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  1. A bit of relaxing pottering with plastic today The intake trunking just ends in a flat plate with a great big seam across it so I decided to tart that up a bit (but only a bit as it takes some peering to see in there) An in progress of the trunking ends one hacked off and another with addition of some stretched and reshaped sprue Self same after painting and a bit of black and blue discolouration Which is a. it rustic I'll grant you but looks ok(ish) if you are squinting down the intakes And thanks to the kindness of @Scimitar (thank you again) some belly tanks arrived today
  2. 1-72 Heinkel He-280 V2

    A+ on the combo cookery/build thread. Model looks almost as fine as the sustenance
  3. Absolutely beautiful (in a plug ugly king of way)
  4. Oh if only I could trade cakes for models @Aardvark - I've made prize winning cakes before. No such luck with model making
  5. Fairey ? Russian kit.

    Fascinating thread - some great finds there @Aardvark
  6. Oh heck @stevehnz - if I'd realised this was a rare(ish) kit I'd have passed in on to someone less kackhanded. No going back now though @Aardvark That looks splendid but I've still a big mental barrier to splurging on a single kit and add-ons. I realise the value per hour of absorbtion and entertainment is good but still can't quiet a bit of brain that remembers buying kits from the stationers for pocket money Minor progress - nose half filled with squished .177 airgun pellets and (clumsily) blanked off Major structures taped together and put in position to check centre of gravity is in front of the main gear. ✅ Our brave crew try out their office (some tidy up of the top of the seats still to do)
  7. If you're looking for a nice build of a Javelin then I think @sunray's interpretation of this kit is pretty darned definitive.
  8. Thanks for the warning - at least I can blame the plastic if it goes pear shaped It has been bobbing around the top of the to-build list for a while but I'm determined that this is the last start till I've finished all of the current crop... mostly determined... quite... well...
  9. I realise I've already got a diorama and a plane as works in progress but they've both gotten to a point where I need to go top up my paint supplies. So... I've dragged another kit out The intention was to just make it as it comes but first steps have been to: - Steal some suitable pilots from the spares box and fashion sprue ejection handles - Section off a bit of nose to hold some ballast - Download pictures of the underbelly tanks to try and scratch them - Order a fresh batch of other potential distractions
  10. Nice to see a different interpretation of this kit - good work!
  11. Airfix 100 Years Of Naval Aviation Collection

    Looking good Don't know if anyone has suggested it already but mixing a little gloss varnish with those paints might help. As long as the acrylic latexes in the paint and varnish are compatible with each other (it depends how the emulsions are stabilised so if the surfactants don't like each other it might gel or just fall out of suspension but if you're in luck they'll mix happily) then it might flow out a bit better/have lower pigment volume concentration. You can then matt it afterwards
  12. 1/144 Saturn V Options

    Useful thread - I'd just been pondering getting one of these
  13. Revell He-219 (1973 issue)

    Looks positively evil which is probably about right - good work!