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  1. I decided to depict a possible future fighter aircraft of Philippine AF. I've used the logo pf the 6th TFS (circle) and added a full body cobra to make it more modern looking fighter. I've used a laser printer to print the decals. Few more bits and pieces, she'll be ready for a photoshoot! Thanks for looking.
  2. Updates: Exhaust and anti glare panel now painted and panel shadows done. Also tried to apply a light filter so all the colors blends to each other. thanks for looking.
  3. My insanity works! Thanks for looking.
  4. Hi, this is my long overdue project (1/72 Fujimi Mig-29) which I shelved because of the complexity of the camouflage. Recently I said to myself, I can do this. I removed the previous masking and repaint the dark color first then re-masked it again. I took 2 hours each color to mask (6 hours now and running) and still need last color. Thanks for looking.
  5. Advice on decal making software

    I used Photoshop for my artworks. I used a big file and high dot per inch so I wont lose any details while manipulating the image. Always use layers for each color and for the font, don't rasterized it at it will lose details, just transform it to your size you want. Once you are finish with your artwork, don't flattened the layers, leave it as layers as it is easy to edit it. Always save it as PSD and not JPEG, again with JPEG your artwork will lose details. Enjoy editing.
  6. 1/72 AT-28D Trojan PAF

    Thanks for the kind words gents!
  7. go0d l0oking Phantom!
  8. 1/72 RCAF CF-188 "Canada 150"

  9. 1/72 AT-28D Trojan PAF

    Thanks Reini78.
  10. 1/72 AT-28D Trojan PAF

    The Blue Diamond Decals is my own decal company specializing in Philippine Airforce subjects and few custom made artworks. Thanks for appreciating my hard work.
  11. My latest build, a 1/72 Heller T-28 converted to AT-28D of 15th Strike Wing of Philippine Airforce. Cockpit and canopy was from Pavla, cut and scratched build the airbrake; cut and reposition the flaps; added blade, whip antennae and red anti collision light on the rear fuselage; removed and filled the airscoop in the front fuselage; scratched build the gunpods and pylons. LAU-68 from Italeri's Huey kit and Mk-82 from Hasegawa's Aircraft Weapons 1. Decals are from Blue Diamond Decals. Thanks for looking.
  12. 1/72 T-28 Trojan

    Home printed decals applied and sealed. time to sort out the ordnance. Many thanks for looking.
  13. 1/72 T-28 Trojan

    glue is dry and ready for painting. painted it with Tamiya's Tire Black acrylic with a touch of white. added shadows with Tamiya's Flat Black acrylic to give more life. added the canopy for photoshoot thanks for looking.
  14. 1/72 T-28 Trojan

    while waiting for the wing to set, I scratched build the heavy machine gun pod from rocket pods of A-37 and g20 needles. many thanks for you kind word gents.
  15. 1/72 T-28 Trojan

    Updates, Propeller blades tappered, cockpit painted and installed wing attached, flaps are cut and lowered, cockpitside armors removed and sanded airscoop reved and covered thanks for looking.