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  1. Apollo 10 (the other end of the mission)

    Steady progress in removing the Westland lumps and bumps and adding in the 60s equivalents I decided to have the door closed - I rejigged the interior to the Apollo configuration and it was a bit spartan. Crew were stolen from an Airfix kit and given a bit of cosmetic rework
  2. What are you reading?

    A Brief History of Everyone Who Ever Lived: The Stories in Our Genes by Adam Rutherford. Interesting and covers a lot of the biological history of humanity. Fascinating stuff
  3. Socially awkward

    Like most I think it is context dependent. I do find being "on" and dealing with new people interesting and generally enjoyable but it takes it out of me. Having retired I'm make an effort to do some of that regularly so as to not end up going a bit odd (or odder) *Edit - I wouldn't say I'm always awkward but there is the occasional clanger dropped. I normally pass for good but it takes concentration. For those noting an inability to spot when people fancied them in their youth - that's just being young and stupid. Everyone has that.*
  4. Wessex HU.5 with aftermarket decals and spares box upgrades

    Thanks @Chillidragon - I think they’re made from propylene. For most I just cleaned up the mould line & trimmed away the base plate. To vary one of the poses I used the top half of one glued to the legs of another but nothing extravagant. Message me your address and I’ll send you them for you to try out
  5. 'Midnight Hawks' BAe Hawk Mk51

    Nice result. Sounds like type 2 fun in building
  6. I don’t think (other than Goering) anyone has ever suggested there is such a thing as too many Spitfires. Very nice indeed
  7. Wessex HU.5 with aftermarket decals and spares box upgrades

    Thank you! The marines were from https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/CALL7267 - I have several left over if you are looking for some similar
  8. Apollo 10 (the other end of the mission)

    I'll just leave them free spinning and hope a firm breeze helps with verisimillitude. The trick worked nicely on a build last year - this is just a bit of a refinement Odd, no matter which way we turn it still seems we're heading south
  9. Apollo 10 (the other end of the mission)

    Time for my (no patent applied for) Sea King mounting method. 2 small rare earth magnets A couple of holes to fit cut in the blanking plate where the sonar would normally go and then embedded in some epoxy putty And then a really thin bit of styrene sheet covering the magnets and refacing the blanking plate That should grab nicely to a steel washer glued to the top of an acrylic rod. Easily removable for separate display or moving
  10. That’s where extras and assorted decals come into play. You can slip those into the boxes already in the stash so you can satisfy the consumerism gods but still appear to be a sane and well balanced individual
  11. Apollo 10 (the other end of the mission)

    Thanks, I think you previously gave me a link to a paper pattern and I’ve got that saved for transferring to styrene sheet as my fallback. The 3D printers are at https://theworduk.org/explore/fablab/ - big new library hub built as part of the efforts to regenerate this corner of Tyneside
  12. Apollo 10 (the other end of the mission)

    Cheers folks. Have made a start to the changes necessary to backdate the Sea King .
  13. There is always something satisfying about a rescue from the jaws of death than a straightforward build Electrostatic speakers next?
  14. First go at posting a picture

    If you were meaning to post a bf-109 (Galland’s machine?) then your first try has been a resounding success