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  1. I'll be tagging along for this one, after my 1:48 ah-7 I've got this kit to build! harry
  2. My models 2017-2018

    Hi all, last year was my very first year of model making, I've learnt only by trial and error so please do exuse my poor builds! However I am slowly improving and over the 14 months of making kits, I have learned a lot! I've just finished a hurricane 1/72 but the most resent model has now gone to a DDAY veteran so unfortunately I don't have a picture of it, please feel free to scrutinise my models/give me feed back, it's appreciated! By the way, I am currently working on the Lynx but I decided to put it here anyway!
  3. My gr1 1/32 arrived today so I'll be watching this with great interest!
  4. Farewell to the Lynx

    Bet there expensive! Hopefully ZG917 becomes a gate guard, I would love too see it next to XZ250 in the near future, that would look cool! harry
  5. Avro Vulcan: possibly 1:48

    Crikey! Thank you so much, this will definitely help out, I'll make a proper topic page posting my work, for those who are interested. harry
  6. Avro Vulcan: possibly 1:48

    Right. I'm taking GCSE DT at the moment and long story short, I'm making a avro Vulcan, I have a school laser printer and vacform at my disposal, along with designing software (CAD) I don't suppose anyone would have a suggestion as to how to start this project? Harry
  7. Heinkel 111P-2, Airfix 1:72, plus some extras

    Unfortunately there's not much here in Dubai, I can only think of one shop which sells models and supplies, it's called "otaku me" best of luck harry
  8. Farewell to the Lynx

    Does anyone know of any plans to place any of the Lynx in museums? I've emailed The museum of army flying after I heard some rumours on another forum, unfortunately they won't be taking anymore Lynx as they don't have space, harry
  9. What have you purchased / been gifted

    Harrier gr3 1/24, original boxing. decals may be a problem harry
  10. it's CHRISTMAS!!!!!

    Christmas starts in 9 mins here in Dubai, Not counting down or anything.... Harry
  11. What's flying over your house? Thread #2

    Al Fursan display team- Dubai
  12. Revell Lynx HAS3 1/32 conversion?

    Many thanks Richard, this will definitely help! harry
  13. Revell Lynx HAS3 1/32 conversion?

    Hi all, Im thinking of building a 1/32 Lynx AH-7, I'm struggling to find a kit of that specific type in 1/32, but I have come across a Revell HAS.3 in my desired scale, can this be converted into a AH-7? Many thanks, Harry
  14. Do we need an army?

    Cheers Giorgio thanks for the help, just out of interest how long did This take you to write? again many thanks for the help, harry
  15. Do we need an army?

    I'm having a debate in school, the motion is: does Britain need an army. Obviously I would say yes, can anyone help me make some main points? many thanks harry