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  1. Avions Voisin Record 1927 1/8

    Thank you very much gentlemen! Un merci particulier pour Sam, francophone? More soon, I hope... Dan.
  2. I totally agree with Pascal! I can't say better... And for all Pocher kits. Thank you Pascal for in french "remettre les pendules à l'heure".* Dan *set the record straight.
  3. Fiat 806gp full-scratchbuild 1:12

    You can be happy! Be sure we enjoy that... One more a time, congrats! Dan.
  4. Avions Voisin Record 1927 1/8

    Thank you very much gentlemen! Yes larchiefeng (Sam?) I'm a lucky man. My workshop, my kingdom, is really just perfect... for me and my work, usually about five or six hours per day! Well, after the first paint coat the chassis is drying. It's now time to deal with the front axle and his reinforcements: On the background, the real car... Of course some machining! Dan.
  5. Fiat 806gp full-scratchbuild 1:12

    Pics talk also about your skills... Congrats and happy birthday Harvey! Dan.
  6. Avions Voisin Record 1927 1/8

    Today, the new and definitive jig... Very useful for settings! Dan.
  7. Fiat 806gp full-scratchbuild 1:12

    Very artful solution Harvey! I appreciate it, and I note it... Foundry parts, every time an issue! Dan.
  8. Avions Voisin Record 1927 1/8

    Rear suspensions now. The goal, note the size of the rear axle! (Photo ADT Tours, France) Who said a lathe is needed? Dan.
  9. Avions Voisin Record 1927 1/8

    Merci Tzulsha pour ces quelques mots dans un Français parfait! If I can help you, feel free to ask... Thanks again. Dan.
  10. Avions Voisin Record 1927 1/8

    Thanks Nick! Today, front leaf spring arrangement, the goal: And my way... It's not the good widness, but the thickness is OK! Some pieces, for each side: Dan.
  11. Avions Voisin Record 1927 1/8

    As expected, the crossbars. Various and varied, there is one missing, which will come in its time when I will have realized ... the gearbox. Patience, then. An overview: The median crossbar, in "K", which receives the axle of the rear brakes. For the front brakes, it's already over, there is none! There, we enter the bright subject ... The front crossbar, which receives, from below, the front of the engine namely the dynamo. The Voisin engines were fixed in three points. L-shaped brackets will receive the radiator: This foundry piece originally was made on the milling machine ... The supports of the front spring leaf , but it will be the object of the next post ... Dan.
  12. Avions Voisin Record 1927 1/8

    Welcome on board Jeroen and thanks! More soon... Dan.
  13. Hi Thierry! Sorry for you, but: Both elements have to be soldered in same time anyway... And one more a time, why silver solder? 900°C! This is the melting point of brass as you can see by yourself. I use 145, 180 and 200° soft solder... Dan.
  14. Delage 15-S-8 Grand Prix (1/8)

    All the pieces of foundry are a real challenge, anyway! Do you think about a solution? Foundry (lost wax) or machining? I said challenge... or/and an issue... Good luck Roy! Dan.
  15. Avions Voisin Record 1927 1/8

    Thank you Sam and Harvey... And is true I hope my pictures talk for me and my poor english! I'm glad you enjoy my work gentlemen. Dan.