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  1. ya-gabor

    Russian colour

    I did promise a small surprise for our Czech friends back at the Moson 2018 show. The latest Eduard MiG-21MF, the “Grey version” is out and it was about time that the Russian Air Superiority Grey colours was provided to the modellers. The Gorkiy produced MiG-21MF’s were delivered in this overall grey scheme not only to Russian AF but also to foreign buyers, including the 20 airframes to the Czechoslovak AF. The exact ID of the paint is AC-1115 in Russian manuals, in English it reads AS-1115. While in 1975-76 the very last pieces of the MiG-21MF were produced, in parallel to them the MiG-21bis was already in production as well as the early MiG-23 versions. They all received the same Grey colour. But we should not forget about another “big user” of this colour the MiG-25 family of aircraft. Based on current information the AS-1115 can be traced back to the Foxbat aircraft which needed a special heat resistant paint. It stayed with the MiG-25’s but with the advent of camouflage schemes in late 1970’s and early 1980’s this grey colour virtually disappeared from other fighter aircraft. Here is the latest paint from Mr. Paint the AS-1115. I have sent colour sample to the company, an original piece of metal with the right colours on it. Not a visual observation, not a comparison to colour charts, to other model paints or Federal Standard numbers, but the real aircraft part. OK, you can ask how authentic these colours are? I took several original aircraft parts and first of all compared them. What the parts were? First of all MiG-21 bis spare parts provided by the manufacturing factory for repair purpose. They were all painted in accordance with factory specifications, that is with the same colour as the actual aircraft produced, in this case the Gorkiy based aircraft manufacturing plant № 21. Theses actual parts were never used so they never faded, never been subjected to weathering, to sunlight. They were kept in the warehouse of the aircraft repair/overhaul factory. The part I sent was from the wing root cover panel but several other MiG-21bis parts were also compared in the past years. There is a minimal, fractional shade difference between some MiG-21bis parts but the colour is the same. This gives chance for play with slightly different shades of the same grey for the weathering fanatics. Although I have to add that our own MiG-21bis when they arrived from the factory were extremely uniform grey with not a sign of the slightest difference between panels. One should not make decisions based on a single source. So I had a look at MiG-23MF panels also. Once again factory fresh, no usage, no fading. They came from different production batches and different parts of the aircraft. The colour was identical to the one on MiG-21bis parts. For illustration please find attached the MiG-23MF parachute brake cover and the wing tip end plate together with the raw wing root covers of the MiG-21bis. How about the MiG-25? Well unfortunately I don’t have original pieces but have examined in the past decades about a dozen airframes. OK, but that could be subjective or the given aircraft extremely faded or extra dirty from use. In the operational manual of the MiG-25 it is stated clearly that the aircraft is painted overall in the AS-1115 grey colour with exception of few areas. Best regards Gabor
  2. This is very bad news for all the fanatic weathering addicts! The North Korean MiG-29’s (the ones we have seen) including this triple nickel are in immaculate condition! Interesting addition to the line of G.W.H MiG-29 kits and perfectly fits next to the German “Farewell USA” and the Slovak Tiger meet kits! Best regards Gabor
  3. ya-gabor

    Mil Mi-24 Hind - Revell 1/72

    In my work 3-4 years ago I have chosen the first option. There was no question about it. First a slight sanding to bring all the tubes level. The centre for each tube was drilled with a small diameter. The holes were enlarged progressively to achieve the same diameter, the internal surface was polished. There you have it. The basic design of the missile pod by Zvezda’s Aleksand Adamtchov I think is fantastic. He has solved the problem which was faced by other manufacturers with this pod in the past. They all had different answers but none were good. Some made “few” tubes, which “look right” but are not the correct number and arrangement. Zvezda’s approach of making this area in two parts perfectly solved the problem, right number, right spacing. OK the only drawback is that the tubes have no openings at the ends. Please remember this is 72 nd scale! You cant have it all! Good luck with your build! Best regards Gabor
  4. ya-gabor

    1/72 - MiG-21 Fishbed by Eduard

    Some Gorkiy manufactured Type 96 did find their way into Soviet AF units. The few know pieces served only in secondary, tertiary units, like training schools or one at a live missile range where it was used by foreign pilots for whom it did not differ from the home used MiG-21MF airframes/cockpits. In the early days foreign air forces used to flyover their own aircraft for live missile firing, but in the later years local airframes were used. Think of it, it was a "bit" cheaper to get the pilots and technicians to the Soviet location than the logistics of flying a squadron over. I seen two such aircraft with big red stars, one in overall grey and the other in camo. Best regards Gabor
  5. ya-gabor

