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  1. Airfix Bristol Blenheim MkIVF

    Cheers Ced yeah alot of prople had mentio ed it i have a minor gap but it will close up with some pressure. Excellant work on the 4 engined bomber by the way looks lovely.
  2. Airfix Bristol Blenheim MkIVF

    I know i was amazed as well. There is a small gap at the rear where the front and main fuselage join is but some careful fitting will eliminate that. Hopefully 😂😂😂
  3. Airfix Bristol Blenheim MkIVF

    Hi guys. Well these last few weeks have left me timeless and have stopped any work on the blenheim. So tonight i managed to find some time to get a little work done. Firstly was the cockpit. I touched up any areas and gave it all a dark wash to bring any details out and also drybrushed some silver to create paint chips and natural wear. Here you an see the level of detail airfix went to which is certainly an improvement from there old mouldings. Once done it was time to button up the cockpit and fit all of the glazing into place. I must say that it all went together beautifully. All four peices matched each other and left no gaps or steps. While this was drying i worked on the rear of the aircraft and fitted the rudder and elavators. I found a few pictures which showed the elavators lowered when on the ground so i glued them into place in the lowered position. Finally to finish of my evening i did a test fit of the wings and fuselage sections. So far so good and hopefully next i can begin with the engines and cowlings. And also finish of the masking on the canopy/cockpit windows. More soon folks.
  4. Fast And The Furious Toyota Supra

    Hi everyone. Unfortunately work has been slow on the supra due to wprk and family commitments. But it hasnt stalled. After finding an hour here and there i have manages to make some progress. The underside has had the heat gaurds painted in around the transmission tunnel and the enxgaust has been painted and awaiting polishing to bring it to a shine. Progress on the interoir has continued with the dashboard being painted and awaiting decals and detailing. And also the in car entertainment has been worked on as well. I have also built and painted the roll cage which still requires another coat. And finally work has begun on the wheels to remove the solid back and to allow the springs to be visible through the wheels. Hopefully i should have more done soon. I will keep you guys updated as much as possible.
  5. Fast And The Furious Toyota Supra

    So more work has been done on the supra and to begin with there has been more work done on the engine and engine bay. The engine is beginning to look much busier now which is a positive. Still alot to add in terms of wiring looms and pipes. I have made a start with the wiring by adding the cables for the map sensor and the mass airflow sensor. These will be painted later. I have also made a start on the interior using some matt medium blue which is the base colour for the interior. Still rough at the moment and will be much neater once the second coat has been applied. The current interior is shows its base colour and once details such as the subwoofers and the door cards painted and detailed, it should look much better. I have also been playing with the wheels and the rear of the wheels which are solid have been cut out to allow visability of the shock absorbers etc. I have alao notices that the whole body seems to be sitting higher than the real car. I will check and adjust once the wheels are ready to be fitted in place. And finally i have began working on making the spoiler look much more realistic. As a basic setup its looking okay but i think it could be improved . More soon guys hopefully i can get the engine bay near completion and make progress on the interior also. Thanks for looking in.
  6. Airfix Bristol Blenheim MkIVF

