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  1. 1/24 Italeri Scania R730 Streamline

    Hi there mate, I have recently bought this kit with a view to doing my first truck kit. Before I read your reply on the decals, I had quizzed a mate of mine who does some fabulous truck models, on the best way to do the decals for this kit. They way he suggested is almost like for like the way you have suggested. Like you he suggested taping the cab together on the inside, then laying down the decals, and then slicing through them to create the individual parts. After this has been done, he suggested them taking all the pieces apart and clear coating them before building the cab back up. Anyway good luck with the kit, it’s looking great so far
  2. Tamiya 1/24 Honda NSX (2016)

    Crackin build mate, another one that's in the stash waiting to get built
  3. Hi there folks that's the BMW M3 DTM finally finished. Like most Revell kits they are quite decent but let down in a few areas which hopefully I corrected. At the start of the build it was going to be a nice clean example, but I thought it didn't look quite right so I added a bit of weathering to it. It's the first time I've done any type of weathering, hopefully it's worked. Anyway here are the details of the build. Kit - 1/24 Revell BMW M3 DTM Driven by Martin Tomczyk during the 2012 DTM Season Paint Exterior - Zero Paints Alpine White 300, Zero Paints 2K Diamond Finish Clear Coat, weathered using Tamiya Smoke airbrushed at varying pressures and at varying distances from the car. Extras - Racing Decals 43 Carbon Decal Kit, supplemented with carbon decals from Scale Motorsport. Hobby Design Wheel and Brake kit. Hobby Design PE kit. So that's it, it was an enjoyable kit to built which wasn't to difficult as long as you plan well ahead with the panel fit. Again I'd like to say a big thank you to everybody who commented during the build thread, it's was very much appreciated. I hope you all like the photos of the finished car.
  4. Well folks it's finally finished. As you can see I've added a bit of weathering to the car, probably a bit much, but it's my first time doing this as I normally only do shiney stuff. Anyway I'll post up final reveal photos tomorrow. So again thanks folks and I hope you like it.
  5. Cheers folks, I feel like I'm on the final straight with the M3. Next up was all the glass work. Firstly I masked up all the glass for the black edges to be painted. I masked up all the centres and sprayed the glass Tamiya X-18 Semi Gloss Black. I then fitted them to the car using Microscale Krystal Kleer. As there is a decal to go on the top of the windscreen, I scuffed it with a blue soft Flory Sander. I then applied the sun-strip decals to the tops of the front and rear screens, and the rear side windows. I then fitted the front and rear wheels, the brakes and centre bolt.
  6. Fujimi Porsche 911 RSR leman 94'

    Looking great mate. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
  7. Tamiya 1/24 Lexus SC430 2006 Mobil 1

    That is looking superb mate. Looking forward to seeing the rest coming along
  8. Next up on the R8 was painting the black areas and adding some carbon fibre detailing. So first up was masking up all the areas that are to be black and areas that are to be carbon fibred. I then painted the areas with Tamiya X-18 Semi Gloss Black. This is one of the side blades pre applying the carbon fibre decaling. I then made a masking tape template, cut this out on a sheet of carbon decal from Scale Motorsport No. 1020. I then applied this to the car, using Microset and Microsol. I did the same with the other side. I also carbon decaled the roof, with the pattern meeting down the centre of the roof. I also applied the carbon decal to the rear spoiler uprights. Next up I used real metal decals from Hobby Design. These decals in my opinion adds a real touch of realism. On the photo the front one looks lopsided, but I've measured it with a micrometer and it's fine. And that's it for the moment. Hopefully if SWMBO is out the house I'll get some final coats of clear coat on the body. So thanks for popping past and looking at the build. Many thanks.
  9. Nxt up was the engine. Not much to it but still better detailed than some engines I've built recently. All the bits and pieces of the main engine And built up And painted using various shades of Vallejo Metal Colors.
  10. Hi there folks, I haven't been doing much on the Audi as I had an issue with the paint lifting just above one of the doors. So the car got put up on the shelf until I could be bothered with it. So I thought I'd better crack on with the R8. First up the area that was giving me an issue. I picked the paint off then sanded the area affected. I then gave it a coat of Zero Paints grey primer. Then I gave the area a coat of the blue and blended it in. Next I gave the full car a couple of coats of Zero Paints 2K Diamond Finish Clear Coat. Once this is dried I'll lay down the decals, areas of black and other bits and pieces that need done. I'll then lay down more coats of the clear coat.
  11. Hi there Matt, no I just used the silver base coat to give the blue more pop, you don't really need to do it.
  12. So today was mostly taken up with painting and decaling all the winglets that go on the car. The carbon kit from Racing Decals covers these. One thing though they certainly needed a fair bit of fettling to get them to fit properly. Here's a pic of the side winglets. Next, I thought it give the weathering a go. Now I'm a complete novice when it comes to this, so please excuse my poor efforts. The look I'm going for is a car that's finished a race and has a lighting/moderate covering of dirt and carbon brake dust. Here's the front clip, I used Tamiya Smoke spraying it a varying pressures and distances from the car. It doesn't show that well in the photos and is a lot darker in real life. I added a wee bit more weathering and added the front winglets, and that's the front clip finished. Next up the was the remainder of the exhausts, these were painted up in Vallejo Dark Aluminium, and shaded with Tamiya Smoke, Clear Blue and Alclad Violet. They were then fitted to the chassis. Then the hassle started, the exhausts looked lovely but the main tub just wouldn't fit with them in place. I didn't take any pics of this as I was severely t'eed off. I eventually had to sand half of the silencer off, arghhhh. In the end I managed to get the interior tub fitted. That's it for the moment, hopefully I'll get the shell on tomorrow. Again thanks for popping by and giving the car a look.
  13. Next up all the lower body panels completed and attached to the main chassis. I've still to weather these ever so slightly To check the fit of the main body, but mainly I couldn't resist looking to see how it looked, I laid the body on the chassis. The rear lights are in The front light lenses are also in Next up is mounting the cabin, weathering (I've started it on the front cowl, where I'm looking for the effect of dirt and brake dust coating the body).
  14. Then I eventually fitting the door cards, I finished them off a while ago, but had to wait until the shell was more complete. Next up was the rear spoiler. Here's all the parts before painting and assembly. All the parts were then painted with Tamiya Semi-Gloss Black. The carbon decal kit I bought from Racing Decals, included all the decals for the rear spoiler. I applied these then gave them a matt coat of the new formula Klear. I've added the spoiler uprights to the car, and I'll add the spoiler to the car at latter date as no doubt, I'll knock the thing off if I put it on.
  15. Cheers folks, I haven't managed any updates on here for a while so here goes. Next up I gave the inside of the car a coat of Tamiya X-18 Semi Gloss Black. Then I masked up the black area round the side windows and added a few decals. Next up will be a couple of coats of Zero Paints Clear Coat.