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  1. H's 806 1:12 scratchbuild

    No Harvey, it's not this one... I want to show you for reference only! http://www.intercash.pro/fr/traitement-des-metaux/4686-brunisseur-metaux-noir-500-ml.html Shipping to GB is possible, a very fine product. Dan.
  2. H's 806 1:12 scratchbuild

    My favourite solution: https://www.amazon.com/Metal-Burnishing-Bottle-AK-Interactive/dp/B006YBXORK After a little dry brushing with aluminum paint, it's very accurate... Dan.
  3. H's 806 1:12 scratchbuild

    Yes, I enjoy that! That's great metalworking, congrats! Dan.
  4. BUGATTI T46 "Surprofilée" 1:8

    Before painting, a bit of surgery... For the canvas roof. It's not a sunroof! Just a trick of coachbuilders at that time... The hydraulic presses were not powerful enough. On the milling machine, every time... The real thing: Leather pieces, for the doors, inside: Molded leather... Dan.
  5. BUGATTI T46 "Surprofilée" 1:8

    Today, headliner top, dry fit... Flash is hard with me! How to? Dan.
  6. BUGATTI T46 "Surprofilée" 1:8

    Perfect sharknose! Today floor mats and "dry fitting" all the interior, before pain(t)... Rearview mirror, blurry but there! Dan.
  7. BUGATTI T46 "Surprofilée" 1:8

    Thanks guys! The secret... https://www.prime-miniatures.co.uk/catalog/tubing-conduit Dan.
  8. BUGATTI T46 "Surprofilée" 1:8

    Thank you gentlemen! Spoly, my wife call me "Gepetto"too, the father of Pinocchio! Well, devils stays always in details... Dan.
  9. Napier Railton

    What a beast! Good luck Harv... Dan.
  10. BUGATTI T46 "Surprofilée" 1:8

    Thank you very much guys! To Sam, you are welcome... For tiny pieces I wear two pairs of glasses, about +5 diopters! Remember, I'm 70 years old. More comfortable than huge magnifier. For hardware, bolts, nuts and so one, I buy all here, in Germany, fast and reliable with very good prices: https://knupfer.info/shop/ And I got the leather many years ago by a friend of mine, now retired as me! And of course with the good thickness... But beware with your wife's gloves! To Codger, your kind words are much appreciated... So, fenders are almost completed... Dan.
  11. BUGATTI T46 "Surprofilée" 1:8

    Thanks Harvey! I suppose you note a mistake in the text. M 0,6 and not M6 for the bolts... Thanks for looking. Dan.
  12. BUGATTI T46 "Surprofilée" 1:8

    Hi gentlemen and thank you very much.But after deliberation with my staff ( I'm alone...) I decided to stay on my first solution...Easier for me, and I can't approach the reality anyway! The nickel (maillechort in french) stripes willbe fixed with three bolts (M 6): Dan.
  13. BUGATTI T46 "Surprofilée" 1:8

    Thank you very much gentlemen! A very big watch Sam... But parallel much appreciated. Before painting the wings for the first coat, which I hope this time successful (!), I had to take care of the protective strips, molded at Pocher, eliminated by me. I thought of a walk ... It's a nightmare! Trials of several techniques, here is the best rendering, but I will have to add a median fixation, which does not exist in reality, but I do not want to have to stick on the beautiful_ I hope_ painting! All this to get regular intervals ... Dan.
  14. BUGATTI T46 "Surprofilée" 1:8

    Thank you very much Roy, but for me it's 80% Pocher and 20% me... Do you imagine only the work on the body and fender? But on small parts, I agree!Today, wheel hubs.The real car:Mine, a mix of Pocher parts...Some work on head lights.Fatty on the right...Happy New Year to all!Dan.
  15. Delage 15-S-8 Grand Prix (1/8)

    You are a lucky man... At Miami, you have to go also at well known Joe's restaurant, crabs claws are fantastic!