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  1. Thanks Orion, the Navy initially received 3 unit of the AW-109E ''Power'', then the Air force receieved 5 units after few months (I think 11 units now). both Navy and Airforce units are armed with gun and rocket pods.
  2. Hi this is my AW-109E from Revell (A-109 base kit). I modified the engine housing, tail skid and the shape of the tail rotor. I also added stretch sprues on the tail boom, scratched build the floats on both side of the fuselage, pitot tube and hoist. Decals are printed by yours truly, on clear (black stencils) and white decal paper (logo) with my inkjet printer to represent the new helos of Philippine Navy. Many thanks for looking.
  3. Thanks Perdu, unfortunately I don't use MS Word as I do everything in Photoshop. The font size will be approx 1.5 mm, anything smaller than that I thinks is unreadable...
  4. I think I could help you guys...
  5. trying to push this printer to the smallest font it can print...
  6. Based on the story that I read, there are two version of this Mustang, one with the stripe on the fuselage (no shark mouth) and the other with lightning bolt and shark mouth. I re-scaled it now to 1/72.
  7. Just collaborating with a friend in facebook to make this 1/32 P-51 and soon re-scale it to 1/48 and 1/72. Many thanks for looking.
  8. Hi Dave, I'm doing the P-51 Shark of Zambales together with a friend from facebook at the moment but in 1/32 and re-scale it to 1/48 and 1/72 soon.
  9. hacker and e8n2 both of you are funny! I just send the decals to the Philippines last friday and hopping to be sold this week in JMN hobbyshop. I got the P-51 ''Shark of Zambalez'' in 1/48 on the drawing board at the moment.
  10. it will be included in my future sets.
  11. for the 1/48, I got the FA-50PH x2 and the decal set of F-5 and T-28.
  12. Many thanks for that. I got new sets ready. Many thanks for looking.
  13. My 1/72 set 2 and 1/48 set are ready to be cut Thanks for looking.
  14. Here is a simple video I've done to show how opaque the white print is.
  15. Hi Fishbone, since I found this printer, everything is a breeze now. The problem with Alps is the white cartridges that are very difficult to source and the spare parts of the machine. For screen printing, I was quoted with crazy amount of money and turned down many time by big companies asking for minimum (which is more than maximum for my taste) quantities and companies that asking for my artworks with a payment of my name in the instructions of the decals. So I decided to source a printer that can do white prints.