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  1. Apologies Keith,you are 100% correct. I was on the wrong year
  2. Lol, mention anything you like keefr, any info is good. Too late on this body though. I've reshaped all of the arches to a shape that I liked the look of, so it's fine by me as is. Its not going to be a 100% faithful replica, I want to use tarmac tyres and stance with some incorrect looking minilites too. . I pondered it for ages and ages,but I can't see me making this kit again for a very long time, so ive resigned to make the body shape, stance and wheel setup as I'd want to see it. Otherwise i'd have to build another one of these kits, which makes a shiver run down m
  3. Thanks for the info keefr, that's more.in one post from you than I've managed to find anywhere. I was wondering about carpets too. Great shout on the seat, the decals i have are for the 75 RAC not 76, but I'll bear that in mind when I get to them! I've noticed the headlamp situation thanks, and was planning to use a photoetch grille. I've currently planned to use some fairly flat lights I've made rather than try to cut the etch. But nothing is set in stone and there's always the kit grille to cut up Thanks Andy, it's quite a relief to get back to this stage,lol
  4. Small updates, work still keeping me busy. Escort MK2, now available in red.. More to follow asap Thanks for looking
  5. Pmslol Ian, he was a 'natural' wasn't he A close approximation of Roger Clark's cossack escort, so no dents required, lol Very useful info, thank you
  6. It's been impossible to find anything period as reference The Jason lepey motorsports website has a lot of good reference in general, but with modern appointments, so no period belt images
  7. Are you thinking something like the pic below, so they're attached directly to the floor just level with the rear wheel arches?
  8. Still struggling to find any kind of reference images of the interior at all to be honest, whereabouts are we talking when you're saying the floor of the seat base gents?
  9. Excellent job Eric, beautiful. And the KMP wheels look great, I'm a big fan of their wheel kits too Looking forward to more mate
  10. That's great Roger, glad to be enabling your bad habits And thanks anteater, I hadn't even researched where to anchor the seat belts yet, so very valuable info. We're well on the way with the respray, I've realised with hindsight that I've primed again with vallejo (acrylic based) white primer, not something suited to zero paint use. So have gone with acrylic red. It suits my spray setup too as I still need to upgrade my fume extraction to use with solvent based stuff. I do need to sort this however, as I've just invested in some zero airbrush cleaner a
  11. Cheers Steve, I have some tamiya rattle can primer too, so I'll test both
  12. Hi all, It feels like its been too long since last update, so here are a few bits Freshly scraped bodywork, it was therapeutic and calming, honest My delivery within a day of ordering, you can't beat hiroboy for speed We've been away for a few days, and work is pretty full on now (and I accidentally picked up a guitar) all of which have stolen my time recently. Not going to lie, the paintwork setback has had a bit to do with it, but I'm getting the motivation back, lol Freshly re-p
  13. Yup, i think it's my feeling on that too. And the Cossack red can be sold on to someone who needs it I'm sure. My white primer is vallejo, would be the only non tamiya product. But their primers are great for as much as I've used them. I may well stick to the formula that has worked for me before, and test new producta on something less valuable to me
  14. Thanks Andy, much appreciated thanks. It's a question I've been asking myself too, whether to use a white primer and tamiya matt red (which I was happy with colour wise) or introduce another unknown quantity on the zero paint red. It was a zero paint clear lacquer that really messed me up last time, I think as you said, I went for wet coats too quickly with it over an already damaged paint job. Desperate times to be fair, but still a daft choice, lol I bought the red zero paint as an option, but tamiya acrylics are a known quantity to me and my setup, so still deciding
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