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  1. even now i find this organism seriously creepy, great moggie for just ignoring it.
  2. i use small stained chopping boards and a length of narrow bore brass tubing.
  3. felix meatloaf is our 4's choice. also its all meat, no jelly or gravey. It is mixed with whiskers 7+ in gravy to make life a bit easier as 2 our of our 4 are pretty much devoid of teeth.
  4. Cannon destroying tripe. I really hope Peter Capaldi can do a cameo waking up after way too many Pan galactic gargle blasters ,shake his head and mutter "what a nightmare"...
  5. hmmm, as myself and my beloved alternated between the re watching of Firefly and Person of interest, we decided on watching The Midnight Sky. Ok the ending basically was open to a lot of speculation. I was of the mind that Geroge's companion was his the memory of (his daughter) or relevant child from his past who was removed from his life. Perhaps she now returned as a side effect from the medication George was on? Co-incidentley the same child grew up and became part of the mission George was attempting to contact. All in all too many questions left unresolved. Not great.
  6. i love the George Pal version and look forward to to day that an authentic version is produced for tv or cinema.
  7. Jodie Whittaker has,as rumour has it , quit due to adverse ratings and reviews of the latest adventure. Lets hope Chris Chibnal quickly follows.
  8. exellent, edge of the seat series. The finale was fantastic, made me feel lime id just seen Return of the Jedi again. Forget the the last three movies, this is Star Wars.
  9. Merry Christmas to everyone. Im off for my break in 48mins and counting. Wonderful community we have here. A real tonic in these dark days.
  10. hello, its made by a long gone company called Screamin'. Yoda is around 9'' tall and comes with the hair!. Like most kits from Screamin' it assembly isn't great and requires a lot of milliput. The really enjoyable part is in the painting. I wasn't happy with the eyes so i opened up the back of Yoda and installed suitable sized dolls eyes, they give a much more pleasing result.
  11. i'm really enjoying this, its very atmospheric, authentic well told. Apart from the weekly side quests its a decent show made by people who appreciate the source material, run with it but make something new and original. In many shots its visually stunning and these only enhance the story rather than spending too much time on them, a little goes along way. Its been described as western in space but its so much more. Think Firefly (which i love ) but more familiar, bigger budget and considerably cooler.
  12. And as for Harry Potter in his cloak.....
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