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    sci-fi, horror and fantasy and all aspects of.
  1. not over done with the weathering, very nice, well done!
  2. 1/32 Viper Mkii

    really love the show,box set binged it all twice! Used a viper pilot name as my I.d here! Don't forget BSG Blood and chrome for an out of the dock Galactica. As for the weathering on the viper, yep they do take a pounding but it might be cool to do it straight off the line..
  3. 1/32 Viper Mkii

    love it! which white are you using?
  4. Jonathan Ross the Modeller

    I follow Mr Ross on Twitter. He posted an image of a half built Thunderbird 2 ,2 days ago who knew!
  5. Most memorable film scenes..

    Wow, I've that's loads folks, brilliant. Lots i've seen and forgotten and some I've never seen! Oh and Martin lobes the first appearance of his warships (!)...
  6. Most memorable film scenes..

    great stuff, this is bringing back the memories!!
  7. Most memorable film scenes..

    I've been thinking about this for a while now. What makes a scene in a film stamp an indelible image in your mind? Something awesome or just plain cool? Here's some of mine. Star wars ANH. Opening shot of the Tantive iv being bared down on by the star destroyer that was impossibly massive. As a ten year old it completely blew my mind, it's never been the same since. The USS Enterprise rising up out of Titan. Start Trek JJ verse. I know a lot of people hated the reboot and the afore mentioned ship's design but I was'nt one of them. I was sceptical before seeing the film but enjoyed it and the shot of the Enterprise rising up out of the dust with Saturn in the back ground was awesome. Planet of the Apes 1968. End shot of the film. The revelation to me as well as George Taylor that we'd been on Earth all along " they blew it all up..... etc" Avengers. The Shield helicarrier deploys huge engines, lifts, out of the ocean and turns invisible.. perfect. 2001. The perfect shiny clipper heading for the semi complete definitive space station.. magic. The escape from the mines of Moria. The fellowship of the ring. A heart pounding watch, and jaw dropping appearance of the Balrog. Jason and the Agonaughts. Talos the giant awakes very slowly and deliberately takes his time accompanied by the need for some serious WD40. This one is one of my first memories ever. War of the Words, the George Pal version. The rise and reveal for the first time of the Martin warships. Over to you guys....
  8. TVs best characters

    ok, here's mine.. in no particular order, i'm just checking my dvd/ blue ray collection... Water Bishop. Fringe Jack Bauer. 24 William Adama. Battlestar Galactica. Lt commander Data, ST:tng Comndr Benjamin Sisco ST Ds9.
  9. yep, as someone who has a fear of arachnids,that's the daddy. My stepson once made the kit for friend who put it on display in his movie memorabilia encrusted barbers shop in Benfleet. The kit as I seen to remember other than really being realistic did have a very anatomical belly. Are you going for the chest buster next? I've never seen the kit completed.
  10. 1/32 Viper Mkii

    I had one of these but filed under b1n after experiencing the same horror story with the decals. next time i'll paint the stripes.. Good job so far ill be following with interest...
  11. now that seriously creeps me out, stuff of nightmares but very cool, cant wait for the paint job.
  12. Star Trek Discovery (Beware, possible spoilers!)

    I watched the finale' last night. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Most loose ends tied up nicely and the promise of a very interesting series 2. Enjoy.
  13. Solo teaser

    just seen the extended trailer and it actually does look good...........
  14. Solo teaser

    the updated (official) longer trailer has just flagged up..........
  15. The Imitation Game.

    fair comment but as a film about a subject I knew little about I found it interesting.