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  1. I have a front row seat for this one ..'Hold until Relieved' . The 'pilots' of these were amazing - why anyone would willingly fly a 15,000lb glider that would be crash landed is beyond me ! The pilot of the 1st glider landed just a few yards from the bridge. I always thought of creating a Diorama depicting that 1st glider lander - not sure how big it would be in 1/72nd
  2. Major surgery in the 1st post and a scribing tutorial thrown in for good measure on page one ( I am about to start Trench Warfare on my latest build soon) - I will sit at the back and take notes, this does look a cracking project.
  3. Can I join the party - I also have a 1/72nd Jug that needs building
  4. The grass needs cutting .... and the Catalina doesn't look bad either , she is big!
  5. looks great still find it strange looking at a B-17 with British Camo pattern, watching B-17 builds gives me itchy fingers to start mine lol
  6. very nice weathering looks good to me , 8-9hr sorties with those oil burning engines she would get quite dirty
  7. Having looked at the canopy / nose parts - they are thick.. I will be getting the Squadron Vac Formed ones - and probably some Resin parts too , gun barrels and engines ( I wonder if the P-47D aires / quickboost ones will fit ? Both aircraft shared the P&W 2800 Double Wasp Powerplant ) if I can
  8. a great trio , what is there not to like about British Naval Air Power - Buccaneer is my fav
  9. That is one big BUFF , will you need reinforced ceiling mounts when you hang it from the ceiling ? - think I will stick to my 1/72nd models
  10. Update 1: The build has commenced : Cockpit subassembly I have chosen not to add the crew members - Sorry Donut Boy !!! Well its a bit sparse if you don't add 'Bill and Ted' - 5 pieces including the control sticks and these are major pieces - central console and Airfix's 'Generic 1970's seats - I am sure my mum had ones like that in her Vauxhall Viva. Time to get out the scalpel , tweezers and attempt to scratch build something a little more interesting. After several attempts that created seats that looked even more like a toilet I have come up with the following , need to raid my sister-in-laws jewellery making stash for some small diameter brass wire then will add arm rests to the seats. Co-pilot seat is noticeable smaller since it was a folding seat to allow access to bombardier position in plexiglass nose. I have also added some side panels to the cockpit . Everything is dry fitted - the rear bulkhead is not leaning forward !!! Next update will be bomb bay which does have some nice detail in it , then painting time
  11. The 'grand opening' took place last night ...and as expected the decals are more 'Snowball' than either 'Mild and Bitter' or 'Dark and Cloudy' , At the required time - photoshop (or equivalent) to the rescue and I will remake them , only using small images atm - everyone knows what a decal set and kit on sprues look like. Onto the kit itself, for a 1973 tooling that was made in early 80's is pretty good, my 1st impression that this kit is better than I remember Airfix models of that time (I never built a B-26 as a youngster ) There is some flash and a couple of sink holes on the fuselage - nothing a little time and effort cannot sort. The big decision I have to make is 'Panel Lines' - this kit seems a transition kit with a mixture of finely raised panel lines and engraved hatch , access port details. Having never re-scribed a model .... is this the perfect opportunity to start ? Finally what is it with the mid turret gunner - was he fan of giant donuts
  12. As if by magic a couple of days after completing my P-51D the postman delivers a special package Unopened still in its original cellophane wrapper complete with its original price tag £3.50 ( I wish !! ) I am bringing to the workbench 1970's / 80's chic - the Airfix B-26 Marauder , and rather than grumble and curse at my wife - I will share my fun and frustrations with everyone The grand reveal for me will take place tonight - 30+ years in the box - how will the decals have faired - hence the thread name - will 'Mild and Bitter' have become dark and cloudy ?
  13. RFI virgin signing in .... So here is my 1st model kit in 35+ years, a kit of many 1st's including - using an airbrush, acrylic paints , gloss coating between 'layers', weathering , home made decals. I chose the Airfix P-51D as my re introduction since it is a quite easy kit to build and it is NMF - the Airfix B-17G is my current stash, I thought a some practise with metal colors was needed, following a little research I also decided that I would build these with a theme - WW2 US 8th / 9th Airforce Essex based squadrons ( Theme topic I started beginning of the April ) Kit: Airfix P-51D Mustang Scale: 1/72nd Main Colour Paints: Vallejo Gloss Black Primer , Vallejo Metal Color Aluminium , Dark Aluminum, Dull Aluminum, Tamiya XF-62 Olive Drab, XF-3 Yellow, XF-5 Green. Finish: Vallejo Satin Varnish Build : OOB Changes: Homemade decals Following my theme and as a challenge I chose the 55th Fighter Group who arrived at RAF Wormingford early April 1944 with P-38 Lightnings converting to P-51D Mustangs in July 1944. The Fighting 55th were identifiable by their green-yellow-green spinners and green and yellow checkerboard behind the prop. Since I was going to keep this model OOB ... I was going to hand paint this!! Subject : 343rd Fighter Squadron P-51D 44-14312 CY-N "Sonny Boy" (This plane was re-designated CY - T a few weeks later) Pilot: Lt. Ted E Hoffman Enough waffle time for the truth !!
  14. Nice V-Bomber, interesting paint scheme
  15. 4 Engined Bomber .... drools ...... A very nice B-17F , lovely paint scheme