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  1. pau10wen

    1/24 Samba "Sleepah" ZZZzzzzz mph

    Amazing paintwork!
  2. pau10wen

    Berlin 45

    I'm usually only found mooching around the 'non-military vehicles' boards, so this isn't entirely my scene But my word, what an incredible build. I'm attempting to build some VERY simple diorama/bases in comparison, but this work is incredibly inspiring! Especially the very fine work you have done in scoring the base to create the road and building textures, not to mention the brickwork damage! The painted road brick/cobbles have just made my day Superb and inspiring!
  3. i'll be following with interest. Currently juggling three projects, two of which will hopefully involve two roger clark cars. Can't wait for updates!
  4. Hi mack not sure if you decided on a stratos kit, but I just came across this one https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F223140382750
  5. Hi lulian I've no experience with the hasegawa kits, but have built with the italeri kit and found that the 'basics' were fine to work with. As always with kitbashing there's a lot of scratch work and faffing around, but that's the part I like I used an aftermarket engine kit listed here https://www.spotmodel.com/product_info.php?products_id=2359 which was very easy to work with, and dropped straight into the kit engine mounts. Decals on the italeri kits were fair quality too, needed some colour matching to paint in the parts I was exposing (and a few boo boos) but overall pretty good. Not to throw shade at Italeri, but I can only imagine the hasegawa kit decals are of a better quality? either way, have fun! Can't wait to see the results on here (hopefully) Paul
  6. pau10wen

    Datsun 204Z

    lovely clean work, I especially like the subtle diorama base!
  7. Glad to hear that I’m contributing to your obsession/illness Steve I got a little sidetracked with other projects and have been lazy on this one. I’ve become a little obsessed with trying to cast some of these parts in a more pliable material, and recently I’ve been on a quest to source some good minilite wheels for a pair of mk1 and mk2 Roger Clark cars I want to do together. In the end I adapted two sets of the belkits wheels from the mk1 escort kit to have more dish/depth to them, and am happy with the result. Still need some good tarmac minilite wheels/tyres for other escorts too. Got some ordered from fireball models and am going to order from motorbitz in the uk too. ill get this project moving again soon too I’m sure
  8. Hi jeroenS thanks very much. and regarding the Audi logo fiddle would be the right word! i was very organised and patient and calm that day, lol im feeling better and more like myself now.
  9. Hi ian thanks again, the show was good fun, but a long day for an 11 year old! Worth it for all of the HyperCars he’d say. Lol i nearly got barged by Thierry neuville as he was signing something for a fan, and we didn’t see each other coming. And we saw Nicky grist on his stand. As I’ve shown my eldest a few McRae clips before, he at least knew who he was. conversation was something like “do you remember the Colin McRae clip with the jumps when he asks afterwards ‘did you like that wee man?’ ...well that’s the wee man”
  10. Hi guys apart from a trip to the autosport show in Birmingham with my eldest on Saturday, I’ve had the time this weekend to do some more work on the Audi engine bay After building the right hand side parts I decided that the turbo looked too small (That and my beemax lancia s4 kit finally arrived, and the turbo on that is mahoosive in comparison ) so i increased its size.... also added the side side panels of the engine bay to box the whole thing in a little. Then to some detail work on the separate flat area behind the engine more to finish in that area soon. But I decided to have a break from that and look at the suspension strut top area and try to replicate that and the strengthening bar that will sit across the top of the engine... At that point I discovered that some of the pipework hits the new bar ... so i I had a stiff drink... doesnt look too bad, I think I’ll shave half a millimetre off the bottom of the engine block and it will lower everything to clear the bar anyway, just not tonight, lol! heres the results so far all put back together, and thanks as always for looking
  11. I love the stance that the wheels and flares give the MkII Pat And I always love a MkI Excellent work all round!
  12. pau10wen

    Some more old builds....

    very very nice stuff keith. Lovely work
  13. pau10wen

    1/24 Gunze Sangyo Sprite

    beautiful work and a lovely result
  14. Thanks jeroenS, very kind!
  15. Then the part that I’ve left til last(ish) to give me time to figure out how to do it basic shape of the next part that links the air tube to the engine block. Rounded off and added more detail, plus the pipe work for the top side Then the pipes from the engine block side then the really daft part, audi’s Famous (and intricate) ring logo And finally (after lots more patience) test fit in the engine bay, with everything linked up. Also with another pipe detail from the new part across the engine and into the bulkhead thats all for now, next more detail on the bulkhead I think, or possible have a look at the front corners of the engine bay? maybe a drink first to settle my stress levels back down