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  1. There were also 'Field Modification Centers' in England so it is highly probable there were F's and early G's originally produced with the Stinger Tail turret , after battle damage or request that got upgraded to the Cheyenne turret.
  2. Wow - I wish I had not clicked on this link ... 1/32nd Mossie is on the wish list (no idea where I would display it) now I would have go at least Big Sin as well , that looks amazing
  3. Its 35+ years since I last held a sprue cutter, building small plastic kits, but life seems to go in circles .. waiting for my wife I found myself flicking through a modelling magazine and there was a full page advert for the new tooled Airfix 1/72 B-17G .... 'bang' the memories of humbrol cement and hand painting humbrol enamels on 'A Bit-o-Lace' in the early 80's came flooding back. Time to find out if my old wobbly hands can still make small plastic kits !! This time I am going with a theme - rather than randomly buy and build models. Slighty boring and obvious but in 1/72nd scale - US Aircraft types stationed in Essex (my home county and both sets of grandparents worked at US airbases during that period) , with correct squadron markings etc Starting with: Airfix P-51D Mustang Bubbletop (either 361st FG or 55th FG - finding decals is soo much fun, most of 361st aircraft that have decal sets were shot down before the move Essex) Airfix's B-17G ( 381st BG - only B-17 base in Essex at RAF Ridgwell) Most of the US Bases in Essex were Medium Bombers - so A-20 Havocs and B-26 Maurders , this is were my fun will start !