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  1. My official reply to both of you would be..... "I know, you're right..." I'll decide finally once I re-visit the build properly, but my head says 'order one just in case'
  2. I have Steve, saw it today as it happens. My build has been on hold for ages now through distraction of other kits and, well, just life really.... I'm not going to lie, it makes me a little sad that I can't get to that level of detail myself, but I can get to justifying that price to purchase one But that also feels like 'giving up' on my part too What a dilemma....
  3. lovely start alan! i'll be keeping an eye out for updates
  4. beautiful work on the distressed paintwork and period paint finish on both!
  5. lovely stuff! Great work on the detail and wooden wheel too
  6. that's a beauty Nothing better than a classic rally car ...maybe two classic rally cars? Great work AndyH
  7. Thanks coop! i can keep his interest with the airbrush, and I quite like the ‘boring’ bits
  8. Hi Guys New project (again) is a collaboration between me and Ben, my 11 year old son. He had the aoshima lambo aventador SV kit for Christmas as he'd asked us for a car kit like the ones I make. Having opened the box on Christmas day and seeing just how many parts this kits has, I think he slightly changed his mind and would've asked for lego Anyway, he LOVES airbrushing so far and has a good steady style already. I've assumed the role of the 'guy who does all the boring bits' - but I will get him in on some of them throughout the build. We started with primer on the body and the engine bay, all airbrush work by Ben, fiddly gluing by me Ben has given the spoiler and other body parts the tamiya semi gloss black treatment, which does give quite a nice approximation of carbon fibre. I'm toying with doing some testing with an overspray of gunmetal through mesh/tights/etc and see what happens? and lastly for now, body colour, we shot some test colours and have decided on the darker of the two oranges. These were achieved by using Tamiya titanium gold + x2-3 coats of Tamiya clear orange for the darker shade and Tamiya chrome silver + x2-3 coats of Tamiya clear orange for the lighter. Ben has final say, so darker it is. More to follow, Got a few jobs over bank holiday weekend, but am also hoping that we can find time for Ben to lay down the coats of titanium gold onto the bodywork to get it underway. You never know, maybe we'll even get the orange on if it rains
  9. Lovely attention to detail great stuff!!
  10. Lovely start alan i’ll definitely be following this one youve inspired me to stop umming and ahhing about where to start on the next car, it’ll be the engine
  11. loving this one too Pat! I've got a version of this (slightly) underway as the evo 2 version from the 1986 Lombard RAC. Waiting for some decals and bits to see if it's possible as i'll have to get creative with them. Lovely kit though, and a Lovely build again!
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