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  1. Airfix 1/48 Lightning Quickboost aftermarket seat Eduard etch Vallejo, Tamiya and Humbrol Paints Build here https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235041130-airfix-148-lightning-f3-finished/&
  2. well everything else went fine and it is now finished: and with its younger brother next one will definatly be a 23rd squadron. thanks for support and especially MADMUSKY for his help with 23squadron details.
  3. Well the chrome sprayed ok so a bit puzzled about the aluminium, ah well pretty straight forward progress, here it is now decals worked well apart from slight crease behind pit. I should have sprayed the areas under the yellow white as the black is showing through slightly but I might try to use oils to blend in once future coated. Just now applying multiple tiny jet decals, I still have the missiles to finish and the clear lenses to add and some minor antenas .
  4. So a bit of a two forward , one back week. I tried to spray the vallejo aluminium but it just didnt work. Bit of a surprize as I used it on a previous kit and it worked well, cleaned it off, cleaned airbrush, tested it on normal acryllics and spray gun ok, tried vallejo and no joy. Obviously something Ill need to practice using to get right balance of pressure etc. In the meantime I used humbrol silver from a spray can and that went down well. I left it a few days, done a light second coat and left it a few days to settle then rubbed lightly with a rag. I then removed the masking and there was underspray inside the canopy so that had to come off and get cleaned then back on. Wheels are on. Iv just given it the first coat of clear , I will use three or four as silver paint I find is easy to mark. Oh and the invisable seam on the bottom has mysteriously reappeared , but its only at certain angles and I casnt be bothered sanding and filing it anymore as if I did Id lose all detail on base. here is how it sits now Im quite liking the black so this may turn out a 111 after all. I have a dilema with the chrome for the nose ring, Iv prepped the spare tail and will test on this to make sure it sprays ok or if not try to find a way to brush on the chrome.
  5. Cockpit finished and masked once all main parts were on I spreyed halfords primer, then attacked the visable joins. It wasnt bad there was an invisable seam on the bottom that I used superglue to hide, some PPP on the nose ring join and some work where the canopy rear joins. once happy I sprayed black and now have a nightfighter. I will polish this with a rag then attatch the final tiny aerials etc then spray aluminium.
  6. nice work, are you rescribing all the panel lines?
  7. Iv cracked on with this so progress so far put in internals and weights, fishing wights and wood glue- then glued halves and filled- worst seam was underneath then wings,tail added- when adding wings important to check alignment and that they arnt warped, mines looked good so no need to do anything drastic. On my last kit the port wing always looked weird, that and the poor finish led me to scrapping it so I hope this one turns out better other parts on and light filling with green stuff and PPP, not anything much here generally a good fit. I will tidy things up then start on undercarraige.
  8. Thanks again for help @MADMUSKY it would be nice if you could get something sorted as it would be great to see the Leuchers pictures.
  9. Thank you for the kind offer, however I dont think I could blend in the white on the decals with background. I have another thread on the aircraft cold war section and have found out that there were 2 styles of eagle so kits decals are ok
  10. OK I have found a picture of XP736 code F with eagle facing back - http://www.aviation-picture-hangar.co.uk/XP736.jpg
  11. Etch added and wings together paint and weights arrived , exhaust etch fitted. sink marks filled just nose cone to paint then can box internals up
  12. Thank you for your replies; to try to clarify The aircraft , Lightning F3, listed on airfix instructions is XP745 code M leuchers 1964 The aeroclub Lightning F3 are listed as XP760 or XP763 codes K and M Airfix uses the big eagle while aeroclub give big eagle and smaller in disc ones So looks like I need to use the smaller disc ones as the bigger ones I can only find pictures with eagle facing forward Just to add to confusion there is a corgi 1/72 f3 cosde M with large eagles facing rear on starboard side but cant find actual picture of real plane
  13. oops sorry thought we were off, Ill reign it back and wait till the weekend.................. are we there yet? ....................................are we there yet ?
  14. It is an F3 , thanks for your help
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