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  1. 1/350 HMS Zulu

    Nearly there...
  2. Newby question on rigging

    I'd also recommend the better quality rigging threads as suggested above. My amati ship came with 0.1mm threads as the finest size and they had no stray hairs or fuzziness. Ratline knots were sealed with CA applied with a pin, but dilute pva applied with a brush works well too. No need for wax.
  3. 1/350 HMS Zulu

    Bit more progress today, I was waiting for a new can of paint to touch up some errors then started assembling the main components:
  4. 1/350 HMS Zulu

    Blimey! This gets fiddly
  5. 1/350 HMS Zulu

    Put the two together and it starts to look not too bad
  6. 1/350 HMS Zulu

    Oak decking paint was too yellow, so I changed it for a medium brown. Painted the decks green and put the main parts together and put detail on the wasp (minus its PE parts for now) And this is what the sea looks like now. I was originally thinking North Sea or English Channel, but I think this might have to be the Carribean!
  7. Like this a lot, very good end result
  8. 1/350 HMS Zulu

    An evening of swearing at PE and I've only got this to show for it I also added paper to the baseboard, but it still looks less than perfect Onwards and upwards...
  9. 1/350 HMS Zulu

    Attempt number 3 at a base board Two coats of ghost grey and the first coat of oak decking:
  10. 1/350 HMS Zulu

    Initial base board now abandoned as being too big. Cut a new piece and started roughing out the swell and wake
  11. 1/350 HMS Zulu

    Well, the next project just arrived from Atlantic Models, a 1/350 scale type 81 tribal class frigate in resin, white metal and brass. I was a little surprised by the seemingly small number of parts, but its all about the end result and the initial inspection bodes well. Excellent detailing cast into the resin and the brass etching looks promising. The two halves of the hull would need a little fettling and filling, but I'm going to build this as a waterline model on a semi calm sea, so the lower hull will end up surplus. The kit: Stage 1 is to prep the base board for some water modelling; here is my initial sketch of the wake pattern. The end result won't be quiet so geometrical! To be continued...
  12. Hawker Typhoon Museum Restoration

    Simply superb! Its the details like the laptop, the fire exit sign and the red tool rack that make this perfect. Its also a really clever way of showing off all the internal detail that these kits provide that is normally covered up. Me likey.
  13. I'm firmly in the "anything goes" camp, if you don't like the subject then fine, move on and find the next model that meets your criteria, no need to moralise. I think the snow effect is effective, the plane is well finished and I like the way you use the fence as a support; there are some otherwise good dioramas around spoiled by sticking the plane on top of a large pole. Maybe the base could have been a little bigger? Anyway, good idea, well executed.
  14. Lovely looking car, reminds me of working round the corner from a classic car restorers that had one of these (or a very good replica) and they would road test it outside. A straight eight through open pipes certainly makes your trousers rattle!
  15. Wow looks phenominal! I'll be checking back regularly to shamelessly nick ideas