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  1. I looked into this aircraft, unfortunately though this a RAF version, though the colour scheme did come in handy!
  2. Tell me about it! Look ages trying to re-size them!
  3. Hi all, Here is my Douglas Dakota finished in SAAF markings. Having taken a break from britmodeller, I have recently gotten back into full swing. And with my 3 year britmodeller anniversary just gone round the corner, I thought I would share my most recent work. This project proved trickier than anything I have ever done. My main issue was locating a correct and accurate colour scheme for the time and period chosen. I eventually settled on Desert transport command, fixed with a North Africa colour scheme. Finding the correct shades of colour proved even harder, having only managed to get hold of 4 pictures total of such aircraft in North Africa at the time! Finally, the decals. While some of the original kit decals where used, ( this being the Airfix 1/72 Dakota) I had to virtually make the decals from scratch, nobody to date has made 1/72 decals for SAAF markings widely available on the open market ( atleast I know off). The decals where pretty straight forward once I got the hang of it, using GIMP software I was able to attain the correct shades of orange associated with the roundels at the time. The rest just fell into place! Right then, onto the victor I suppose! harry https://i.pos BFB7-31-F021-D5-D67-C.jpg[/img]
  4. I suppose I shouldn’t mention the competition we have on the 7th, the one with 70 members going
  5. We have the same sort of issue here in Dubai, though there is a shop called Otaku.me, try them out. I believe they do shipping in the Middle East.
  6. Harrywilliams


    Hello there, Haven’t posted in ages I’ll admit but for a very good reason. Over the past few months here in Dubai we have created our very own group! We have reached up to a grand total of 300 members strong so far and plan to have our very first competition in December, including a RAF 100. So whilst I’ve been preparing for that it has come to my attention there might be members out there we haven’t gotten in touch with... My goal through various different scale modelling forums is to try and unite everyone into one group. This leads me to this post. If you, or anybody you know are located here in Dubai and are interested in taking part in or competition, just PM me and I’ll inform the others... Many thanks!
  7. Spent the day onboard today and I’ll admit they’ve done a cracking job
  8. Found these in the collection if anyone needs them for a future build
  9. I think they gave up when they reached the Tornado... https://m.facebook.com/RoyalAirForceMarham/photos/a.359486217505045.1073741828.353862721400728/1601312156655772/?type=3&source=54
  10. My apologies Mike it's a bad habit of mine! Thanks Gents for the suggestions, I'll make sure to try your ideas, fortunately I picked up some 2 part epoxy filler while in the UK so I'll go ahead and use that! Hopefully the Tonka will be ready for the competition, I'll make sure to keep you updated. Now... what colour sceme should I choose?
  11. my mistake, I was thinking about leaving the glue to dry but having gotten back from school it does seem that it's getting worse, I'm debating cutting the effected parts of and then coming up with a solution. %5Burl=https://ibb.co/mszqCx%5D%5Bimg%5Dhttps://preview.ibb.co/n1QVCx/IMG_2886.jpg%5B/img%5D%5B/url%5D
  12. I've. been making a 1/32 Tornado Gr1 from Revell and long story short, I've used too much glue in the nose cone section and it's melted the plastic too a bendable substance! Thankfully it's not effected the entire nose cone but does anyone have any suggestions as too how to fix this? I can't get a replacement in time for the competition (6 weeks left) and was thinking of cutting the effect bits out and then using something too replace it? upload image
  13. I used milliput to go over my chosen surface and then leave to dry for a couple of hours, then with a sanding stick I sand the surface down till it's in the desired shape, using a fine grain piece of sanding paper I then smooth the surface out, but remember when you use PLA plastics it's VERY hard to cut it so use a dremel if needed.
  14. Looks amazing! Im currently printing a 1/72 harrier but that so far has taken 36 hours! Apart from that I've been mass producing hundreds of 1/700 b17s for a diorama.
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