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  1. Congratulations on the job. The modeling can wait.
  2. Have you tried using really hot, but not boiling, water? It melts the adhesive quicker.
  3. Since the first of my two phantoms is getting close to the finish line, I began poking around the loft to see what else I have that my qualify for this GB. Turns out, a lot more than I thought. 1/72 Hasegawa EA-6b with USS Nimitz 1978/79 Med cruise decals Trumpeter Lightning F.1/2. There is a neat black and white checkers squadron from the early 70s option in the box. Any info on the kit? Stuff to watch out for? I understand not as accurate as Airfix. Yes? The Fujimi Phantom FGR.2 already in the works (sort of) The Modelsvit Su-7 I described many pages ago. Hasegawa F-104S. Still don't know if the decal options are 70s appropriate. 1/35 Trumpeter T-62 mod 1972 Not nearly enough time to finish them all before June, but maybe one or two more. Difficult choices here
  4. They both look really cool! What is this copydex you mentioned?
  5. It's just that some of us are impatient, and waiting a year will make our hands sweat
  6. You are doing beautiful work. I'm curious how the kit parts look in comparison to the things you replaced them with. I am thinking of getting this kit, but it is pricey in America. In your opinion, is the cockpit in the box usable? The exhausts?
  7. A day off before a week long field deployment, so I was able to get the camouflage finished. I sprayed on Tamiya Green for the the medium green areas and then Vallejo Military green for the dark green. I found the contrast very effective in this scale. I cheated and hand painted the Vallejo Creepy Pete sent me the proper D chin sensor, so I just got that on. Still need to paint over the seem you cant see in this photo. It's a really sickly looking phantom, but I like it for its weirdness. Again the pale green looks greener IRL. I'm also planning for early paveways under the wings. I have a pave spike pod somewhere too. Oooooooo Not sure these would be accurate. To be honest, I've never seen an Alconburry phantom photographed with weapons. Experts???
  8. I'm getting crazy ideas about a Cold War modeling forum...
  9. Tim, that looks super cool!!! Also, I'm loving the little van clip holder that is popping up in your photos.
  10. What is your trick for getting the speed brake to sit flush with the fuselage?
  11. My Jaguar build is back on track now. Thanks to RMP and Calum's build threads, I was able to find a good approach for installing the gear legs. This is where I'm at now. The legs are just painted ghost gray for now. I'll do detail painting later, as I fear they'll get knocked about a bit during the rest of construction. I added a wash to the bays, but still have done no detail painting. Still need to figure out which I'll leave open, and what will be visible, etc. No use adding details where none will be seen. Speaking of detail: here is the avionics bay up close. Not super realistic, but I like how it looks. I got one more gear leg to finish, and then onto the gun bays. I'll be leaving at least one open. Maybe both, depending on door fit.
  12. That's bigger than most bombers. Good lord
  13. Have fun fitting the wings.