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  1. I've PM'd Mike and have not gotten a response. I've asked about not being able to post in the Manufacturers forum, but have yet to hear from anyone. I posted an announcement for a new product in the Rumormonger section and it was abruptly deleted. If I'm not welcome, please just extend some common courtesy and let me know. Dave
  2. I realized yesterday that I can start a new thread in every single forum here except the Manufacturers Forum. As a manufacturer, I am wondering if there is an issue that I am unaware of. Can one of the Admin kindly contact me and let me know if there is a problem? Thank you, Dave - Flying Leathernecks Decals
  3. As someone that was part of that thread, let me clarify something. No one was angry with you, nor did anyone intend to be 'cold'. I certainly did not. If I may be direct, your posts just came off a bit like the sky was falling. At the time, and to your knowledge, only one modeler had mentioned having a broken part. Are there others? Most certainly. Is it as widespread as you might believe? Probably not. I personally have ten, yes TEN of the kits. Not a single one has broken clear parts. My local shop got 8 kits and they were all purchased by fellow modelers that I know in the area. No broken parts. Several other modelers on a number of Facebook modeling groups have not had broken parts. I think I've read about two that have, and they're contacting who they need to contact to get replacement parts. Regarding the offer to post photos of that modelers broken parts, it simply wasn't necessary. Choosing not to purchase a kit because it 'might' have a broken part is a bit overkill, but that is your choice to make. For what it's worth, two of my kits were purchased from an Ebay seller in Korea and one was a test shot sent from Korea. They all arrived in excellent condition. Anyway, I just wanted to clear up what the 'issue' might have been. It wasn't so much your message, but the way it was delivered. Respectfully, Dave
  4. 99% of modelers won't notice and 99% of the remaining 1% probably won't care. It is literally impossible to get every single contour and dimension correct on a scale model. Every item on a scale model has to be proportionally correct, as they can never be dimensionally correct. I'll give an example. The real wing pylons (SUU-63) of the F/A-18A/B/C/D are 6 inches wide. The SUU-63's included in the Academy 32nd Hornet kits measure out to 5/32 of an inch (5 scale inches). They're too narrow, so I spent the better part of two days adding a shim to all four pylons, sanding them smooth and 'correcting' them. However, once they were put on the model, they didn't look right. Correcting them actually took away from the overall look of the model. They were proportionally correct to the rest of the model. I can pretty much guarantee that if you were to add that contour to the ZM 48th Phantom, it would completely ruin the overall look of the model as a whole. It's also why no aftermarket cockpit can be 100% accurate in dimension as you have to take into account the scale thickness of the plastic as it relates to the sheet metal used on the real aircraft.
  5. I have photos of ZE355 with the stripes on the starboard side. Unfortunately, I can't share the few that were sent to me, but this one was found in a Facebook group (unknown photographer) :
  6. Yes. Unfortunately the VMFA(AW)-533 and 121 options were dropped from the kit sheet, so they will be put on a Flying Leathernecks sheet that will go to print in January. Already being done!
  7. Not sure if this is a joke or not, but I seriously doubt that is or was the case.
  8. To ensure everything fit correctly, I cut the stripes with my vinyl cutter and applied them to the kit. With the exception of one small area near the inside base of the right vertical (just a tad bit of artistic license had to be used), I had really good photos to work from. The squadron sent me great walk around shots several years ago and it was nice to be able provide those markings as the main option in the Kinetic kit. Dave
  9. Ha! Forgot Revell did the Tornado in all three scales. Looking for 1/48 RAF.
  10. Gentlemen, Are there any aftermarket aircrew figures for the Revell Tornado? Prefer seated if available. My Google-Fu has failed me. Thanks, Dave
  11. Regarding the flaps. Don't assume because it is standard in one service that it is standard for all. Flaps down/extended on a C-130 don't always mean there is a problem, nor is it 'rare'. To state this as matter of fact is misleading and incorrect. Five Marine Corps KC-130's at various locations over the course of a number of years...........I have plenty more as well.
  12. I did the art work for the F-4J(UK) sheet and the markings included will allow you to build any one of the 15 aircraft 74Sqn had from pre-delivery to retirement. The only exception might be the aircrew names, as I only provided those that could be confirmed by photos.
  13. In a nut shell, if a Marine Corps squadron operated the J and/or S, I'm drawing decals for them to release in my Flying Leathernecks line. I'm drawing a bunch of Navy squadrons to either release under a new line, or for another decal company to release in theirs. At this time, I don't have a particular line up of which squadrons will be done first, how they'll be arranged, or when they'll be printed. My focus right now is to just get the artwork drawn.
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