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  1. Navy870 you may need to translate for the other kids. I know wot you said but they might not be fluent in understanding "Pusser Lingo". I remember a certain Chief 'Lekky sending a young bloke for a vortex generator drive belt (not me thankfully).
  2. Now that looks good, coming along now.
  3. Just spotted the lower anti-coll light is the wrong colour for a tanker fit. It should have a green lens not red. When changing roles to a tanker, not only was a control panel for the buddy store fitted in place of the radar display, but the lower anti-coll light was changed to a green lens for better night time recognition.
  4. I agree with Navy870, damn fine effort so far, and yes as he said the tail pipe blank had no handle.
  5. Thanks for that CT567, I've got a blow up of that image only to discover that the lead ship is 414AG unknown BuNo. One problem that us modellers have is that during it's time with the A-4E, VA-86 had fourtyseven different A-4E airframes in the 14 assigned aircraft slots over total over 4 years. There are quite a few instances that particular Buno. had two different modex numbers within the squadron. I'm going to go with a last four "9986" for 411AG. Regards, FAA
  6. For info, the Fujimi Sea Sprite came out in 1978. The Airfix Sea Sprite was released in 1983.
  7. I never forget my Squadron Signals, check out SSno.68, P2V Neptune in Action, the Warpaint series No.51 Lockheed Neptune. Don't know if you've seen this pic if you scroll down; https://www.historynet.com/sea-sentinel-lockheed-p2v-neptune.htm Cheers mate, FAA
  8. This is my third attempt to post on this thread!! Very well done Skykeg, beautifully finished Got this kit in the stash along with a few other Japanese float planes (in a scale that shall remain undisclosed). An endlessly fascinating subject, floatplanes, thanks for sharing your build.
  9. Great work Mav . . . . . . err Mate, that is
  10. Great NMF, very convincing, nice little dio. Looks a nice kit. IMHO the Workbench should finish each build with a 'Teaser" photo of the finished model. This "Ready For Inspection" gallery is the best place IMHO for photos of completed models. Either way, nicely done. Regards, FAA
  11. Awesome find, wish mine had survived 'till now. Nice work on the 'new' build, I just may go looking for another "challenge" and pick one up of Evilbay.
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