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  1. A wooden interlude

    Its been a hectic few weeks, but I'm back making a mess again. More planking: Done! Sanded, ready for filling Filler added, ready for more sanding Filler sanded, now ready for primer It'll be three coats of halfords red primer then the upper hull sprayed in dark green when I can find some time to go hide in the garage. The deck gets planked and the inside of the hull sides will be white. More anon.
  2. I saw the first photos and genuinely thought hmm, nice ferrari, but where are the photos of the kit?
  3. 1/35 60CM Morser

    This brings back memories of butchering this kit (or one like it) about 30 years ago, however yours looks like a mini version of the real thing whereas mine looked like a crime scene, covered in gluey fingerprints. That's a handy tip about the rust, thanks for sharing.

    Very nice, but a bit pricey for me. That model costs about 1/5 of my last 1:1 scale bike!
  5. A wooden interlude

    Ok, so recovering from the festivities took a bit longer than expected, plus the usual new yar panics at work means I've not managed to do much in the way of maritime carpentry. Heres the story so far: This may go on hold for a bit, I've got a supermarine s6b and an italeri land rover calling me from the cupboard with some diorama ideas.
  6. That's impressive. Bit like a scale model version of wheeler dealers!
  7. A wooden interlude

    Last update before turkeyfest. Added the decks and fitted the prop and rudder tubes. Managed to forget that the rudder post needs to be fitted before the deck, so there is now an unsightly access hole, but this will eventually be covered by superstructure. More in the new year. Merry Christmas to all!
  8. CV-9 USS Essex, 1943 - 1:350

    Looks fantastic. Very realistic weathering down the sides.
  9. A wooden interlude

    Yes, the ribs and frames are laser cut and just need fettling with sandpaper. The only extra tools I bought are a mini plane that uses razor blades and an electric plank bender, but neither are essential. Not sure I'd recommend this one for a first wooden model, something like the Boulogne Etaples trawler might be better as the instructions are more comprehensive. And its half the price!
  10. HMS Fife by Kevin - Fleetscale - 1/72

    Starting to look very good indeed. I have to ask, where on earth do you keep and display your finished work? I'm running out of shelf space and my models are only 2 feet long, not 7!
  11. A wooden interlude

    Welcome aboard chaps, mind the mess. This won't be a quick build, I only get a couple of hours at weekends as work is keeping me on my toes, but the whole point of this is for relaxation and the enjoyment of the build as much as the end result.
  12. Forgive the indulgence, I know this is primarily a plastic forum, but I do like getting to grips with a pile of wood and making something recognisably boatlike out of it. This build is of a Billing Boats "Nordkap", a North Sea trawler from the early '70s. I remember my Dad making this model about 30 years ago and me being impressed by it compared to my pile of airfix spitfires. Anyway, I have once again commandeered the dining room table as a workshop and started sawdust production in earnest. First things first, the keel. Add some ribs, then realise that while the keel was cut to the length from the instructions it is 4mm too short when measured against the deck. Measure twice cut once? Where's the fun in that? This is the third Billings kit I've done and is easily the best quality in terms of fittings and wood parts; not up to Amati standards, but pretty good. Luckily I had read up about the kit and had been warned that the instructions were more like outline suggestions than a detailed how-to guide. I was wondering about doing some weathering and making it look like a working vessel, but that was vetoed by the boss if I want to have it out on display, so shiny and shipshape it'll have to be.
  13. Top 1/8 kits of all times

    Ok, thanks. I did a tamiya harley flh 1/6 which is a lovely model. Used to own an xl1200 and a fxdb 1584 once upon a time
  14. Top 1/8 kits of all times

    Ooo! A 205 gti kit, I used to have a 1:1 scale one of those. And that alfa 8c looks gorgeous Nice selection. Have you ever come across a kit of a suzuki bandit? I used to ride a gsf1250s until it had a high speed refurbishment and I quite fancy making a mini version but I cantfind any models of one.