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  1. Hi there folks I've not done much on this in ages due to one thing or another. Anyways one of the mods I've seen on real R8's is where the side blades have been extended out. I thought I would try this mod on my car. Now I have several pics of how I did the alterations but as usual Photobucket is continually playing up. What I did was mark a line from the door handle back wards. I then cut along this line and pulled this section outwards. I then filled in the gap with 2mm strylene sheet. I then smoothed and filled it till I got this shape. It's not perfect but the blades will be covered in a carbon decal, so hopefully it will look ok. I then gave the car a coat of white primer. I then gave the car a coat of Zero Paints Metalic Silver (from the Honda RC213V kit). After that was dry I gave the car several coats of Zero Paints Lamborghini Blu Caelum Once the blue has cured I'll mask off and paint several areas black including the roof, side blades, etc.
  2. Cheers folks. Grey me likes wine mmmm so that might be an idea lol. I'm having real problems with Photobucket not recognising photos on my phone, and my iPhone deleting pics when it shouldn't. Due an upgrade soon so hopefully that will fix it. Anyway as my pics of the brakes won't upload here's a generic pic of the brakes from the resin kit from Hobby Design. I then used various shades of Vallejo Metal Color to get the desired effect I was looking for. Here's the finished result. The way these attach to the wheels and hub I think I'm gonna need a degree in origami and an extra pair of hands. The calipers The discs and calipers Now onto the wheels here's a pic of the wheels and centre pin located in them. And the difference between the aftermarket wheels and the Revell wheels minus the chrome. And my nightmare which resulted in me buying a new wheel/brake kit. Since learned that resin can be very fragile. The wheels of the original car look Black in some photos however as far as I am led to believe they are a dark Magnesium shade. I then painted the wheels in a mixture of Tamiya Semi Gloss Black and Vallejo Metal Color Magnesium. The wheels are a lot darker in real life, the daylight lamp fairly lightens them up. Without the centre pin And with the centre pin That's it for the moment until I sand off the tyres and mount them.
  3. Looking great mate. Folk slag off Revell car kits, including myself for their fit and finish, but with a bit of work like you are doing they turn into a great looking model.
  4. For this one I used for the first time Zero Paints 2K Diamond Finish. Although it was ultra shiney, to get rid of any imperfections I colour sanded it using various grades of MicroMesh clothes, then compound polished it used the 3 grades of Tamiya compound. I finally gave it a coat of Zero Paints Pure Carnauba Polish
  5. Your F-14A looks good mate. I've got a 1/48 Single Seat Eurofighter waiting to do in the 2015 Battle of Britain Memorial colours. But I've got quite a few cars and trucks to do first then I'll get back to it.
  6. Yeh your 918 looks very nice mate. Although I've not even bought the kit yet I've ordered a set of wheels from Plamoz.
  7. Cheers folks, your comments are really appreciated. This was the 4th car that I've built and is now on a shelf in my son's room. I really enjoy building these 1/24 cars. I'm now building a BMW M3 DTM and an Audi R8.
  8. I know what you mean, with my current M3 build I've easily spent 3 times more money on aftermarket parts than the original kit cost me.
  9. Cheers Matt, yeh I think I saw your build when I was doing some research for this build. I agree the decals are of good quality. I never knew Scale Motorsport did a decal sheet for the CLK, like most older kits it's like trying to find hens teeth getting bits for them.
  10. Lovely build mate, and I agree with you leaving out the black panel lines, I think it will look far better without them
  11. Looking good mate, I bought this kit, when it first came out. I'm still waiting and hoping that a decent PE kit comes out for it soon
  12. Looking good mate. I've swig here's wither to buy this kit for a while, so I'll be watching your build closely. Saying that I've already bought a set of aftermarket Porsche 918 wheels for it.
  13. Cheers folks, I honestly must be sadistic as for me the best part of any model is the decal work. Also I've just purchased a Tamiya Mercedes CLK-GTR which will also hopefully have the full carbon treatment, although I don't think there is a kit for that one, so it will be all my own work. Oh joy lol
  14. Well its been one of those days!!!!!. First of I shattered one of the inserts on the resin aftermarket wheels arghhhhhhh. Well I didn't need the £20 I've just had to splash out for another wheel kit grrrrrrrr!!!!!!!. If I hadn't already fitted the aftermarket kit hubs I wouldn't have bothered and just used the Revell kit stuff instead. Anyway I though the day could only get better after that. So next up was the seat. You can see the harness moulded into the seat. I wanted to use the PE kit harnesses. So I smoothed and filled the seat to get rid of the belts. Next up I flocked the seat. I then spent most of the day trying to get the harnesses to work, and the day didn't get any better as I just couldn't get the PE harness kit to work. Me and PE just don't get on at times. Anyway I gave up on the idea of harnesses, I'll find a better solution and come back to it at a later date. So I fitted the seat and head protector into the tub. I also fitted the flappy paddles and steering I then fitted the roll cage and rear view mirror And loosely fitted into the chassis. I'll glue it in later And that's how it stands at the moment. So whilst I wait on a new wheel kit arriving I'll crack on with the body work.
  15. Next up were the door panels. These were also painted with UMP Black Primer and given a coat of Tamiya Semi Gloss Black. Then the Racing Decals 43 kit decals were then added. There was a couple of areas that the kit missed, but thankfully the kit gives you a small area of spare decals, so I used this on the top edge of the doors. These will be put away until the shell gets painted as it looks like they attach to the main shell. Next up here's all the parts that make up the interior, Most of these parts will be carbon decaled in the Scale Motorsports carbon decal no 1424 instead of being painted. The only part that I'll not carbon decal is the roll cage. More of that later. All the parts were painted with UMP Black Primer, Tamiya Semi Gloss Black and then given a clear coat before the decals were applied. First up, is what I think is the fresh air intake system for the driver. The pedals, the kit calls out for these to be painted aluminium but I like them in black. Then onto the firewall The "flappy" paddles which is a PE part. The tiny steering wheel which is less that 1cm in width The display, to show you how small this is, the carbon decal is the same used in the engine plenum chamber. I was surprised my iPhone picked up the detail on this part. Various bits and bobs that sit next to the driver, where the passenger seat should be. This is the shroud that goes round the head area of the driver. I don't know wither this should have been carbon decaled or not, but I though heck why not. (I was on a roll lol) Another small part the interior mirror. The "mirror" part was a kit decal. I might replace with a PE part from the kit which I'll polish up, The roll cage (which I'll fit later), steering column support and steering column. All these parts were painted in Vallejo Metal Color Gunmetal. I painted the pads Tamiya Black Rubber, and picked out the rings on the cage with Tamiya Semi Gloss Black. I then fitted up most of the parts. I'll leave the steering wheel off until I've fitted the seat. More of that later. The floor area not covered with carbon decal will be covered by the seat. The firewall fitted up. Cheers folks.