kfz.124 - My first blog build

    Hi Sairou, thanks for that tip. I’ll take a look at that service and maybe make use of it. Good place I imagine to store images as an archive. Hi Ozzy, I’ll do my best not to embarrass myself too much 😊 Intend to take my time and see if I can match a lot of the projects I’ve seen on here. Some nice pieces. Hi Badder, back at ya. The Nashorn is an impressive vehicle I agree, I’ll see how this open topped one stress’s me out, and see if I have it in me to do another......😩 Hence the need of plenty of help to come my way once I start the post’s will get me to the end. With all my research I’m doing, I hope that it’ll be a smooth build Cheers all Simon
  14. Tamiya WESPE Sd.Kfz.124 - My first blog build

    Hi Clive, thanks for the welcome........as I said, it'll be a long project, so not super frequent post's. I have to first set up and get some equipment working -my toothbrush sander, and work bench layout. Regards Simon.
  15. Tamiya WESPE Sd.Kfz.124 - My first blog build

    Thanks Julien, my mistake.......