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  1. Well Thats another one finished! So this is the 1954 Hudson Hornet from Moebius models. Overall a nice kit, lots of detail, but also unfortunately quite a bit of flash too. Some parts needed quite a bit of clean up to make good. I chose a sage green colour as most of the reference pics showed a car this colour and it was something dfference for my display cabinet! I used Zero paints throughout and Molotow chrome marker for the window frames and body details. So anyway onto some pics! As always, all comments greatly received!! Cheers Matt
  2. Hi Everyone, Another build finished! I really enjoyed building this. Ive never built a Trumpeter kit before and this really was a joy to build. Everything went together well without problem and the fit was really good. I used Zero Paints forthe bulk of things excpet the body which was actually an aerosol of Ford Tonic Blue I happened to have lying around. This was then fnished with Zero Diamond Finish 2 Pack Clear. Anyway a few photos!! Thanks for looking!! Cheers Matt
  3. Hi Spiny, Thanks for the nice comments. The black lines are actually decals. There is no way I would be able to keep things that consisitant!! Cheers Matt
  4. Thanks Andy, The kit went together very well, I had no fit issues at all. The only bit that was abit fiddly was getting the glass in. Other than that, I really enjoyed building it. Id definitely recommend getting it. Cheers Matt
  5. Hi everyone, After a bit of a break from modelling and concenttrating on a 'real' car project, I got back on it and have jus tcompleted the Belkits Mk1 Escort. I however chose to do the very distinctive Gold and Red scheme of the Alan Mann racing cars. The kit went together really well and was painted using Zero Paints. The decals came from the excellent Motobitz decal kit along with the correct Resin Weels. All in all I really enjoyed building this one and it looks great in the cabinet with my other builds!! Anyway a few photos: Thanks for looking! Cheers Matt
  6. Hi Everyone! I've just finished my latest build and it was quite a biggy!! Along with my love of old American Cars, I also love the Big Rigs of the 60's and 70's. So when Revell released the Classic Kenworth Aerodyne I snapped it up!! The kit is Very detailed and in fairness was a joy to build!! Everything went together really well, juyt lots of it!! The kit was built pretty much OOB but with a CTM Interior Photo Etch Kit added along with some aftermarket decals for the scheme I wanted to do. I chose a scheme basd heavily on a beautiful fully restored K100 by Paul Cox (Google it it is awesome!!) The model was painted throughout with Zero Paints and diamond Clear 2 pack Lacquer. All in all a great build and sits very well alongside my cars of the era too!! Anyway here are a few pics: DSC_0077 by Matthew Hill, on Flickr DSC_0090 by Matthew Hill, on Flickr DSC_0085 by Matthew Hill, on Flickr DSC_0084 by Matthew Hill, on Flickr DSC_0083 by Matthew Hill, on Flickr DSC_0082 by Matthew Hill, on Flickr DSC_0080 by Matthew Hill, on Flickr DSC_0079 by Matthew Hill, on Flickr DSC_0086 by Matthew Hill, on Flickr DSC_0087 by Matthew Hill, on Flickr DSC_0089 by Matthew Hill, on Flickr Thanks for looking!! Matt
  7. Absolutely Stunning!! As said before looks like the real thing. A masterclass in weathering!! Cheers Matt
  8. Great Start! Ill be watching this. Ive got this one in mt stash to do at some point, Im just finishing off the Revell K100 Aerodyne reissue at the moment!! Gotta love an American Big Rig!
  9. Beautiful!! One of my all time favourite cars!! Great Build
  10. Thanks Flipper, Im pretty sure I put the cage together first and then painted it and fitted it to the car, the dash can be 'squeezed' in afterwards I think. I like to put the cages together on rally cars first, just seems to make a nicer job. Hope that helps! Cheers Matt
  11. Amazing Work!! Looks so realistic, fantastic weathering skills
  12. Amazing! The carbon fibre work is superb and the weathering makes it look almost real!! Great build.
  13. That looks great! Nice build. I have just got this kit too, and from what I have read too it is a bit of a pig of a kit to build! You wouldn't guess that looking at yours though! Great job! Makes me want to get mine out and make a start on it now!! Cheers Matt
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