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  1. Beautifully ultra clean build, well done !!
  2. The last and IMHO the best of the OOB builds, so far . . . . Airfix 1/72 scale YAK 9-D "White 31" KitNo. 01034-6 1973 blister pack. Built 30Dec2019 -19May2020. 0098. Finished4 by Neil, on Flickr 0097. Finished3 by Neil, on Flickr 0101. Finished7 by Neil, on Flickr 0105. Finished11 by Neil, on Flickr 0110. Finished17 by Neil, on Flickr 138. Finish45 by Neil, on Flickr 125. Finish32 by Neil, on Flickr 123. Finish30 by Neil, on Flickr 127. Finish34 by Neil, on Flickr 147. Finish54 by Neil, on Flickr 149. Finish56 by Neil, on Flickr 151. Finish58 by Neil, on Flickr 150. Finish57 by Neil, on Flickr This was by far the easiest of the three builds with very few problems apart from when the 45 (?) year old decals touched water. The only survivors were the stars still on the sheet and the "31" decals and they silvered badly when applied even with Decal Soft and then Future they would not "sit" properly. They were ultra thick creating their own panel lines as well. So I did what I could with them and had to accept a bit of silvering. I ended up airbrushing the stars on using kit decal survivors as templates. And finally the three OOB builds together, DSC01656cropS by Neil, on Flickr DSC01655cropS by Neil, on Flickr Thanks for looking in gents. More OOB builds to come over the next few months from different manufacturers. Regards all and Stay Safe, FAA.
  3. Thanks gents for the likes and the great comments. One to go . . . . . . Spitfire31 I realize the '109 isn't the best but it used to be the only game in town and at least it is recognizably a "Gustav" sort of, plus it's one of my most fave Airfix kits. Now the Fw IS the weird one as it really is misshapen, especially in side elevation to start with not to mention the HUGE panel lines, odd little spinner and narrow propeller blades etc etc. I actually used some of my dwindling stock of Airfix and Humbrol Authentics paints to do these and try to stay as faithful to the instructions as possible. I did try to finish the crewies as well as possible (I think they look great meself) with their correctly coloured flying kit without actually altering them in any way. Although to be honest the FW's driver is wearing a Lindberg figure's boots as one of his was missing before opening the blister pack. Here's some of my stash of Airfix and Humbrol Authentics, DSC01218cropSml by Neil, on Flickr DSC01219cropSml by Neil, on Flickr I think each OOB build was better than the previous one as I learned what worked and what did not. More very soon, Regards all and Be Safe, FAA
  4. The second OOB build. Airfix 1/72 scale Messerschmitt Bf 109G-6/R2 "Yellow3" 1965 issue Patt.No.85. Built 24Dec2019 - 15May2020. It doesn't really say "G-6/R2" on the header but that's what this version of "Gustav" is with the pair of Wfr. Gr.21 rocket tubes under the wings, 0139. Finish2 by Neil, on Flickr 0150. Finish13 by Neil, on Flickr 0155. Finish18 by Neil, on Flickr 0156. Finish19 by Neil, on Flickr 0157. Finish20 by Neil, on Flickr 0161. Finish24 by Neil, on Flickr 0163. Finish26 by Neil, on Flickr 0173. Finish37 by Neil, on Flickr 0181. Finish45 by Neil, on Flickr 0184. Finish48 by Neil, on Flickr 0187. Finish51 by Neil, on Flickr 0192. Finish56 by Neil, on Flickr 0199. Finish63 by Neil, on Flickr Thanks for looking, last OOB very soon, Regards all stay safe, FAA
  5. It's been a while since I posted here, been pretty busy with life in general. I was getting a bit overwhelmed with including as much accuracy and detail in my builds as possible. I needed a way to relax and still build. I came across an old folder of mine from a very long time ago. Back when I were a lad I joined a local model club in 1975 to help grow my modelling skills and get to yak to like minded people (there were girls in the club too). The club had a particular type of build, a very strict "From the Box" comp throughout the year. And after reading through a couple of pages of hints and tips and other trivia I came across the pages for the "From the Box" builds and the rules long forgotten by meself. Being I like old kits (I have a "few" in the stash) and as I said I was stressing about my flock of current builds and the difficulties I had created for myself with advanced cases of Researchitis and AMS, a germ of an idea started. The most relaxing way I could think of was to build a few models without embellishment OOB as it were, no stress, just build, paint etc. Didn't actually work out that way in the long run but help it most definitely has. First off, the rules for an Out Of the Bag/Blister/Box build, (slightly edited by me to make it a bit clearer than originally written) 1) Build with ONLY what is in the box, NO additional pieces allowed, 2) ONLY use a paint colour scheme from the kit's instructions, using the colour call outs provided. I've had to make a small change to this rule as it is not possible to use the paints specified by many older kits as the manufacturers may no longer exist or the particular paint range is no longer manufactured and readily available so I can use modern day equivalents to the original paint colours. 