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  1. That makes me feel better SledDawg, my earliest build started and still to be finished is the Airfix Dennis Fire Engine that I started in 1975, 43years ago
  2. Caribou paint colour (RAAF)

    From memory (which is still very good mind you), the first photo, the undercarriage pic and the pic of the 'Boo being refueled are the closest to the actual colour, when in full sun it appears to 'bleach' as two of the pics show and when seen from above (from a hovering RAN UH-1B) it was very noticeably faded in areas, mostly along fasteners and rivet lines and the small buckles in the skin. No the above pics did not come out, ever try to take 'steady pics from a shakin' tree?? AndyF117 love your 'Boo pics, gonna grab them if I can Fredag the pink 'Boo really existed, looking for the pics since Sunday, no luck. The tan areas on other RAAF 'Boo's was a 'desert pink' on this one, can't remember it's tail no. but it had black and a faded version (maybe 30%) of the red brown just like A4-408. Regards all Neil
  3. Anigrand 1/144 Nimrod AEW.3

    Thanks for the great pics, great work!!!
  4. What a simply superb topic for a thread, great memories too!! Frog kits were available here in Oz for ever, my elder brother had a lot of 'em. No problems with availability, I had one of the best hobby shops in Sydney nearby Mum's (Berg's Hobbies has been in Parramatta for 50+ years) and they kept a superb range of kits, Airfix, Revell, Frog, Hasegawa, Fujimi, Heller, etc etc, a lot of my existing models were purchased there, I took my Christmas money from the wife and kids last year and splurged on Airfix kits at Berg's. I even bought Frog kits in other state capitals, Melbourne, Adelaide and Brizzy, never knew they were hard to get. I was still able to buy Frog kits in shops years after the closure, last ones I think were the Kawanishi Emily and a Beaufighter at Hobbyco in Sydney CBD around 1983/4. Frog kits were different, odd subjects, nicely moulded, great decals and colour box-art. Some kits had . . . . issues, the worst horrors being the Ju 88 and the awful He 219 that Revell re-released in 2010 instead of their own superior 1966 H-112/H-160 mould. I've built a few Frog kits both for myself and for mates, went and had a dig around and I've come up with a list of Frog models I've owned. The Built List- My first Frog kit (that I know of) is F.268 F-104 Starfighter in 1970, then in no particular order with photos if possible, F.167 Westland Wallace - 1970, F.390 Thunderbolt P-47 Fighter Bomber (P-47D-20) - 1976, F.198 Westland Wyvern - 1977, F.154 Sea Fury X - 1975, F.170 Northrop Black Widow P-61 - 1975, F.173 Bleriot XI - 1974, F.172 Avro Shackelton - 1975 - full of short shot bits, my Dad showed me how to use balsa to correct the faults, F.203 Canberra Mk.8/12 Low Level Bomber - 1977, F.171 Hawker Hurricane Mk.IIc - 1978 - to be repaired, F.126 HMS Undine Anti-Submarine Frigate 1/500 scale NOVO - 1978 - very badly damaged along with F.125 HMS Torquay NOVO, rebuilt as a WHIFF and still in the collection, DSC04890 3. F141s by Neil, on Flickr DSC04899 12. F141s by Neil, on Flickr F.124 HMS Hero Destroyer 1/500 scale NOVO - 1978, F-125 HMS Torquay Anti-Submarine Frigate 1/500 scale NOVO - 1978 - donated bits to Undine, F.228 Fairey Gannet A.S.1/14 - 1974, F.161 Fairey Barracuda Mk.II - 1977, F.228 Fairey Gannet A.S.1/14 - 1978 - to be repaired, F.420 Westland Lysander Mk.1 or Mk.3 "Spy Plane" - 1978, F.170 Northrop Black Widow P-61 - 1978 - to be repaired, F.359 Avro Lancaster Heavy bomber 1/96 scale NOVO - 1979 - a blow-up of a photie from a newspaper article my collection and I was in, Frog-Novo Lancaster by Neil, on Flickr F.169 DH60G Gipsy Moth Biplane NOVO - 1979, F.163 Vickers Vimy Mk.IV - 1979, F.175 Fokker - Southern Cross NOVO - 1979, F.328 Hawker Sea Hawk F.Mk.1 NOVO - 1980 - still in the collection, DSC06277 11. WF163s by Neil, on Flickr DSC06205 6. WF163s by Neil, on Flickr F.330 Supermarine Attacker F.Mk.1 NOVO - 1980 - still in the collection, DSC05050 1. 101Js by Neil, on Flickr DSC05065 16. 101Js by Neil, on Flickr F.223F Fokker D.21 - 1972, F-236F Ta 152H - 1979 - to be repaired, F-202 Messerschmitt Me 110G - 1979 - still in the collection, DSC06835s by Neil, on Flickr DSC06843s by Neil, on Flickr In the Stash and Started; F.142 HMS Tiger 1/415 scale NOVO - Started 24Feb1982, almost unbuildable, badly miss aligned parts the main gun turrets the worst, not sure I can go back to it, F.273 Hawker Harrier Mk.1 NOVO, F.229 Bristol Beaufort Mk.II Frogspawn in a plastic bag witha photocopied header, translucent green plastic, F.161 Fariey Barracuda Mk.II NOVO, F.247 Westland Wessex Mk.1 or Mk.31 NOVO, F257 Fairey Firefly F.Mk.1, F.295 DeHavilland Sea Venom FAW Mk.21/53, F.227 B-47E Stratojet, F.198 Westland Wyvern, F.203 Canberra Mk.8/12 Low Level Bomber. I'm proud to say I'm a bit of a Frogaholic, gotta track down the models I had that are no longer with us, Regards all Neil
  5. Anigrand 1/144 Nimrod AEW.3

