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  1. Soviet M3 Lee

    I'm not dead yet! I got pretty discouraged by the comments about not having enough track links, but weeks later - I somehow made it work. Then I surged ahead and built the hull. Not nearly as difficult to line up the pieces as some folks suggest. The roof parts are only tacked on for now to test fit. Still. Everything fits like a glove. And not one of those OJ gloves, either.
  2. I have an Albatross D.V and a Ship's Camel. I would like a few more, but everything that interests me, is sold out. Very clever Peter Jackson, inflate demand by making shortages part of your business model. Very clever.... now if only the concept of shortening things was within your film-making palette, you hirsute monster.
  3. A Bit of WNW speculation

    And still no love for the nieuports? Come on WnW! What's with the francophobia?

    Conniving was too strong of a word. Perhaps irritating would be more appropriate. I like their kits but I'm irritated that I missed the boat on many early releases (w.29, pup, tripe, re8). When they were available I wasn't ready to spend that much on a kit. Even now, I can't afford to horde all the kits currently available, so building a full collection is not feasible. Much as I like the few kits of theirs that I do have, knowing I'll probably never have access to the full range is turning me off from buying more. And what's their reluctance to release French subjects, all about?
  5. 1/72 Kawasaki Ki-61 Hien (Tony) by Tamiya

    Oh hell yes!!!!!!

    What a conniving way to get people to buy their product. Better hoard wnw kits because once theyre oop, they fetch silly prices in eBay, and there is no other way to get them until we rerelease as a pricey bundle pack. Grrr
  7. Fokker F.I (Eduard 1:48)

    Where and when is it?
  8. My first Wingnuts build

    Wow. Looks so much more sinister in grey than CDL.
  9. My first completed model for 2018 is Eduard's Fokker F.I. The markings are for an aircraft flown by commander of Jasta 10, Werner Voss in the summer of 1917. Voss, who had rapidly acquired 48 victories in the previous months, was shot down by James McCudden, while flying this particular Fokker F.I. There is a good deal of debate on whether Voss had a yellow or green cowl. It looks yellow to me on historic photos I've seen, so thats what I went with. Plus I like having color on my display shelves. The kit was a Christmas gift from my mother-in-law, and it was a great one. Lots of fun to build and paint. There is plenty of detail in the box (this was the Weekend Edition), and the kit is generally well engineered. The only things I added were wine bottle foil seat belts, Gaspatch turnbuckles, and EZ-line rigging wires. I had a few problems with struts popping out of their locations, but I can't help but wonder if it was something I did wrong. Painting was done with Tamiya (the light blue) and Vallejo earth green and Russian green primers. The chrome nose and wheels are Tamiya yellow and orange mixed about 7:3. Thanks for looking. https://s20.postimg.org/mbph46ucd/IMG_20180128_192350298_HDR.jpg
  10. Sopwith Camel 1/72 decals

    Excellent! I have a Roden camel, which being a Roden kit, will need AM decals. Where can these be purchased?
  11. Soviet M3 Lee

    pS. Andy, I found the other photos of your Lee in this site and it's a really beautiful build. Gives me a few ideas!
  12. Soviet M3 Lee

    Hi guys and gals. Sorry about the lack of updates last week. Working in a chapter for an edited volume so modeling time has been limited. I hope to get back to the Lee later this week. Thanks to those who pointed out the track glitch. That's really obnoxious! I'm going to see about pulling back the idler wheel a bit for the other side.
  13. Soviet M3 Lee

    I got one run of the tracks done. I'm not sure where I went wrong, but the total length was about a quarter of a link too short. So I increased the space between some of the individual links. Things don't look great between the first bogie and drive sprocket, but the gap at the bottom isn't too visible, and I hope once the sponson goes on, it the top won't be so visible either. I hope the other side turns out better, but I can't really learn from my mistake, as I'm not sure what I did wrong.
  14. Sexton 11 25 PDR

    Thanks, Beefy. Those do look great. I'm going to try to hunt some down on the inter-tubes.
  15. Sexton 11 25 PDR

    Can you post a photo or two of the resicast stowage? I'm interested in seeing what it actually looks like before putting down the money.