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  1. Thank you Mike. My everything mail account was closed down so couldn't retrieve my details. It's good to be back on here
  2. Hello everyone. Back in the BM fold. Was on here as Tigercat until around 3 years ago. Hope someone remembers me. Took a break from model making. I've discovered my eyesight can't cope with 1/72 anymore so moving to bigger scales. Will be selling some of the 1/72 stash in the future. Mainly aircraft. It's good to be back and hopefully I can contribute to the forum again
  3. Can anyone give me the info on the different kits and boxings of the SU22. I need to know whats best and what to avoid, who reboxed whos moulding, etc. I want to do a Polish or German test Fitter.
  4. Catbird

    Xtradecal sheet

    The Xtradecal sheet with all those lovely Typhoons is out on the big H website. Go grab em!
  5. Ive seen Turkish Phantoms carrying a pair of these missiles on the inboard pylons. I need some info regarding this. Is the targeting pod carried, and if so where. Also when these missiles are carried the Phantom seems to have no wing tanks. would this be the operational fit. Also any other info on the Turkish Phantoms whilst carrying these AGM 142s is welcome.
  6. Can anyone give me a colour match in the Humbrol range for the Foxbat and the Foxhound. Are these two jets the same grey colour in Russian service.
  7. Catbird

    USMC kc 130j

    I need to know the colours on the USMC KC130J Hercules. Its the current 3 tone scheme. Warbird decals say white undersides. On their stencil sheet they have the walkways in white. Are the Warbird decals correct.
  8. Have any decals for the S3 Viking on board the "Ike" ever been produced?
  9. Catbird

    Airfix Blenheim IV

    Has anyone got problems with their instructions? The front and rear pages are fine but inside its the instructions for the Gnat. Both the examples in my LHS have this problem.
  10. Catbird

    Lifecolour acrylic

    Ive just got a couple of jars of Lifecolour paint. Never used it before. How does it "behave" when brush painted or put through an airbrush. Wouldnt mind some advice before I make a start.
  11. Lovely stuff. One of my fave Airfix kits. Nice to see you did the "tricky" swedish scheme.
  12. Just seen this in my LMS and need to know if its the Aifix mould from the 70s or the newer Heller kit. Anyone got one yet and can confirm?
  13. All are superb. Im in love with the Alpha Jet.
  14. Catbird

    Airfix Lightning F.6

    I really meant change the box art altogether. Its absolutely awful.
  15. Catbird

    Airfix Lightning F.6

    Terrible box art. No cannons is OK though. I do hope Airfix change the boxart when they re release it.
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