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  1. I look forward to seeing your build My late father was in the 354th and deployed to Korat in 1972 when they made their initial deployment Regards, John
  2. Yes, I believe the A-29 will participate
  3. Yes, they are The Scorpion and the AT-6 will participate in the flyoff this summer Cheers John
  4. So far, this is all I have received back Hopefully more to come
  5. I've copied your questions to a post in a British F-4 group that I am part of I have explained that you're under a deadline Hopefully get some feedback from there Cheers John
  6. Slightly different shape to the engines and the engine intakes plus GPS bumps on the nose plus, like you said, the rest internal
  7. Geoffrey Lee of Planefocus has a great book out on the Typhoon It's called "Above the Rest, Eurofighter Typhoon 2nd Edition" http://www.planefocus.com/?page=books Regards, John
  8. Someone on one of my FB pages mentioned something about a squadron having a "sponsor" within the MOD to be re-established and that this was why the traditional convention of seniority has sometimes been overlooked. What exactly does that mean? Sponsor within the upper halls of the MOD...? John
  9. The only issue with that is the initial release is a 208 and the Iraqi AF Caravans are 208B Grand Caravans
  10. I also think that you might see a 1/48 Sea Hurricane given that the parts (or most of them) are in the Mk.1 kit which has already been released John
  11. Looking good I am curious about the inclusion of Air Force A-7s though... they were based Korat AB Cheers John
  12. If I might ask, why are you going with an A-7E when 354th TFW operated A-7Ds... is it due to kit availability? There are differences between the Navy E model and the Air Force D model. Also, the photo above was part of Korat's transit ramp (probably photographed right after the wing arrived in country and before they were re-positioned). The ramp was not typical of the layout where they were parked on the rest of the base. Cheers! John
  13. Welcome to the forums! (from a fellow resident of "the colonies") Cheers! John
  14. Sure would be nice if Airfix released a 1/48 and 1/72 Typhoon...