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  1. Musings on an air/sea rescue scene

    Having made progress on the boat I decided to see how it all might look together so I can make any changes to the layout I’m pretty happy with that. Some tweaking needed so the boat sits snugly and then I’ll repaint the base and try and inprove the downwash and glue the acrylic rod in place but compositionally I’m ok with it
  2. Musings on an air/sea rescue scene

    At last! Some progress to report Sea King is almost done and sits nice and secure on the acrylic mount. Two small magnets in the sonar bay hold it nicely to a steel washer glued on top of the acrylic rod. Angled a bit to work with the base. https://flic.kr/p/YSTCob Looks alright to me anyway
  3. Airfix RAF Westland Sea King in 1/72

    Decals all on - some tidying and clearcoat to go. Apologies for the dearth of progress shots
  4. Airfix RAF Westland Sea King in 1/72

    Oops. In the Photobucket cerfuffle and some general real life hoo-haa I forgot I’d started this thread. Will upload some recent pictures but: - tailwheel replaced - rare earth magnet embedded in the underside to hold onto a mounting pole - external paint done - person who formulated Humbrol 69 hunted down and broken upon a wheel - decals halfway done. This is taking some time as they’re thicker than a big thick thing and stubbornly resistant to microset/sol
  5. Bloch MB.152 Smer 1/72 (Heller)

    Nice work
  6. Too many Hobbyboss 1/72 F-14 Tomcats!

    By this point I reckon you could do a blindfolded OOB Tomcat build and paintscheme that wouldn't look out of place in an RFI thread - lovely work as ever
  7. Hello Brit Modeller

    Hi Sun Ra - I share your fondness for jets of that era but hanging around the forum I keep seeing builds and bargains that inspire all sorts of entertaining digressions as well
  8. B 29 "Bockscar", 1/72 Academy

    Very clean menacing lines - well done!
  9. 1:72 Academy P-47D

    Very nice work - I've the same kit/set atop the stash that might make it into the radials GB
  10. Retirement - what the hell do you do with your days?

    @ejboyd5 thanks for the suggestions and ideas. To be honest mental work and concentrating takes almost as much out of me as physical. It was not being unable to concentrate and issues with memory in taking in, assimilating and responding to complex new ideas that made me (& my employer) call it a day. Fortunately I was lucky enough to be old enough to pursue formal education without racking up a huge debt and then found a career path and passion that has kept me fascinated & motivated - no regrets or missed chances there. If the OU hadn't jacked their fees right up I might have tried a history degree spread over a long time. I've been having a dabble with Coursera open access online learning and Duolingo
  11. Retirement - what the hell do you do with your days?

    Well that's it - badge, computer and phone handed in and escorted from the premises The next week will no doubt see a modelling frenzy as I try to avoid processing the idea.
  12. Revell Harrier GR7 "Lucy" 1/72

    I think you're being much too hard on yourself and this Harrier. The result looks pretty good to me
  13. Gloster Javelin T3 - Airfix 1/72

    @stevehnz regarding it being a big brute. For comparison next to F-89, Sea Vixen and F-4. The Scorpion has it on span but for sheer heft the Javelin has to win biggest lump
  14. Gloster Javelin T3 - Airfix 1/72

    Thank you - They've already done that to me once recently brinibg out a RN/RAF Phantom in 1/72 just after I started on my elderly Matchbox one. They couldn't be so cruel as to kick me again
  15. From the WIP here OOB apart from the usual - a bit of trimming of the belly tank and some seatbelts