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  1. You sir are a legend. ill pm you now 😊😊😊
  2. Lucky you mine came sealed in the bag but had the part and the centre sprue injector point missing. May have to attempt modifying one of the closed canopies 🤔🤔 good progress so far mate.
  3. Great work mate i currently have 2 on the go as mojo boosters. As a quick warning check your clear parts as i had part C2 (open canopy) missing in my mk2 kit. However airfix have no gladiator parts instock to replace the missing part. All in all good going im doing mine in the raf colours with the white and black underside. Ill certainly be popping up a deckchair for this one 😊😊
  4. Great little kit sabre days and look forward to seeing how yours turns out i recently finished mine in the same finish. If your building with the canopy open i would recommend adding some ejector handles in the seat and some seatbelts. The only fitment issue is the join along the top edge of the wing and fuselage but im sure you will master it. Best of luck ill be following along for the ride. 😊😊
  5. Yes it is i saw the bmw m1 as well a week later but my finances couldnt take another hit 😂😂 Cheers ashley, i learn something new everyday haha. As for the orange i will leave as is and if anyone asks i will simply just state its a custom built engine. I was going to go black but thought it might hide a little too much detail.
  6. Cheers dbostream. So today and yesterday i managed to get some work done on the camaro and the first thing was to get the engine going. I decided to go with a hemi orange which i will tone down with some black headers and black cooling pipes and other engine parts. As you can see i have already painted the starter motor which needs detail and wiring and also the oil filter which i will add a small decal to for detail. The gearbox will be painted in aluminium silver to show it as a lightweight gearbox. Also i have been playing around with the suspension. I wanted to go for a mean machine but not something silly. Here is the basic ride height of the camaro. Front Rear Now i wanted to change the ride height of the chassis so i tackled the front first. After cutting the hub from the front axle i then refitted it at a lower height. I will then apply some heat to the front wings and flare the arches more to give a clearance between the bodywork and the wheel. And here is the rear. Sitting much lower the wheels fit into the arches without too much issue. As for the front wheels i did have to cut a small area from the wheel arches to provide clearance and allow the chassis to sit lower. My next job will be to get the position of the wheels back in place and flare out the arches on the front and remake the wheel arch inners. Thanks for looking in. More soon folks
  7. Hello all, mallee you will fit in a treat here and everyone will help you get to grips with things and also there if you need help and advice. Im in kirkby in ashfield but work for stagecoach so if your in the mansfield area, you must pop by and say hello 😊😊 hope to see some of your builds soon.
  8. If your feeling brave you could always tackle it yourself and respoke the wheels yourself. It has been done many times and the results are fantastic. I have a 1/8 revell jaguar e-type which i may be respoking the wheels to. There are many tutorials on the internet which can help. Just a thought for you if you dont want to spend alot of money 😊😊
  9. So this afternoon i made a start on the bodywork. And as you can see in the pictures below there was a few seam lines which required some minor attention. The seam line ran across both sides at the rear. And once again across the front along each front wing and down the front valance. A steady rub down wil see these disappear and the body will be one step closer to be ready for paint. Next i will build the basic parts for the engine and then i will work on the exhausts and front suspension. Im wondering if to lower the suspension to give this a meaner ride. Let me know what you guys think
  10. So i recently got this for a bargain price and was really pleased with the kit. This is revells Camaro Z28 RS. The kit has 8 sprues which also include one chrome, clear and a transparent red sprue for the tail lights. The parts do look very clean but we will see how it all goes together. I will begin with the engine and also scratchbuild some details. As for colour i am thinking of going all black and making this a real mean muscle car. Work has begun and photos will be uploaded shortly.
  11. Cheers HP42 yeah im itching for a warm day. As for the elavons its been alot of work for a small change but should look good when done. Work is slow on the concorde at the minute but she is almost ready for the paint to go down. Ive managed to find some pictures of the boarding steps so i should be able to scratchbuild something to make it look right haha.
  12. Cheers CedB, yes its becoming a pain now be glad when i got the whole thing painted. Glad the visor has fitted as well as it has and hopefully it has cured. I have left it for today so will check it tonight. Also hopefully this evening the elavons will have gone solid and i can start sanding them to shape. As usual more progress and another update soon
  13. So a nice bit of progress this afternoon while the kids where having a nap. To begin with i started work on the elavons. Once the milliput has dried i will then shape a curved edge making it look more like the real elavons. Next i have been working on the nose and alot of progress has been acheived. the visor underplate has been fitted and the main visor has been fitted into place as well as masked ready for painting. The tape and the wire are holding the two mating surfaces together while it dries. Getting nervous now hoping it all looks right. You can see from the picture above the massive scale of the concorde in comparison to my vampire. Hopefully when the elavons have been completed i can begin laying down the white primer ready for the white. Pleased with the work this afternoon and maybe have the elavons ready this evening provided the milliput has cured solid. The engines and engine intakes will be fitted after painting so all the areas will be painted making things easier. More soon folks.
  14. Cheers CedB, hopefully when the primer goes on there should be nose sign of joins on any of the airframes. Good news, i have found a solution to the elavons. The inner edge of the elavons are curved my plan is to recreate the curved edge from milliput and sand it to the correct shape and thickness. This then should eliminate the gaps in the joins where the elavons meet the wing. They will be joined to the aircraft with the actuators on the underside and should be strong enough to hold them in place. I plan to fit these after paint so i can mask the bare metal on the curved edge. Hopefully this should solve the problem with the elavons 😁😁😁
  15. I did also forget to mention i still need to sort the flaps. Below are some pictures of the areas which i have been working on. Hopefully have a progress update soon. But for now here here are some pictures to show progress is still on the go. The front fuselage join. Tail join on underside of fuselage. Nose bay and wing join. As you can see ive been busy sanding. I still need to add detail to undercarriage bays so there is still lots to do prior to spraying so hopefully the weather should pick up by the time im ready for spraying.