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  1. Thanks, I'll try what black night has suggested and if for some reason it doesn't work, I'll pm you my address. -Harry
  2. Thanks! I was seriously worried about that!
  3. Help! Long story short I've recently put some decals on my Vulcan and one of them has ripped, I don't have replacements, can this be fixed?
  4. Help! I was finishing my Vulcan just now and I nudged one of the decals by mistake and the whole thing ripped apart, it has broken in two, is there anyway of fixing this? I don't have replacement decals
  5. I'm finishing up on my English electric lightning and it's come to the air brushing part, I used all my revell thinner yesterday on the Vulcan and it's basically impossible buying the stuff here so does anyone know alternatives to acrylic thinner? I'm not sure whether to try water but I'll give it ago, I'm using Revell aqua colours if this helps. -Harry
  6. Anything but another Vulcan! -harry
  7. I'm sensing it didn't go too well Harry
  8. Ok so it's not completely finished but I'm getting there, the colour sceme is XJ824 in 44 squadron, like I said I'm not completely finished but It's nearly complete, considering it's my first time using an airbrush I'm happy with it. After the Vulcan what would you like me too build? Your choices are the following: 1/72 Airfix dambusters Lancaster 1/72 Airfix Douglas Dakota 1/48 Revell Phantom 1/72 Airfix Avro Shackleton 1/72 Airfix Harrier Gr1 1/72 Eurofighter typhoon 1/72 Revell Wellington (the list goes on for another 10 kits) -Harry
  9. My mistake, I'm not a Canberra man, more of a vulcan geek. stupid me
  10. Hi Sam The Canberra could deploy many conventional weapons, typical weapons used were 250-pound, 500-pound, and 1000-pound bombs,[44] the total bomb load could weigh up to 10,000 pounds-Wikipedia -I'll try and find a bit more info. Harry
  11. 1/48 phantom f4-E decals on eBay for 10 quid
  12. Under the wire by William Ash An American spitfire pilot gets shot down over France, survives only too be captured, long story short he continues to escape from POW camps constantly recaptured, he survives the war and returns to Britain.
  13. I know I know I haven't posted in ages my mistake I'm sorry To be honest I've been playing too much PlayStation! And then there were exams and then there summer heat arrived, and so on, I sprayed the Vulcan with a white primer first, then masked it and then sprayed it grey, my first time with an airbrush so it's not my best work but it's not bad, next I'll but the Dark green on, the grey is way too dark but it's ok, I'm still pleased with it.
  14. Thanks Rio
  15. So I've recently decided to airbrush my 1:72 Vulcan, masked it and everything, but I'm not sure wheather I should be spraying outside in the hot weather, the temperature this time of the year is normally around 45-50 degrees! We're I live, Would it effect the model in any way? I should I stop being a wuss and get on with it?