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  1. With its original paint scheme or the latter, lighter ?
  2. The funniest with the Mirage 5EAD is that, with the specific equipments claimed by Abu Dhabi, the technical definition of this version made it looks like a Mirage IIIE...
  3. Not a secondhand aircraft, but a 'thirdhand' one !
  4. Well, I was trying something different... For example, I dream to see someone build the Mirage F1DJ 118 of RJAF available on the other Xtradecal Mirage F1B decal sheet !
  5. Hum... In both case, informations are rare. But most of all, these both versions are peculiar with some external features never represented on plastic model: Mirage F1JE has Doppler antenna under the nose, Mirage F1BD has also Doppler antenna AND antenna in an front extension of the fin root (antenna of radio direction finder). French or Spanish version are easier, besides they are almost the same version (only the location of the UHF antenna under the nose is different) If Spanish version in Air Superiority Blue scheme is not attractive, maybe a French two-seater, still in blue scheme, but with Spanish markings could be sexier ? http://www.aviationcorner.net/public/photos/5/7/avc_00142157.jpg http://www.aviationcorner.net/public/photos/9/3/avc_00395293.jpg You can see the lighter zone where French markings have been overpainted !
  6. Hum... first of all, the radar doppler antenna under the nose, of course MK.6 ejection seat instead of MK.4, later specific chaff and flares launchers just above the keel and a new israeli RWR...
  7. Yes !!! I'll carefully follow you!
  8. Ok, what about this crazy option? A rare Mirage F1BE but instead of the classical three-tones Asia Minor-like paint scheme, wearing the French Air superiority blue scheme ? Only two Mirage F1BE wore this paint scheme for few years only in the early 90s, when they were stationed in Canary Islands ! CE.14-30 and 31 respectively 46-70 and 71. https://i18.servimg.com/u/f18/19/16/49/95/f-1be_10.jpg
  9. AFAIK the Carpena sheet provides the '772' for a BK which can become '727', correct for a Mirage F1CK-2... No need of a second sheet...
  10. Be aware, KH has forgotten to look at the starboard side of the fin tail... The same decal is provided for the both sides, whereas they are differents ! http://bdd.deltareflex.com/photos/highdef/13/13525.jpg http://bdd.deltareflex.com/photos/highdef/13/13524.jpg
  11. Be careful, Ecuadorian scheme is not a two greens scheme, but one green and one brown... CK or BK in desert scheme, for sure !
  12. AFAIK, I agree, only single-seaters in Djibouti.
  13. Yes, about Mirage F1CG, the only missing point is this access panel. And it is not necessary to show AN/ALR-66's antennas, they are the same as those of BF, the difference is just the color, black instead of grey ! here, you can see the difference : Morocco used BF first and then changed its RWR by AN/ALR-66, the same chosen by HAF and you can see on the picture Mirage F1EH on the foreground already equipped with AN/ALR-66 and its black antennas and on the second Mirage F1 the grey antennas of BF not changed yet. All this before Astrac upgrade program... http://claudinedelaplace.free.fr/Avions/maroc/maroc-f1/F1 MAROCO.jpg
  14. Obviously, larger the panel is, more the rivets are numerous...
  15. And one is missing about Mirage F1CG... after upgrade in the early 80's - where AN/ALR-66 RWR is added, Mk.6 ejection seat is substituted for the previous Mk.4 - new flight recorder is added and the access panel (on the both sides), located just in front of the elevator is enlarged due to the more important size of this new recorder... before (here on Mirage F1BQ) : http://aviapassionmaquette.free.fr/IMAGES/PHOTOSCOPE MIRAGE F1BQ CAEA/F1BQ CAEA 026.jpg After (same place but larger) : http://www.redstar.gr/Foto_red/GR_AirF/F1CG/DSC01138.jpg Well, it's nitpicking, after all...