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  1. sorry, just had a moment... glorious model of a wonderful ship. Fantastic job.
  2. very good show indeed. Been watching it for awhile now.
  3. got my  resin Hyde head today, what a massive improvement!

  4. Hello, chaps, i feel i'm a bit late to the party maybe, but is anyone watching the Expanse? We're on series 3. I'm blown away by this show. Great story and characters fantastic sfx. Its the most original piece of sci-fi ive seen in a long time.
  5. this is fantastic! I've just got the Dr Jeckyll. Where can i order the resin head from please?
  6. i'll stick with Lost in space as i'm invested and the other half enjoys it, yep the kids are too perfect but i'm eager to see the show out. Kurtzman Trek, is just bad news. Can't stand Discovery and cannot believe how they degraded Pickard. Shame.
  7. Hello, everyone its been a while. Series 3 has opened with strong episode and were halfway through ep 2 when the sandman came calling to remind me of my 4.00 am wakeup call. So far its very promising and way better than series 1. This re-imagining is in my opinion very good. Now if they could do Voyage to the bottom of the sea....( forget seaquest dsv)...
  8. Loved this. i used to own it on vhs back in the day. However it was a cut version to fit into a film and tape running time with various scenes including the prologue and epilogues in the church in South America.
  9. Very cool, i used to really enjoy the V.C's.
  10. its ok, i'll park Kurtzman trek in its own little universes. Trek will always be about optimism and hope as opposed to the grim alternatives presented today. The writers turn out enough placed politics and woke agenda as to make any story in my opinion, unwatchable. Check out Nerdrotic/Doomcock etc on youtube who are for more explicit on this subject than i could be here.
  11. Thanks, its great to know i've more quality Trek remastered to a high standard..
  12. Hello folks. Having given up on the Kurtzman universe version of Star wreck ,myself and my beloved have ventured to the pre woke/ Picard female whipping boy ,prime universe Star trek of the next generation. For us this the penultimate re watch Star trek t.v. adventures show. The next generation on blu ray is its own a reason to get a player if you hav'nt got one. The story's are for the most part interesting and enjoyable. The characters are as great as you remember them. The real deal are the polished special effects and audio. 7.1 Surround sound. The restoration and and improvement of the original sfx are amazing. The Ent D looks fantastic with enough detail now shown to answer any questions a model builder might ask. This is Star trek done correctly. Kurtzman take note. Next up will be The original series.
  13. just set it in the correct era and tell the story as it was written.
  14. so thats what it looked like! It's been a while since i watched the film and even then i literally could'nt make head or tail...... exellent job!
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