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  1. Cheers Spiny, I had to figure out how to be able to have the dash attached to the base of the model AND still be able to take the body on and off! I had put the door magnets on the inside of the body in the way, lol The roll cage was the handiest way to try and solve it. Wasn't too bad with a few thicknesses of tube and rod. Watched 'the Irishman' while I figured it out, and had it done before the 3 hours were up and all of the mobsters were dead
  2. Thanks Ian, yep, work seems to be picking back up alright. As you say, it's stealing my build time, lol It is just medical tape mate, yes. Great texture for many applications and sticks like a bugger too! Also available in a wider roll, the last one I bought off ebay was a 70-75mm wide one for wrapping that fiesta rs wrc rear wing in one go. Haven't seen those in the chemist/shops, but obvs ebay has it all
  3. Thanks Gary, you're too kind. I'm just enjoying the process, finishing isn't as good for me as the build. I'm a weirdo... And I'd say that I've got the same production speed as a manufacturer developing a new kit, but that's about it
  4. Thanks Ian, very useful to know! Good timing too, lol. I'll have to look into the options for positioning
  5. Great work so far, and love to see so many quattro projects on the go
  6. Beautiful result and amazing wood effect paint techniques. Thanks for sharing!
  7. My favourite rally car too, great job Andreas!!
  8. Hi all, work been busier and busier so progress has slowed. I'm also changing/adding here and there which eats time too, lol. Interior work has begun. I've re-made the seats from a spare set of original kit seats again to be wider than my previous effort. Then added milliput to the wings to replicate the Cobra seats I'm going for. Added some tape for texture down the centre panel. The centre panel also needed to be more shaped, so I made some fillets... Then added textured tape to those fillets Some general shots of the interior mocked up. A lot of work had to go into remaking a roll cage that would hold the dashboard in the correct position. Same for the pedals too, a new mount has been made so that they can hang in place. And a new homemade footrest for the co driver Experimenting with ideas for the rear of the interior. Maybe these spare rubber pockets from the belkits escort mk1 extras I bought, and some homemade helmet stands/hangers Trying to finalise all these bits and bobs, but not 100% with the boot detail. I made a slightly smaller than kit version of the largest tank in the boot from some plastic tube/sheet and some aftermarket hydraulic joints Loads to do or decide on, I'll just keep doing the bits in ront of me and maybe be able to paint some parts soon, lol Thanks for looking
  9. Had a play with some mudflap mounts, then some styrene mudflaps with pins (pins are 0.5mm rod)... They're tight enough that they stay in place without glue, super bonus Fronts next. Thanks for looking as always
  10. Engine details so far, I think this will be about it until everything is painted? Sump missing from the bottom, so there will be more depth vertically than this shows. The oil filter won't fall below the bottom of the sump. Oil filter is from an aftermarket 1/24 engine that I had x2 of for some reason from my lancia stratos build? Also had to remove the back corners of the kit engine bay as they were hitting the cars. And Re-making the top cogs has given it even more of a daft face I'm not by any means capable of recreating a photo realistic version of anything, but am happy with this as is I think. The bay will get crowded quickly if I add too much more, and there will be some wiring bits and bobs to go in there yet too. So I think it's done for now till prime time Thanks for looking Hope everyone got more sleep than me, lol
  11. Thanks for the pics six, but it's in an unfinished state of affairs and I've already moved the leads, lol I've positioned a distributor in pretty much that position, insomnia update pics here... We have an oil filter bottom left just above the sump, repositioned distributor, re-made crank cogs, radiator filler cap, oil filler cap and some extra detail for the engine bay generally. I'll post more pics after some sleep
  12. Same here, work isq q uiet and I'm still doing a bit from home. Waaaay different to a full days work, lol
  13. Cheers Ian, I couldn't figure a way to modify the kit pulleys and belt without breaking it, lol Sorry to hear that you're off building at the moment mate, hope all is OK and you get back to it soon?
  14. Thanks Alan! The headlights caused a fair amount of issues, mainly having to cut the under bonnet sides of the base and delete the detail on top, and re-create it all from scratch. Was a big job to be fair, but do-able with patience I'll try to answer in order, lol 1. Plug covers are 1mm plastic rod for the centre post through some 2mm rod/tube for the outer ring/base. The 1mm rod can then plug into a 1mm drilled hole in the engine block. The lead is just 0.5m plastic rod drilled into the 1mm rod at the join of the plug. I was going to go for an aftermarket wire lead, but quite like the plastic now. 2. I think the distributor is more towards the front right in a vertical position? The kit engine has a horizontal bump in the way at that position, so I improvised and made it up a bit 3. The crank pulley is 4mm ish rod with 6 circular grooves sanded in it with some diamond grit dremel style bits I have. You can get cheap kits off ebay like this one https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/193384322979 They're really handy for detailing, widening drilled holes anything you can imagine really. Then there's a section of plastic tube around the 4mm grooved rod and a piece of 1mm plastic rod through the middle for fitting to the block and detail on the front. 4. Yes the carburettors are from the scale production mk1 escort bda engine conversion kit. I've found a replacement from an Australian ebay seller so that I can use this one on this build. Birthday money and combined shipping have helped me buy a few items from him, lol Thanks for the questions! I really appreciate the interest, it keeps my interest in the build going too Wheels I'm still having issues deciding on. I thought I'd got it sorted, and then found some random 5 stud minilite wheels that I've converted to 4 stud. Now they look all cool, chunky and tarmac-y so I'm back to doing it 'wrong' and making a full 'too modern' tarmac car for the Roger Clark decals I can't honestly see me building this kit again for a good while (I have 2 more in the stash I think) so I'm going to go with what makes me happiest, lol Interesting that you have an older article regarding the wheel fit and positioning for this kit, someone obviously wanted to move the wheels on it a while ago eh? Lol For wheels, I think motorbitz look fantastic. I just have so many bits and pieces lying around already that I keep playing with what I want it to look like when done. I still haven't decided and will have a look on there today i think. Thanks again matey, get building I say! All the best
  15. Thanks Roger, and yes they're aftermarket. They're from the scale production bda engine conversion kit I bought for the belkits mk1 escort. I've found some 1/24 scale replacements through an eBay seller in Australia to replace them so that I can use the ones I have now. I've also taken a mould of the piece, not sure how well that will come out yet though
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