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  1. Sunderland Mk.I DA-G

    Gorgeous (in a battered and careworn kind of way)
  2. Revell/Italeri 1/72 Airspeed Horsa

    Good luck. That decal really brings it to life. All credit to your temperament for putting such nice models in harms way and being prepared to let them get damaged to help kids appreciate history. When I was 8 we did a project at school on space & I took in the Airfix 1/144 Apollo rocket my Dad had made for me. Before I took it home again one of the kids jabbed a colouring pencil clean through the body of it. I can still get annoyed thinking about that 34 years later. Had a quiet hour or two last night to potter so mine are 99% there. Just the kit decals but touching up the lettering on the Dakota as they were some kind of pointillist mess Despite filling the nose and floor with airgun pellets the Horsa is a tail sitter for me
  3. Electronics help

    +1 recommendation for this suggestion. Most of the early tutorials are about triggering lights and sounds so there will be something you can coopt
  4. B-2 Spirit - Modelcollect 1/72

    73cm?! Looks lovely though
  5. FAA Phantom 1/72

    Looks great (the stencils make me very glad I built the Matchbox simpler one)
  6. Apollo 10 (the other end of the mission)

    Thanks! I’ve not braved a model show yet but is there any such thing as a quick trip? Any tips on how to go without coming home with armfuls of extraneous bits & pieces?
  7. Apollo 10 (the other end of the mission)

    No progress to report on the model but the improved weather means I can finally get the new shed upright. Scratch building 1:1 with a heck of a lot of OSB board and 2x2 and 2x4 timbers
  8. Revell/Italeri 1/72 Airspeed Horsa

    Did you get it finished in the end @Dazzio? I started my Dakota and Horsa builds during the wintery weather this year and am at the detailing stage of both
  9. Sometimes the decal gods answer a muttered prayer - looks good
  10. Apollo 10 (the other end of the mission)

    Almost there For the purposes of the GB I think I’ll live with the lack of US Princeton decals on the sponsons and after putting it in the gallery tweak it to be the Apollo 11 recovery
  11. Apollo 10 (the other end of the mission)

    Cheers @Black Knight that’s really useful!
  12. Apollo 10 (the other end of the mission)

    Part way through the decals but starting to look alright. Will need some touching up on paint where my grubby mitts have left marks on the white
  13. Apollo 10 (the other end of the mission)

    Yesterday and the weekend were good enough weather for shed building so cracked on with that but today is miserable so... Dragged this back out of the loft
  14. Chieftain Mk.10 Berlin Brigade

    De Stijl camo - never seen that before but I like it
  15. Mojo

    I tried some of that on Saturday. A bit over the top hoppy but not too bad. Probably better enjoyed basking in the sun on a lounger rather than on a rain lashed Scotrail train