    That is very nicely done, can we have more pics please???
  6. 1/72 USCG Grumman Albatross

    That's a beautiful build, more people should grab a handful of an "old" kit and give 'em a go, great brushed finish too, very well done overall
  7. 1/72 Airfix Swift FR. 5

    Beautifully finished, she looks a treat Still trying to decide on the colour scheme for mine
  8. New Airfix 1/72nd B-25C Mitchell

    My stash is bulging at the seams now . . . . . . . must find room . . . . . . can't hide the new red boxes half as well as other manufacturer's offerings, Shhhh, the WIFEU may see Great build General, love your finish, just gotta wait a bit now . . . . . . .
  9. F-86D Miss Minooky 1:72

    Beautiful work all over, superb NMF, very well done "Dog" Silly question, but what's the manufacturer and kit no. ? It's hard to appreciate your work when you don't know what your starting point was.
  10. Caribou paint colour (RAAF)

    Thought I'd add my two cents, Waay back in September1989 we had several RAAF DHC-4 Caribous operating out of HMAS Albatross in various wrap around camo schemes, one in all greens, one in greens and brown, one in desert camo and the one and only Gravel Truck in pink/red/black (can't find the pics at present for that one). I took some (very) quick pics of A4-208 over two days in passing in the camo scheme you're discussing, the quality is not great but I hope they help, BTW, the same camera and roll of film on both days. You'll notice how the upper surfaces are a tad faded compared to the fuse sides, the faded areas of FS30109 do look a bit "orange", and the the slightly differing light levels changes the hue considerably. First day, DHC-4 Caribou A4-208 Sep1989cropS by Neil, on Flickr DHC-4 Caribou A4-208 Sep1989acropS by Neil, on Flickr DHC-4 Caribou A4-208 Sep1989bS by Neil, on Flickr DHC-4 Caribou A4-208 Sep1989cS by Neil, on Flickr Second day, DHC-4 Caribou A4-208 Sep1989dcropS by Neil, on Flickr DHC-4 Caribou A4-208 Sep1989ecropS by Neil, on Flickr DHC-4 Caribou A4-208 Sep1989fcropS by Neil, on Flickr I hope these pics help resolve the issue, Regards Neil
  11. CMR Sea Venom FAW53 WZ895

    Just saw this linked from Navy Bird's Oz Sea Venom WIP, beautifully done, excellent finish, congrats
  12. What about the 'Tross Sea Venoms Longy? Isn't one or even both in an "almost fly" condition? At least able to make noise. You know like the fast "Taxis" with Cecil during the airshows with the "inadvertent" float off the runway?
  13. Congrats Steve all your work has paid off now onto engine runs . . . .
  14. Revell PT 109.

    That's a very nicely finished version of the kit, well done Deserves a place at the front of any display
  15. Worst model quality?

    I've never binned a kit, well, except for un-repairablly damaged kits caused by me during a build (sorry Airfix Spookey, Airfix F-111E and Frog Victor) and I can safely say I've experienced some real horrors Every Aurora kit I ever built (for "paying friends", never me) was pure torture, followed by some Lindberg kits, Nichimo (10inch dia. rivets), LS, Tamiya ( 1/100 scale kits look like a plane I know but not quite), Entex (the kings of FLASH), Eldon "Match kits", Aoshima kits in general but their ships come in for "special" mention, Crown (the car and aircraft kits especially, NEVER go near the Honda Z I could go on but space precludes rambling. Jamie @ Sovereign Hobbies made an interesting statement: "I can forgive engineering shortcomings in a kit; well, from smaller manufacturers at least. I find major accuracy failures unforgiveable from any manufacturer. You don't need a multi-million pound budget to be able to compare an object to available references. If references simply aren't available that's one thing, but to just make things up because you're too lazy or stupid to compare to references is appalling." These are some of the worst, and yes I've built them no matter how bad, So are these Mfr's lazy or stupid or both? Revell 1/144 scale Lockheed F-117A Stealth Fighter, kit 04037, DSC07154 50. 56200s by Neil, on Flickr Revell 1/72 scale Supermarine Spitfire, kit H-77, DSC02380s by Neil, on Flickr Revell 1/72 scale N.A. P-51D Mustang, kit H-47, DSC09506cropS by Neil, on Flickr Dragon 1/144 scale Sukhoi Su-27K Naval Flanker, kit DML4542, DSC04445s by Neil, on Flickr MPM 1/72 scale Focke Wulf Fw 190V-18, kit 72033, still building it, started 05Oct2015, only a passing resemblance to the real "Kangaru" 0001. TheBox by Neil, on Flickr