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  1. Can’t help thinking...

    Airfix would be wiser to release a popular WWI type not already well represented within the very niche market of small scale biplane modeling. Roden has nice camel kits - and yeah, I know Roden kits don't make Airfix any money. That isn't my point, so can it. What if instead of (or in addition to) the camel, Airfix produced a new RE8 or updated it's still very nice Pup? Or a snipe for the end war/early interwar period? I think any one of those would find a larger audience than a camel. A camel is not a spitfire. I don't think most casu modeler's will grab a biplane.
  2. Arma Hobby 1:72 PZL P.7A

    Neat! I wonder if they're going to become the go-to name in high wing monoplane modeling. There are worse things to be than that. I'm having dreams if interwar French types!!!!!! As for a WIP, I have a condensed one on my Facebook group called Small Scale or Bust. Look us up. If you knock on the door, I'll let you in.
  3. Arma Hobby 1:72 PZL P.7A

    Indeed it is. Built from the Academy kit. Its got a shallow fuselage and dubious looking landing gear, but its a fun model to build. How is the Hobby Boss kit? Light-years ahead. Easier to build, too.
  4. Arma Hobby 1:72 PZL P.7A

    Ah, yeah! You and me, both Still waiting for their so called 72nd revolution.
  5. Hasegawa Su-27P Polish Flanker 1:72

    Hey, I'm from Stargard! Well I was 5 when I left there- which was long before any flankers came to town. Was this at Kluczewo Field? Nice to see something from home <3
  6. Burma's Oscar Spring 1942

    I didn't know Fujimi had an Oscar. What scale? That's a neat looking build. That blue trimmed bands look very sharp!
  7. Airfix -1/72nd scale U2

    I haven't seen one of these in a very long time! Very nicely built and painted. I like the half black, half silver look. Terrific.and very interesting.
  8. Heller F-86F MiG Mad Marine 1:72

    That is the old Heller kit? Incredible! Beautiful metal finish!
  9. Now that is very cool. I never knew the Wesley served in the war. I love these rare types you produce, Tony. Very nice, and thanks for the bit of history.
  10. Arma Hobby 1:72 PZL P.7A

    Is Arma Hobby a subsidiary of Eduard??? I didn't think Eduard has anything to do with this tooling. Unless I'm missing a joke here?
  11. My latest project is the neat little P.7a from Arma. This is a somewhat short-run (but very cleverly engineered) kit, which I believe is the second injection-molded release from this Polish manufacturer. The version I used was the "Junior Edition" which comes with two markings options and a small PE fret that includes harnesses, ring and bead sights, and cowling struts. The kit has pretty good details, but I did elect to rescribe some of the fuselage panel lines, as they were a bit uneven. The small parts have large sprue gates, but they attach at particular angles, which makes them easy to clip off without damaging the pieces. Parts fit is good, and the PE is very easy to use as well. I added EZ-Line bracing for the landing gear and painted the kit with mixes of Tamiya colors. Overall, I'm very pleased, and will be getting more Arma Hobby kits, as they become available. I posed them model next to its successor, the PZL P.11c, built around 6 or 7 years ago from the Heller kit.
  12. Eduard F6F-5 1/48

    Thanks for the kind comments, guys.
  13. M12 GMC (Academy 1/35)

    A neat looking machine. I think you did a fine job on it.
  14. JGSDF Light Armored Vehicle

    Very nicely done! Just a touch of weathering, which looks perfect in 48th. Did you add anything to the kit.
  15. Ahoy! My 11th completed model in 2017. This is Eduard's Weekend Edition, so it is a bit simplified. No PE I in the box, so I included some generic PE belts, and scrstchbuilt the metal suspension straps for the drop tank. I also added elastic fabric aerial wires. The rest of the kit is out of the box. All paint is Tamiya.