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  1. It's not a Barracuda, but a Barax... Barracuda: https://combatace.com/uploads/monthly_05_2015/post-15260-0-58109100-1432899518.jpg https://www.aviationmegastore.com/img/prod/full/2/2/67900_0.jpg Barax: https://combatace.com/uploads/monthly_05_2015/post-15260-0-54397400-1432899411.jpg https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-FSfDNt3mBlI/WGB0Rm-duPI/AAAAAAACKG8/XHs0kUC5tIwx8hbJez9zeKBClELkVsTFQCLcB/s1600/00020.jpg
  2. Taiwanese AF Mirage 2000D

    Don't worry, AFAIK none of any existing plastic model supplies the right Antilope V nose cone for French N/D versions... It's not a shape (every nose cone whatever the Mirage 2000 version has the same shape !) but paneling issue because nobody seems to know about the added frame in front of the classical frame 1 of the Mirage 2000 cell... The Mirage 2000-5Di is like a B version (I'm talking about missions...) : a training two-seater, not a mud mover !
  3. 1/72 Mirage F1CR & F1CT

    no problem !! Indeed this antenna appears only few years later (even it is previously already present on some Mirage F1s...): your CT illustrates one of those involved in operation Allied Force in Kosovo in june 1999 and this antenna was systematically added with the new standard T2 applied in 2003-2004... But again, very nice Mirage F1s!!!
  4. 1/72 Mirage F1CR & F1CT

    IAG = "inertiel amélioré GPS" ! It's the white discus shaped antenna on the back.
  5. 1/72 Mirage F1CR & F1CT

    Very nice work !!! Colors are great !! However, I would have two, three remarks : An IFF antenna is missing on the back of your both Mirage F1... and no IAG antenna on the CT... not yet! Why Phimat pods are differently painted from one to another ?
  6. Mirage font

    No font, but Dassault proposes some pictures of these logos in vector format. However, concerning Mirage logos, they don't match totally... https://www.dassault-aviation.com/fr/passion/espace-decouverte/logos/
  7. 1/48 KH Mirage F1 BE Tiger Meet 1988

    Well, it's easy to know : it's written on it : main wheel has a diameter of 605 mm which gives 12,65 mm for 1/48 scale... http://data3.primeportal.net/hangar/luc_colin3/mirage_f-1m_c.14/images/mirage_f-1m_c.14_56_of_74.jpg
  8. Mirage F1CK

    Sorry, I don't have it, but AFAIK, the both versions of wingtip rails provided by SH in plastic sprues are the LM 39 for Magic and the South African rail for Kukri V3. And LM 39 is the longest! The ADP 8 rail for Sidewinder is a resin piece added for Spanish or Greek versions. And it's the shorter...
  9. Mirage F1CK

    I know pictures showing fully load configuration in iraqi F1EQ with two Remora pods, but they are copyrighted in a book. Same problem with AUF in its first form at the beginning of the 90s... but this one shows it a little Different of its later form, here in the same POV About wingtip rail, it's the classic LM39 for Magic, the same used on French Air Force... and apparently, Kuwaiti Mirage F1s flew without air-to-air missiles. Here just before take-off.
  10. Mirage F1CK

    Hm... generally, Remoras go by two, one under each wing on outer point. Here on starboard side Here on port side Furthermore, in order to carry only two bombs underbelly, AUF2 adaptator must bu used... seeable on the previous picture in version 1. But I didn't know Kuwait had bought some of them... however, I always see the mention "FREE KUWAIT" under the cockpit when such load is visible. May those adaptators could have been provided by French Air Force ?
  11. Mirage F1CR ER 2/33 Operation Daguet 1991

    But I have only copied what you wrote elsewhere...
  12. Mirage F1CR ER 2/33 Operation Daguet 1991

    The one in the background ! https://www.escadrilles.org/histoire-et-histoires/f-1cr-et-ct/
  13. Mirage GB chat

    Interesting mix between air-to-air C version and E version with air-to-ground capacities (EQ are capable to deliver Exocet, BGL, etc. that C cannot carry).
  14. Mirage GB chat

    Well done ! That's why it can't be a simple F1C. There are nine versions of Mirage F1 equipped with this second avionics bay... Let's make your choice !! Ok... Here is another picture, with one new clue !
  15. Mirage GB chat

    IFR probe, ok, but it's not a F1CR. No, there is a visible feature which doesn't belong to F1C...