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  1. Italeri AU-1 Corsair 1/72

    I like it. What are the inaccuracies of the kit? Other than the prop standing a bit proud of the front and maybe some antennas, it looks right. Did you.havr to change a lot? It really looks good.
  2. 1/72 Eduard Hellcat

    Gorgeous work!!!! This is probably one of my favorite kits ever produced, and you certainly did it justice.
  3. A pair of Fokkers ; 72nd scale

    Really great looking pair. I too was foolish enough to attempt Roden's lozenge decals. It didn't end well.
  4. That is supremely cool, and tiny! Really nice to see something in Latin-American markings.
  5. Hasegawa B5N2 in 1:48 scale

    I'm over my fury now. Time to move on to the next one. Thats what I get for trying to do NMF.
  6. Hasegawa B5N2 in 1:48 scale

    AND ANOTHER FAILED MODEL! So close to being done too. I'm so furious right now.
  7. Hasegawa Kawanishi H8K2 1:72

    Brilliant! Especially the little figures! You are an incredible figure painter! Their faces and poses are lifelike!
  8. Hasegawa B5N2 in 1:48 scale

    Dammit to hell!!!! I don't know what sort of paint melting skin oils I have, but I managed to wear a smudgy soft spot into the ACRYLIC silver finish on the bottom of one wing. This is going to be a real chore to clean up and fix.
  9. Hasegawa B5N2 in 1:48 scale

    Home stretch now. Unfortunately, I have a ton of stuff to do today. Tomorrow perhaps?
  10. Hasegawa B5N2 in 1:48 scale

    Underside details in progress. Wheels are still in progress, as are bombs.
  11. 1/32nd Nakajima Ki-44 "Tojo" - Major update

    Brilliant work on all of this, but the engine is particularly striking
  12. 1/72 Special Hobby Supermarine Spitfire FR.46

    Very nice paint work! Was it a difficult build?
  13. This is the greatest model presentation ever. Made my day, thanks for sharing!
  14. Pet hates.

    yes, no real modelers were harmed in the production of this post. *and if any took offense, then its because they realize they're guilty of this
  15. Pet hates.

    Mansplaining! Think its not an actual thing? Let me give you an example of how it happens in the modeling world Thom123: How do you repair a raised panel LarryAirForceGuy: score with knife, cover score line with cement to preserve the raised ridge (<----good simple reply) SloveniaSteve: Use stretched sprue, make as thin as original line, glue down where line was (<------good simple reply) ChestPuffingGerrald: In real life aircraft have lapped panels, and the lines need not be represented with raised or recessed lines.....[then a block of text follows in which he espouses on model accuracy, but never supplies a solution to Thom123's question]. (<-----mansplaining) MicroMember4767: WELL ACTUALLY, the recessed lines on that particular kit are in the wrong locatiion..........[then a block of text follows in which he espouses on model accuracy, but never supplies a solution to Thom123's question]. (<-----mansplaining) OneToothMurcaChad: you should buy the other company's kit of this plane - its better! (<-----detached idiot)