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  1. That's a very nice model you've made. I'm currently building my eighth lynx at the moment, a Lynx mk.9A before I build a wildcat.
  2. Very nice Alan! Please let me know if you need any reference shots, I live right next door to 824 and it wouldnt be a problem Harry
  3. I used to use avrovulcan.org.uk for all my research, not having any luck accessing the website now though. Think it's been disabled, however I would keep checking if I where you. Some great info on there on every Vulcan produced, if you haven't come across it already!
  4. There's a 48th resin vulcan kit for sale, if you've got 300 quid spare
  5. Agreed, as far as I'm aware, I have the only 1/72 lynx mk.9a convertion set in the world (for now) Harry
  6. Really wouldn't surprise me, will be interesting to see how many enter into the junoir class at Telford this year.
  7. Signed up to this by complete chance aswell, dont normally use Britmod anymore
  8. Aaah Adam I think I pull this title, July 22nd 2003! Good try though, (unless your younger than me) Dansk, count me in, if its alright I'll work on a Bae hawk T.2, would also mention the other 2 hawks but there nearly finished now, just onto the paint.
  9. Never lie to a X-ray machine. They can see right through you... harry.
  10. I’m fairly sure it has 301s, but not 100% sure on that, the only decent part in Elizabethan was the part about the Tyger and the Virginia colony for me
  11. We did Elizabethan England fortunately, teachers where very helpful with that one (didn’t teach us the content) I’m planning on making XJ824 at duxford
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