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  1. There's a 48th resin vulcan kit for sale, if you've got 300 quid spare
  2. Agreed, as far as I'm aware, I have the only 1/72 lynx mk.9a convertion set in the world (for now) Harry
  3. Perfect, thanks for cleaning that up for me John Harry
  4. Really wouldn't surprise me, will be interesting to see how many enter into the junoir class at Telford this year.
  5. Signed up to this by complete chance aswell, dont normally use Britmod anymore
  6. What's the score with the wristbands? Never been before but heard as a entree you'll need to get them on the Friday? Harry
  7. Aaah Adam I think I pull this title, July 22nd 2003! Good try though, (unless your younger than me) Dansk, count me in, if its alright I'll work on a Bae hawk T.2, would also mention the other 2 hawks but there nearly finished now, just onto the paint.
  8. Never lie to a X-ray machine. They can see right through you... harry.
  9. I’m fairly sure it has 301s, but not 100% sure on that, the only decent part in Elizabethan was the part about the Tyger and the Virginia colony for me
  10. We did Elizabethan England fortunately, teachers where very helpful with that one (didn’t teach us the content) I’m planning on making XJ824 at duxford
  11. I found that History paper today to be exhausting, could have been worse though, the paper could have been on the role of women in Nazi germany….. The decals for the Vulcan are very good, built one several years ago and plan on another once I've settled in Duxford.
  12. How did the maths paper 3 go today? I found it alright I must say. Great work with the Vulcan, its certainly looking good so far. harry
  13. I looked into this aircraft, unfortunately though this a RAF version, though the colour scheme did come in handy!
  14. Tell me about it! Look ages trying to re-size them!
  15. Hi all, Here is my Douglas Dakota finished in SAAF markings. Having taken a break from britmodeller, I have recently gotten back into full swing. And with my 3 year britmodeller anniversary just gone round the corner, I thought I would share my most recent work. This project proved trickier than anything I have ever done. My main issue was locating a correct and accurate colour scheme for the time and period chosen. I eventually settled on Desert transport command, fixed with a North Africa colour scheme. Finding the correct shades of colour proved even harder, having only managed to get hold of 4 pictures total of such aircraft in North Africa at the time! Finally, the decals. While some of the original kit decals where used, ( this being the Airfix 1/72 Dakota) I had to virtually make the decals from scratch, nobody to date has made 1/72 decals for SAAF markings widely available on the open market ( atleast I know off). The decals where pretty straight forward once I got the hang of it, using GIMP software I was able to attain the correct shades of orange associated with the roundels at the time. The rest just fell into place! Right then, onto the victor I suppose! harry https://i.pos BFB7-31-F021-D5-D67-C.jpg[/img]
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