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  1. Thanks for all the nice comments everyone, praise indeed having seen the work you guys are doing! Cheers, Tom
  2. Hey guys, I did a quick build of the mini falcon. I really liked his little kit, wish I’d picked up a Star Destroyer one when my LHS had them. It’s so tiny, here it is next to my Falcon fridge magnet beer bottle opener: And just for fun here it as the cover of the Sculpting the galaxy book: If you’ve seen these and wonder if you should grab one then I heartily recommend that you do! Cheers, Tom
  3. Fine Molds 1/48 X-Wing 'Red 5'

    Really nice, good stuff!
  4. Looks wicked so far, you’ve really done a great job with all those scratch-built parts, can’t wait to see it finished!
  5. Hi guys, A month ago I had spinal surgery, and my wife is expecting our second child any day now, so why not start another model kit! I shoved aside a half finished Speeder Bike and Scout Trooper, shelved a half done DeLorean time machine, cleaned up the bench and got ready to dive into this group build. I’ll be making the Tamiya Easy Eight for this one. I saw that Badder was doing this one too, and was happy to see he’s doing the winter whitewash, something I wasn’t too keen on as this is only my second ever tank build. I watched ‘Fury’ for some inspiration, and whilst it was pretty dumb there was one scene that inspired me. There’s a bit where they’re driving along and some Jerries ambush them from behind a row of trees with some sort of rocket launcher. I thought this would make a nice little diorama, so I just need to decide whether I’ll go with the rural setting, which could cause difficulty with the trees and bushes, etc, or go with an urban style ambush with crumbling walls and all sorts of debris and stuff. I’m going to pop to the LHS at lunch today to see what’s available. Anyway, here’s a pic of the clean desk at the start of the build, supervised as always by the The Big Chap. Looking forward to tucking into this one! Cheers! Tom
  6. Haha, very good! Thanks for the bogie tip, this delay in construction is proving quite handy as everyone is finding those troublesome little issues before me!
  7. Thanks guys! It’s slightly easier the second time around, but still pretty hectic. Amazingly I got five minutes to myself yesterday and managed to glue on the driver’s hatch of my Sherman, so there has been some progress!
  8. Picked this thing up at at Aldi recently here in Oz, so it wasn’t really delivered, but, you know. Looks pretty fun, it even has little lights and sounds! I’m sure it’ll sit in the stash for ages, but it might make a nice change of pace from plastic and vinyl, so it might jump the queue ahead of some other kits I’ve got.
  9. Thanks for the info, guys, if I have any further questions I know where to come first! Might not not be able to provide an update for a while, we had our second child arrive on Saturday night, so it’s all go on the baby front around here. I’m sure I’ll get to stick some plastic together in the next couple of weeks though!
  10. Hi guys, for those of you who don’t read the WIP section here are some pics of my completed Power Loader. First up here’s a link to the WIP post: And here’s the finished piece, I don’t have any lovely studio style pics, just shots of it on my desk. Cheers, Tom
  11. So I’ve finally got some work done. I managed to do the first three pages, which comprises making the bottom part of the hull, sticking lots of little bits on the front and back ends, and doing some of the little wheels. So, let’s have a look. Here she is from the front. The wheels aren’t glued on so I can’t paint them seperately. Lovely fit on everything so far. Heres the back end: Cut that right hand axle bit too close to the sprue and made a bit of a mess of it, but it won’t be seen so it’s not too bad. There’s also this weird vent bit that goes up and down. Not really sure of the point of that, but here it is in its different positions. Just noticed those ejector pin marks there. I’m guessing it won’t be seen too much either, so nevermind! And for my little diorama I picked up these! Hopefully I can find the time to do some more this weekend! Cheers, Tom
  12. Nice, cheers mate, been eyeing up those kits for a bit now!
  13. Ooh, let’s have some pics of that HK.
  14. Thanks, Badder. Hopefully we can just lump it in together!
  15. Primer for brushing

    I haven't used it on any large areas or for a whole model like a tank or spaceship, I've mainly used it on small pieces of equipment that I forgot about or needed to be done separately. I've found one coat does nicely as a simple primer, though I was using lighter colours than black, but I would imagine that a black would probably be good for shading too. See if you can pick up one of the small 17 ml bottles as a tester.
  16. Hi guys, I'm more of a sci fi builder, so I don't really do cars. But I'm doing a Back to the Future 2 DeLorean, and I'm after some advice on paint for it. Can anyone recommend a metal paint that would look good for this? I've got some Tamiya Flat Aluminium, but I'm guessing that won't look that great, and I know there are a bunch of metal paints out there, so I though I'd ask you car guys which are the best to use. Thanks! Tom
  17. Silver/metal paint for a DeLorean

    Nice colourful DeLoreans there! Off to the shops today, will see if they have any of the Vallejo Metallic Steel 77.712. Realised I had some Mig Ammo Aluminum and Metallic Silver/Grey, so I might do some testing this weekend. I'll post pics here so that anyone interested can see the comparisons. Cheers!
  18. M3/M4 Medium Tank STGB Chat

    Great photo Andy, that camo scheme is nice and different. That would make a wicked little diarama, the Sherman at rest, with the tent and the drums, it’d look great!
  19. Wow, thanks so much guys, praise indeed! Will, I had a look at the left over bits on the decal sheet and you're right, there were little Ts in there to add to the PWL bit! Very cheeky! I don't think I'll try to add them now though as I'd probably end up knocking bits off and making a mess of it! Thanks for following along. Tom
  20. Silver/metal paint for a DeLorean

    Thanks guys. I do own an airbrush so would be happier using that for the greater control compared to a spray can. I should have mentioned that I mainly use acrylics, so would probably be looking to use that. I haven't used a tin of humbrol enamel since back in the 90s! I might give the Tamiya matt aluminum a go on a practice model, see how it turns out. If not I might search for a Vallejo metal paint as I've had good results with their other stuff.
  21. Primer for brushing

    Another vote for the Vallejo primers. I've found they go on very nicely with a brush.
  22. Great wear on the seats, and I love that spiky wheel. Looks like you're a bit of a natural! Looking forward to seeing it all come together.
  23. It's a great build, I've seen it pop up a few times on Instagram, people love it, and rightly so!
  24. Hey guys, I've had a Takom King Tiger tank sitting on my bench half done for ages. What with a two year old and another one on the way I get very little time for model making. I decided that I needed a quick model with a low part count to get me back into the swing of things, so I moved the King Tiger to the overflowing 'In progress' shelf, and had a look at my ever-increasing Halcyon pile. I made most of these Alien kits when I was a teenager, but never the Power Loader, so that was the one that's getting built. As I don't have much time I will build this almost straight out of the box. I know there's other people that make the legs and feet more dynamic and more like the movie version, along with changing up the pincers. I just don't have the time, nor the skill! There are a few things that need modification. I'll be leaving the horrid Ripley off as she looks terrible. This does mean I'll have to fashion some safety straps out of something. The joysticks that come with the kit look like dildos unfortunately, but they might have to stay, just for that very fact. The kit comes with a nice orange light covering for the top, but the bit that's supposed to be the bulb is woeful, so I'll have to do something about that. Also the piping is pretty plasticky and shiny, but might come good after some paint, we'll have to see about that. So here's some pics, I've pretty much completed the arms and legs. I've left the padding and roll cage off as they would have made painting difficult, I'll add them on later. Here she is mocked up, looks pretty nice! Thanks for looking! Tom