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  1. Mirage GB chat

    Interesting mix between air-to-air C version and E version with air-to-ground capacities (EQ are capable to deliver Exocet, BGL, etc. that C cannot carry).
  2. Mirage GB chat

    Well done ! That's why it can't be a simple F1C. There are nine versions of Mirage F1 equipped with this second avionics bay... Let's make your choice !! Ok... Here is another picture, with one new clue !
  3. Mirage GB chat

    IFR probe, ok, but it's not a F1CR. No, there is a visible feature which doesn't belong to F1C...
  4. Mirage GB chat

    Little test : Now, some of you have already read their Cocardes' book about Mirage F1 carefully ! Can you determine what kind of Mirage F1 is that ?
  5. USAF Mirage F1?

    These Mirage F1 are not for USAF but for ATAC, in order to provide DACT to USAF pilots... In the same way, few years ago, Top Aces had bought some AlphaJet A from Luftwaffe !
  6. Mirage GB chat

    Hum, well, by comparison with aircrafts ATAC already use, I think their new Mirage F1s could be looking like that, wearing this kind of paint scheme ! from here
  7. 1/72 Special Hobby Mirage F.1C

    Matra LM37A : lenght : 2,74 m, height : 0,34 m
  8. Mirage F1CK

    After Gulf War, Kuwait decided to buy some F/A-18s... All surviving Mirage F1s were sent in France in 1992 for a complete revision with the purpose to trying to sell them. But the project was never achieved. I'm not sure, but I think Mirage F1 flew in Kuwait for the last time in march 1996... After that, they were stored waiting some buyer, but... he never came!
  9. 1/72 Special Hobby Mirage F.1C

    According to this picture, maybe rewrite the frame 1 line, which clearly needs to be moved forward (just in front of the IFR probe), could be sufficient, without modifying the overall lenght ?
  10. 1/72 Special Hobby Mirage F.1C

    I think the question is: Should we shorten or lengthen the model or simply rewrite the panel lines according to the version chosen? I mean, maybe SH has chosen the good lenght for a C-200 and in that case, you have to rewrite the line in front of the windshield. Or not only the lenght is wrong but also the line is misplaced... On the real aircraft, the nose is the same whatever the version, so you can see a CR nose on a B version... However, between C and C-200 the difference is 8 cm and to obtain this lengthening, the first frame of the fuselage, where the nose is attached has been moved forward of these 8 cm.
  11. Mirage GB chat

    Grey scheme ? Really ? http://cmano-db.com/images/DB3000/aircraft_2111.jpg
  12. Mirage GB chat

    Well, in fact, paint schemes are standardized . So you can look at whatever version of Mirage F1: http://www.aviationcorner.net/public/photos/8/4/avc_00187484.jpg http://www.aviationcorner.net/public/photos/1/9/avc_00050119.jpg http://walkarounds.airforce.ru/avia/france/miragef1/szh_mirage_f1_27.jpg So, concernant Mirage F1CE, the front part of the mouse is painted in the same brown than the paint scheme, and the inside of the air intake is grey... http://www.airteamimages.com/pics/212/212924_big.jpg http://www.aviationcorner.net/public/photos/5/2/avc_00036652.jpg Edit : to summarize, in the same way as on this picture but with the brown color of the spanish paint sheme http://data3.primeportal.net/hangar/luc_colin3/mirage_f-1cr/images/mirage_f-1cr_03_of_49.jpg
  13. 1/48 Italeri Mirage F1CT/CR

    Obviously, I agree... and each time, there is a F1CR... and they often consider the only difference is the camera fairing under the nose, and the Super Cyclope ? and this second bay ? I was talking specifically to this 'detail' because its location on the fuselage make it particularly seeable, and yet... it is always missing ! F1CR with second bay http://data3.primeportal.net/hangar/luc_colin3/mirage_f-1cr/images/mirage_f-1cr_18_of_49.jpg F1CT without it like F1C http://florent1973.free.fr/FrenchAirWings/images/img_walarounds/avions/Mirage.F1CT/cellule/w_mirageF1CT_33grd.jpg http://florent1973.free.fr/FrenchAirWings/images/img_walarounds/avions/Mirage.F1CT/cellule/w_mirageF1CT_30grd.jpg Please notice that the addition of this bay implied the move of the refueling plug and its ground plug... so when comes the time to put the decals, be careful! I hope this is helpful...
  14. 1/48 Italeri Mirage F1CT/CR

    I'm always surprised to see CR and CT proposed in the same box... Among the 22 versions of Mirage F1 single-seaters versions (without A versions), 9 were equipped with the second electronic bay on the fuselage dorsal fin... and not least among them, CR of course, but also EE, EDA or all EQs versions. However, no plastic model with this second bay has never been producted in any scale...
  15. Mirage GB chat

    And, by the way, F1C was also equipped with RWR... well some of them in fact, only from s/n 79 !