    1/72 - MiG-21 Fishbed by Eduard

    The oval panel on top of the wing is an inspection panel for the fuel tank. It is not part of the original Type 96 (MF) design, it was a Buletin conversion and introduced only later. Also such design change implemented on most MF’s is a series of reinforcement plates to the wing tip, top and underside as well as several other smaller reinforcements around the wing outer 1/3. Also the flaps received reinforcements. Only a general look to these plates was given, in real life there are no two identical ones. On some aircraft even the top surface of the flap had it. It all depended on damage assessment of aircraft during overhaul (after aircraft arrived in the factory this was the most important part of the work which influenced all the work later to be carried out on it), and based on this some aircraft received (or not) the flap enforcement “plates” but it could have been applied in an asymmetrical form (just on one side, differing in size and shape, on top just on one side and all possible permutations of this . . .). The horizontal stabilizers also had reinforcement plates added from the outside. All this was true of the “real” Type 96 aircraft produced in Moscow. The Gorkiy factory produced Type 96 ( and I am intentionally not using the MF-75 identification as such type identity NEVER existed by the Soviet manufacturer, it was only a local designation, similar to the GDR only local designation of SAU for the MiG-21 bis or Hungarian 75AP). So the Gorkiy factory produced last MF’s have received the so called “bis” wings which differed in design and metals used exactly to reinforce the structure (from the word GO and internally), to correct the weakness of the previous MF’s. There was no need on “bis” wings for outer reinforcement. It is interesting to see that on 6824 there are wing tip reinforcements! A more positive identification of the Gorkiy produced Type 96 airframes is the fuselage itself and in particular the underside! Best regards Gabor
  6. ya-gabor

    MOSON show 2018 back home after it

    Variations on a theme is the next set of photos from this years Moson 2018 competition. Everyone can decided which one he (or she) likes better. It is by no accident that I wrote “OR SHE”. It was good to see that there were several ladies in competition (and I don’t mean the girly painted figures) and they managed to win in several categories! Congratulations to them!!! I had to mention this as I think it is a good and very welcome development in our man-ruled hobby. So here are few interpretations of the Su-33 in 48 th scale. First the camo and next the cockpit section Best regards Gabor
  7. ya-gabor

    MOSON show 2018 back home after it

    At this years Moson show I have spoken to all sorts of traders and modellers about the event, the reactions are mixed. Many still remember the old location in the local university and there are pros and cons for both events. I still think the old place had a real feeling, a special atmosphere to it and I was supported in this view by many even at this years show. Reaction of traders is mixed depending on the location allocated to them by the organizers, the stands provided inside the sports centre are more or less OK (some are very hot on balcony, and I mean it was very hot there) but the next door school is more on the down size. To change the location was a clear political decision by the local major but I have written about this last year in more detail. Few nice models from the show Now here is another gem from the show. I could not resist it, even if I am not at all interested in WW1 aircraft. The Polish Master Co. has produced a simply magnificent Spandau gun. It is a model on its own. I had seen some photos of it in the past but had to have one just for the joy of building it. Really look forward to work on it!!! On the down side of the show. Had seen some models which were simply a canvas for the creativity of the modeller, a practice in painting and detailing which had absolutely nothing to do with the actual aircraft in question. The person has never looked at the real aircraft, OK he hasn’t even looked at detail photos of the subject. If he had he would have known what not to do. Really no comment on this. Now to something completely different. I have no idea what Mr. Sulc has published as I have no access to Facebook, I only know that he was taking pictures at our meeting. He was present but also a lot of Czech modellers, including an ex-MiG-21 technician. Contrary to what some Czech modellers think it was not a bashing of the kit, but a lively discussion of details, which included views of Mr. Sulc too. A real BASHING of a kit is when people just attack a new release no matter what, but do nothing to avoid those mistakes in the first place. It is no secret that I have known Mr. Sulc for some 20+ years and every now and again have been in contact with him. Either me giving suggestions, ideas, views or he asking for my help in new developments. This was the case with the 72 nd kit also. Around 2 years ago a long list was sent to him with suggestions on corrections that should be done to the 48 th CAD of the Fishbed so a more accurate 72 nd kit can be produced. Some views were implemented, some not. So I can say that I have taken an active part in avoiding mistakes before the kit was released, at Moson we were discussing what is right and what should have been made in a different way. We did have agreement in some points with Czech modellers. Oh well, there is always a next time. A bit of news. I did ask about the early MiG-21F-13 and also about the two seater MiG-21UM. There was not a categorical NO, nor a definitive YES. Only a time question. There are so many kits in development, all in parallel and there is just so much production capacity. So the already planned next block of Fishbed kits in 72 nd will only come in about a year or two time. There are all the Me-109’s, Spitfires, FW-190’s, Mustangs . . . coming from Edu and just as with the MiG-21 it is not a complete line of Spits all at once but broken down into few versions at a time in parallel with few versions of other types too. So I ques the real answer for early MiG-21F-13 and also the two seater MiG-21UM is somewhere in the future. . . Best regards Gabor
  8. ya-gabor

