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  1. Thanks Sam, I've decided to scratch build a peice, the only problem is I don't have any long thin pieces of plastic, but I'll have a rummage through the failed kits box and see what I get! harry
  2. Unless I make the Vulcan with only 3 of those air intake blade peices, which wouldn't make a huge difference, as you can't really see the part, what do you think guys?
  3. Hi everyone, a quick update, the progress of this build won't be updated for a few months because I've somehow lost a peace of the vulcans air intake, so I have to wait until I next go back to the uk to get the replacement peice, sorry everyone
  4. Thanks Matt, I'll try that
  5. I completely agree, it's an amazing hobby, it's hard though for a youth to do it, you know, exams, school, homework, it was the same with my brothers, they were into this sort of thing, but they would always buy the models and never make them! But I'm not complaining, I got all the models after them
  6. hey Sam, ive been looking at your Vulcan build and I must say, what an amazing build!! what did you use for the seat belts? I would love to steal a few ideas from your build ! harry btw, you and I have the same bed covers....
  7. wow Sam, I've been looking through this build and its amazing! what did you use for the seat belts?
  8. well I did it, its just massive, but im fine with that, for the crew seats I used two airfix sea king seats, im still working on the air intakes, there no were finished but im getting there.
  9. Thanks Sam 🙃
  10. Sorry, this is the only way I can get these images across without it going horribly wrong, but there you go!
  11. Please let this work, if it does then this is all my research going into this build.
  12. This is so awkward everything goes wrong when I do it 😂 Ill upload everything later on my computer
  13. That's all my research
  14. Thanks!