    More than welcome guys and thankyou for the comments hoping to get some bench time today. Going to be working on detailing the interior more by scratchbuilding some seatbelts and adding a few bits of wiring. Still trying to find details of the interior as well.
  7. So recently i got hold of one of my favourite world war 2 aircraft. The bristol blenheim was an aircraft which was both a bomber and a fighter but lacked improving technology along with other aircraft. By the 1940s it was considered the blenheim to be too outdated and was too slow against enemy fighters. Pilots and crew were awarded medals just for flying in the aircraft. So onto the kit and to begin with there is a very nice box art. And also a choice of day or night fighter included. And also some very well produced details, which is common in airfix new tooled models. As expected the parts are very well made... To begin with the undercarriage bulkheads where fitted into place and the main frames were fitted into place also. A small bit of detail will be required but already a good start. Next the main fuselage was joined together. Work then began on the cockpit sections. Including pilots seat bombardiers position and interior components. With a basecoat of green down weathering will be done with a wash and details picked out. To finish off the evening i fitted all the parts together with a dry fit to see how well the fitments are. Details and wash will be done next before fitting everything into place. And i am also looking for referances if for addimg details and other parts. Thanks for looking.
  8. So with my other projects giving me a headache i thought i would start on something a little closer to my childhood pleasures. I have always been a fan of the japanese cars and the Toyota supra is no exception. This one is the modified supra from the first of the many fast and the furious films. Originally boxed abd made by AMT, im expecting lots of flash and ill fitting parts along with some poorly finished chrome parts and tacky wheels. For the first stage i built the engine and painted and added detail. Next was to start on the rear suspension and differential. Which was then painted and futted to the chassis. A little more detail to be done like picking out the cv boots and diff oil drain bung. Also the front was made up and painted . Lots of progress and hopefully more later before i am away for the weekend hoping to get the exhaust painted and fixed and continue with the detailing on the engine.
  9. Airfix 1/72 J8a Gladiator

    You sir are a legend. ill pm you now 😊😊😊
  10. Airfix 1/72 J8a Gladiator

    Lucky you mine came sealed in the bag but had the part and the centre sprue injector point missing. May have to attempt modifying one of the closed canopies 🤔🤔 good progress so far mate.
  11. Airfix 1/72 J8a Gladiator

    Great work mate i currently have 2 on the go as mojo boosters. As a quick warning check your clear parts as i had part C2 (open canopy) missing in my mk2 kit. However airfix have no gladiator parts instock to replace the missing part. All in all good going im doing mine in the raf colours with the white and black underside. Ill certainly be popping up a deckchair for this one 😊😊
  12. Vampire T.11 (Airfix, 1/72)

    Great little kit sabre days and look forward to seeing how yours turns out i recently finished mine in the same finish. If your building with the canopy open i would recommend adding some ejector handles in the seat and some seatbelts. The only fitment issue is the join along the top edge of the wing and fuselage but im sure you will master it. Best of luck ill be following along for the ride. 😊😊
  13. Revell Camaro Z/28 RS.

    Yes it is i saw the bmw m1 as well a week later but my finances couldnt take another hit 😂😂 Cheers ashley, i learn something new everyday haha. As for the orange i will leave as is and if anyone asks i will simply just state its a custom built engine. I was going to go black but thought it might hide a little too much detail.
  14. Revell Camaro Z/28 RS.

    Cheers dbostream. So today and yesterday i managed to get some work done on the camaro and the first thing was to get the engine going. I decided to go with a hemi orange which i will tone down with some black headers and black cooling pipes and other engine parts. As you can see i have already painted the starter motor which needs detail and wiring and also the oil filter which i will add a small decal to for detail. The gearbox will be painted in aluminium silver to show it as a lightweight gearbox. Also i have been playing around with the suspension. I wanted to go for a mean machine but not something silly. Here is the basic ride height of the camaro. Front Rear Now i wanted to change the ride height of the chassis so i tackled the front first. After cutting the hub from the front axle i then refitted it at a lower height. I will then apply some heat to the front wings and flare the arches more to give a clearance between the bodywork and the wheel. And here is the rear. Sitting much lower the wheels fit into the arches without too much issue. As for the front wheels i did have to cut a small area from the wheel arches to provide clearance and allow the chassis to sit lower. My next job will be to get the position of the wheels back in place and flare out the arches on the front and remake the wheel arch inners. Thanks for looking in. More soon folks
  15. Hello from Robin Hood County Nott/Derbys

    Hello all, mallee you will fit in a treat here and everyone will help you get to grips with things and also there if you need help and advice. Im in kirkby in ashfield but work for stagecoach so if your in the mansfield area, you must pop by and say hello 😊😊 hope to see some of your builds soon.