    MOSON show 2018 back home after it

    A good news for me is that the Mr. Paint company has produced a three part set of Hungarian AF colours. Why would this be interesting to anyone apart from me? Very simple. The Pestvideki Gepgyár and later from 1992 under new name of Danubian Aircraft Corporation has overhauled not only for the Hungarian AF but also for many WarPac countries and the same colours were used on for example Czechoslovak Mi-24, Mi-8/-17 helicopters as well as for GDR and Polish airframes too. The MRP paints were mixed from original paint shop samples that I have provided to them. The paint is a perfect match of the original but please remember that you will have to mix it to produce a scale effect and also any weathering you would want. There should be something else coming from Mr. Paint soon too. Czech modellers will like it! Eduard had the new MiG-21MF in Profipack form. Had seen Czech modellers with packs of 3-5 in their hands. (After all it is a Czech version.) So it sold out hours after the shops opened on Saturday. An Overtrees version was also available which had the same sprues as the Library edition (an earlier version in comparison to the Profipack) with separate rudder. This one only had one single sprue A in the box under designation 70148X. But there was also a real Overtrees version 70141X with all the plastic sprues (A, C, D, E) of the Profipac. The weapons set missing from the Library edition was also available separately. Concerning the MiG-21MF we had about a one hour long talk with Mr. Sulc and many Czech experts including an ex ground chief of the Fishbed looking at the brand new kit. If you have the kit, the first thing you should do is give it a very good rinse in lukewarm water with detergent as the sprues had a lot of oily release agent on them. And I mean a lot. It was a lively discussion on details of the kit with Czech, English and Russian languages overlapping to help participants. There are some obvious mistakes to which I added the question about the uncorrected fin top cross section (same problem as on the 48th scale back in 2011). They are all “Minor” mistakes based on view of the company representative. Some could be solved with basic modelling skills like the missing panel lines. Have to say overall the kit looks good! Sorry I have no photos of this meeting in the shade of the competition building. But Mr. Sulc took some photos so . . . Later in the year there will be the second version, the MiG-21MF’s as made by the Moscow factory, representing a main production block of the type which was sold worldwide in thousands. It will be available in the autumn but before that it should also surface in the Royal Class edition somewhere in the summer. The Profipack box had the new weapons set in it. I did not understand why only one UB-32 unguided missile block is included. In comparison to the airframe it is a very big thing with lots of drag so it was carried in pairs. But this is of course only “Minor” . . . Also on this sprue there was a single MER bomb rack with the relative 4 bombs. The current Profipack is the “Interceptor” version but for the attack bomber versions (SMT, bis . . .) there should be two of the UB-32 and MER stores so I don’t know what they will do. Bit from the competition and the award ceremony at the end. More soon Best regards Gabor
  9. So Blue 56 from the box top is not even included??? Strange, but not a problem. Best regards Gabor
  10. ya-gabor

