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  1. Which looked like
  2. Looks like it's coming on nicely! Watching with interest! harry
  3. On how to use milliput
  4. Thanks Adrian that will definitely help a lot! Enjoy the build harry
  5. Nice to see it's coming together! harry
  6. Is there an update to the build at all? harry
  7. Thanks guys, that helps a lot! I'm not sure when I'll be making the diorama, it all depends when I can get the kits, but never the less, all research helps! harry
  8. Another quick update, I'm thinking of making the Vulcan a diorama, can anyone suggest any addition parts I will need? I haven't seen any ground crew or equipment photos related to a avro Vulcan, will I need to scratchbuild the additional parts? or are there any sets, if it helps at all, I'm making XJ824, just incase you see any photos or anything of her. harry ps, do we have any Vulcan pilots here on britmodeller?
  9. Hi everyone just a quick update, glued the wings on, but milliput will be necessary seems like there is some gaps on one of the wings, nothing milliput cant fix!
  10. What an amazing build! Though I would love a progress update anytime soon, harry
  11. Wow, when I tried making my Lancaster it ended in the failed model kit box.... yours looks absolutely amazing! Great job harry
  12. I have some photos from when I went to see xj824 at duxford, some of the photos I took were for reference photos. Others were taken just because xj824 is awesome!
  13. what an incredible build! well done!!! harry
  14. Looks stunning! well done! harry
  15. And the decals arrived recently, there called "Air decal" I highly recommend them, there absolutely amazing! By the way, I think I found my new favorite emoticon, () its awesome!