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  1. This may be one reason they were retired relatively quickly.
  2. Really nicely done, and interesting subject. The weathering is superb, and I love the big Polish flag. Great touch.
  3. Yikes, it's been many months since I updated this page. I hit a snag with the kit after combining the hull halves (which fit kind of poorly) and loosing some of the hull profile to filling and sanding. At the end of last week I pulled the kit back out and fixed the hull shape as best I could. All the small bits since then have been going on with no problem at all. I test fit the tyres for this picture, and I'm impressed with how huge this "scout car" is. It's bigger than the M1 Abrams!
  4. Whoops!
  5. I'm building an M1A1HA from Iraq 2003. The finish is in the classic 3-tone NATO camo. I was wondering if the no-slip surfaces would already have been applied to these vehicles, or if it was part of the repaint into sand color before the Iraq invasion?
  6. Interesting style. It almost looks like a drawing made with pastels. It's nice to see somebody do something different and add a personal touch. Very cool.
  7. There are some nice details on that kit. What are your plans for paint and markings?
  8. Thanks for sharing, and thank you for the important research you do!
  9. Maybe not quite this weekend, but soonish. I added a second light brown filter and then began the process of adding a dark muck into recesses, and built up over lips and ledges. There are many minor adjustments left to do, but with oils' slow drying time, I can come back and mess around later.
  10. She's very talented. The repair scene with loose tools on the KV are a great!
  11. beautiful scene! The figures look spectacular.
  12. Very nice work on the tank. Posing it with figures was pretty brilliant too. Really underscores the diminutive nature of this type.
  13. He's one of my favorite modelers on the web. Lets see if the results of this can come anywhere near what he achieves. Over the weekend I applied decals and flat coat, along with a few packs from a Legends set. Yikes! That looks like a toy! and now with the first dark brown filter. It is still cartoonie, but starting to look the part. Funny, in the late 1990s, I (and many other armor modelers) would have considered this done. My lamps are really catching and amplifying some highlights, which are not nearly as stark IRL. These will be toned down with subsequent weathering steps.
  14. Anybody know if the B landing gear wells looked more or less like those of the E?
  15. a bit more tonight. base coat of dark gray and blue and first round of highlights with a mix of royal gray, sky blue, an white. Yes, I know its light blue, but actual panzer gray looks dark and boring in smaller scales, This should also make a nice bright base for subsequent dark color weathering. I hope I can pull it off.