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  1. What's flying over your house? Thread #2

    Al Fursan display team- Dubai
  2. Revell Lynx HAS3 1/32 conversion?

    Many thanks Richard, this will definitely help! harry
  3. Revell Lynx HAS3 1/32 conversion?

    Hi all, Im thinking of building a 1/32 Lynx AH-7, I'm struggling to find a kit of that specific type in 1/32, but I have come across a Revell HAS.3 in my desired scale, can this be converted into a AH-7? Many thanks, Harry
  4. Do we need an army?

    Cheers Giorgio thanks for the help, just out of interest how long did This take you to write? again many thanks for the help, harry
  5. Do we need an army?

    I'm having a debate in school, the motion is: does Britain need an army. Obviously I would say yes, can anyone help me make some main points? many thanks harry
  6. 1/72 Revell BAe Red Arrows Hawk T1

    Well done, looks fab! While on the subject of Red arrows, did you know the French had "red arrows" with RAF markings? I didn't either (this will explain)
  7. A pair of Lynx

    Incredible detail there! If my eye sight serves me well, and that is infact xz667, you've just created a smaller version of the very Lynx my Dad has flown, what are the chances of that? harry
  8. Lincoln bomber 57 squadron

    Sorry I didn't reply earlier, just started year 10 and revision has already started. As for the York, I'll ask My grandad about it, he might know something. Must admit Churchill using that exact York does raise a few questions. cheers Harry
  9. Lincoln bomber 57 squadron

    On a side note ( don't really want to open another topic) but I've just finished a Airfix 1/72 sea harrier with humbrol enamel, and picked up a bottle of Mr super clear-Matt will this in anyway effect the paint or the decals? Just want to be sure. harry
  10. Lincoln bomber 57 squadron

    I'll Skype him later, (yes he has skype) I remember him telling me a story about how he broke a window on a Lincoln once, not so popular after that... harry
  11. Lincoln bomber 57 squadron

    Hmm, I'll have a look around still an option, but will probably stick with Lincoln. harry
  12. Lincoln bomber 57 squadron

    Oooooh, after doing some research I found out that 57 squadron used them for a couple years... lincoln or b29... this could be interesting.. harry
  13. Ignore

    A mix of both
  14. Ignore

    61 posts, wow
  15. Lincoln bomber 57 squadron

    Sorry some of the pictures are upside down, don't know what happend, he mentions the Lincoln and the back of the book, my mistake, turns out he was an engineer on the Lincoln not a pilot, either way I'll make a 57 squadron Lincoln don't suppose anyone knows what a Washington is? I believe he has flown in it what ever it is.