    MOSON show 2018 back home after it

    Here is more from the Moson 2018 show. Had a look at the Polish AWC Models 48th scale resin Mi-17 kit. It looks superb! For me the price was a bit high but the owner has said that there will be some changes so there is a chance that there will be a new version, in a more affordable range. They also had an excellent Mi-24 upgrade set as well as Su-22 weapons pylons. Connecting to the Su-22 theme. Had seen Stenka from the Bulgarian Cold War Studios and some of the latest CWS developments. This is including the MiG-25BM nose section together with the apropriate missile pylons and the radar killer missiles. Hope they will be available soon! Mention has been made of the German surgical steel instruments. Here are few. I love good instruments, the measuring tool makes life much easier. Just a quick look that all it takes, from 0.1 to 100mm. Of course this is not a precision instruments but perfect to give a quick result for thickness, diameter, screw size . . . It works even in places where you would not be able to “get into” with a traditional precision tool! I am sure the “small things” with hooks at the ends have a real medical name and those people in white overalls can do some nasty things with them on people. But in modelling, for me they work as scribers in places where it would be difficult to get at. I love them, they are just 8cm in length. Back to the modelling show. No, the head is not part of the diorama!!! Some very nicely painted kits. More soon Best regards Gabor
  11. It is good to see that they did corrections to the box art and removed details which were "inherited" from the MiG-31 photo which was used as basis for the original box art. - The MiG-31 type gun is gone from its right side, - the outer pylon was corrected, - the inner pylons leading edge also corrected, - the extra overwing fence removed, - the fin top antennas on the outer side removed, - right colour added here and there, - nose corrected . . . The only problem with the ribbon was that it was in a wrong place on the Mk.2 version of the box art. I think it should be there on the art work but further down and to the back as visible on the photos of the original. Remember this was the Mk.2 version with some "problems" pointed out Good to see that ICM did listen to comments and corrected the art work! OK it is only a box top art work but still . . . Some manufacturers automatically say to such commnets either: - nothing - "no, we are right, the kit is good" - "we made the kit to the right scale" everyone else is wrong - "this is only a minor problem" - . . . I just hope that they do correct some of the plastic parts also. Best regards Gabor
  12. Thats no problem, understand you! I also know a lot of things about which I have no right to speak so I keep my mouth shut. Best regards Gabor
  13. Thanks, it is excellent to have such back ground information. Anything you know please share with us. It is very difficult to know what is happening with ICM or Modelsvit. As I have said, look forward very much to any ICM new Foxbats!!!!!!!! Shame that the new PD version was not available last weekend at Moson. I would have been a buyer for it. I guess still too early. As far as I know it has been only out few days . . . Best regards Gabor
  14. ya-gabor

    MOSON show 2018 back home after it

    Yes it is!!! This is why I included it! He loves 144 scale but this time he went further down . . . Best regards Gabor
  15. The annual Moson show was held on the past weekend. A truly international event and anyone following the competitions and modelling shows I am sure have heard of this event before. I have to apologise to all visitors from far away places that in mid April we had real summer weather at Moson. Temp’s reaching 28-29 in the shade and well over 30’s out on the sun. Blue sky’s and not a cloud in sight for the whole event. I believe sun tan lotion sales were high in local shops. One can find lots of reports with hundreds of photos of the different models. I have no intention to compete with them. Did some “freehand” photos of my own (so the quality is not so high) of the kits but of course mainly of aircraft. This is more on what I found in my bag when arrived home. Few nice kits and some which were not so nice. The reason I put this report here is that it is more a review of various new things than a traditional “showing the kits from the competition”. To start one kit with which I had problems. Please have a look at the photo. Guess the scale of it! What do you think??? OK, we will not have a competition here. It is in 350 scale!!!!!!! I have asked the maker to hold it in his hand so that one can get a feel of the scale. It is made of the Trump kit, well what is left of it, as little much is left from the original. It was re-scribed, detailed, engine added, dive brakes open (and they have all the holes on them), new canopy . . . I have to remind everyone this is in 1/350 scale!!! PSP plates were home-made as well as the palm trees. Suitably weathered paint scheme with panelling and all. Remember this is in 350 scale! Due to the scale and that I did not have a pod with me it was difficult to take good detail pictures of it. Sorry. Still hope the photo shows something of the kit. Congratulation to the Rober Racz for he has won a gold with this kit in his category! Back to the event. What was important for me is what I have found. What I have found in my bags after returning home. There was a German company who were selling everything that you would need to perform an open heart surgery in situ. WOW, some amazing surgical steel tools many of which are perfectly suited for our hobby. The crowd was much bigger on Saturday, but I only managed to get around taking some photos on Sunday morning. Still there were “few” visitors. To support Modelsvit companies innovative kit range I had to buy the amazing T-10-10/11 kit. Fantastic! I still hope that they will do the MiG-21F-13 kit in the near future. By the time I reached them, Special Hobby has sold out of the Mirage F-1 kits (THE most elegant fighter!!!) so I had to settle for a Folland Gnat just so that I don’t come out empty handed from their shop. It was very sad to see that the 72 nd scale Special Hobby Viggen was still only the same test sprue board that we have seen since last year and it is still almost a half year away. Sad, very sad! The Tarangus version should be out earlier somewhere in the summer but don’t hold you breath till then. Who knows . . . More soon Best regards Gabor