3) Only use the kit provided decals, 4) Weathering is allowed, 5) Varnishes are allowed, (not something you saw back then often in the land of "silvering" and after a while "falling off" decals), 6) Use the best skills and techniques possible to get the best result from the model, 7) Above all, HAVE FUN!!!! So I selected three models, and over a period of weeks started them. Although the builds ran into months with some "challenges along the way, along with trying out new and or modified techniques to attempt to get the best out of these old kits I actually had fun too. They were all Airfix 1/72 scale kits from the 60's and 70's although one of the mold tools came from 1958! Airfix 1-72scale Focke Wulf Fw 190D Dora Kit 01021-0, the 1958 mold, started 01Dec2019, finished 09May2020 (a blister pack kit issued in 1973?), 165. Finish by Neil, on Flickr 166. Finish by Neil, on Flickr 168. Finish by Neil, on Flickr 173. Finish by Neil, on Flickr 176. Finish by Neil, on Flickr 181. Finish by Neil, on Flickr 187. Finish by Neil, on Flickr 189. Finish by Neil, on Flickr 191. Finish by Neil, on Flickr 204. Finish by Neil, on Flickr 205. FinishOOB by Neil, on Flickr And lastly there is 50 years between these two builds of mine, fiftyoneYearsC by Neil, on Flickr Thanks for looking, more soon, Regards all, FAA
  6. I thought I'd post some photos of my current "Finest" build. Focke Wulf Fw 190V-18 Wkn.0040 CF+OY 1/72 scale MPM Kit No.72033. Built 05Oct2015 to 13Apr2019. Even won some awards at shows, just go to the thread; Link to the thread; So Here's a couple of photos of my '190V-18, 362. FinishedB by Neil, on Flickr 367. Fin by Neil, on Flickr 381. Fin by Neil, on Flickr And one for Adey M and the others who like 'working' bits, 391. Fin by Neil, on Flickr Need more posts, too good a thread to let it fade !! Regards, FAAMAN
  7. Thank you very much gentlemen Johnson, here's a link to my "Sorta Stangs" thread; Tugcap you really don't want one, believe me when I tell you it was years of hard work to get this result.
  8. And secondly, probably sick of my little Fw by now, more news though On the weekend of the 9th and 10th of November2019 I attended "Scale ACT '19", the annual Scale model show for the ACT Scale Modellers' Society. A rather large and well run event with 650 models ( ?? or so) on display of many types, including Whiffs. The standard of the models in the competition was very high, with some stellar builds such as a new 1/24th Airfix Hellcat to die for . . . . . . (see the show pics), Also got to talk to a lot of modellers, as insane as I am, accidentally purchase some "real bargains" ( read . . Haul . . . I even impressed the WIFEU by bringing dollars home!!} Ran into a pair of fellow Britmodellers I yapped with for a time on the Sunday who'd travelled a very long way from Queensland to attend the show, gidday again GraemeH and RobS, hope the drive home wasn't too tiring!! The V-18 on the table, entered into "Military Aircraft. 1/72 - WW2 - Single Engine - Axis" 20191109_135157cropsml by Neil, on Flickr The competition, 20191110_105106cropS by Neil, on Flickr With over 650 models in the whole show judging was a mammoth undertaking starting at 14 o'clock Saturday arvo, restarting 0830 Sunday morning before opening at 1000. After this and having one of my models damaged by having a P-47 dropped on it I was pleased to see the Fw had scored again, A second in this class against the superb standard on display really had me chuffed, 20191110_132408cropsml by Neil, on Flickr This is a link to my Flickr Show Album, 650 or so pics on seven pages, some good, some mediocre (read blurred, the worst were ditched so you can imagine how blurred they were) hope you enjoy them https://www.flickr.com/photos/45800749@N07/albums/72157711761625903/page1 Regards all, happy modelling FAAMAN
  9. Thought I'd update you gents on the saga that is "The Life and Times of the V-18" (I actually thought I'd posted this but I guess I missed it) Firstly, On Saturday 07Sep2019 I attended the Sydney Scale Model Show and for the first time in 30 years I entered some of my models I actually entered three in the "Small Scale Propeller" class/category. My two "Sorta Stangs" (much to the amusement of the older modellers who remembered them, and consternation of the younger modellers) and my Fw 190V-18. My three on the table, the Claude (not mine) was very nice too, 20190907_110945cropS by Neil, on Flickr So after judging we had to wait to see who'd come first, Second and Third place certificates had been awarded and my nerves were on edge as I hadn't placed. When they announced my Fw had won gold, I was just a little shocked and very pleasantly surprised, what a "official" return to the hobby !!! 20190907_161350cropS by Neil, on Flickr A pic at home just to make sure, 20190907_200104cropS by Neil, on Flickr Here is a link to my Flickr Album for this show; https://www.flickr.com/photos/45800749@N07/albums/72157710764093186/page1 Regards all, FAA
  10. Just found this thread linked from another here. This will be very useful for me as I've a "Japanese Navy Type 93 Advanced Trainer (Willow) from Nitto kit No. 391 in 1:32nd to do. A replacement for a destroyed model. Great post from long ago.
  11. Navy870 you may need to translate for the other kids. I know wot you said but they might not be fluent in understanding "Pusser Lingo". I remember a certain Chief 'Lekky sending a young bloke for a vortex generator drive belt (not me thankfully).
  12. Now that looks good, coming along now.
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