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  1. Super excited about this one!
  2. This is hilarious. I just dug up an email I sent to Gerald Sanger in 2004 asking him to save me a copy of this kit when it comes out. I sent it because his website had promised that the kit would be available by summer 2004. Better late than never.
  3. 2016 slightly better than last year

    Lovely Europa, it looks like an S1B or a very early S2? My dad and I have a sizable Lotus collection, and I was almost born in the white Twin-Cam Special
  4. Hi gents, Here's my 1/48 MiG-25PD based on the (awful) Kitty Hawk kit. Lots has been said about this kit and the company, but I'll try to summarize politely. -Rough surface finish and shallow panel lines - I ended up re-scribing the entire kit. -Poor fit in a number of places, lack of positive attachment points, and awkward part breakdown (especially the wings). -Questionable research - painting instructions are fantasy, incorrect and missing details for P,PD,PDS variants, well-documented shape issues. -Low quality plastic on some sprues led to paint adhesion issues - I suspect lots of re-grind was used in some batches. Here's a list of work performed: -Aires ejection seat -Misc. Eduard photoetch parts -Scratchbuilt + modified kit exhausts to backdate to P/PD/PDS engines - used Gary Wickham's detailed build as inspiration -Scratchbuilt pitot tubes from hypodermic needles -Scratchbuilt intake ramps (top) and outer intake walls to correct kit black hole -Eduard FOD covers -Scratchbuilt APU exhaust stack underside port engine -Scratchbuilt misc. antennae and details all over airframe -Added brake lines and misc. detail to landing gear legs -Lots of re-work of kit parts based on photos and helpful forum research -Kit national markings and (excellent) Begemot stencils -Akan and Alclad II for most exterior paint -Wings are more filler than plastic (superglue + dental acrylic is awesome!) Anyway, on to the pictures. Thanks for looking!
  5. 1/48 MiG-25PD by Kitty Hawk

    Hi Igor, Thanks for the feedback. I found a number of photos showing more than 2 red marks, but I think you're right in that they only apply 2 at a time:
  6. Kitty Hawk's 1/48th Scale Su-22M-3 & M-4

    I would much rather see them take the $5000 or so it will cost to make tooling for the engine and spend it on a flight to a museum with one of these aircraft on display. I hope they don't "Mig-25" this one and use a Yefim Gordon book and a set of bootleg drawings as their only reference material.
  7. Gabor and H-or-M, Thanks for taking the time to make such a list. It's a great resource. I test-fit the Fru-Fru models P/PD/PDS/PU/RU Resin Exhausts (48-013) on the new kit taped together, and her's the result: The kit's exhaust trunking will require some sanding to fit, but the resin nozzles fit to the fuselage really well.