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  1. Need to download a photosharing app like Photobucket. make an account and can simply upload you photos from your phone to their server. To share it in a forum, you need to have a computer to get the URL address, then copy and paste it on you thread or reply.
  2. Many people are asking about white background and how to achieve it without making your background grey or yellow. This is how I do it and things you need 1. White background (paper or cloth, long enough to go far back from the model) 2. Flashes x 4 with shoot through umbrella x1 I use YN 560iii with build in receiver for the front of the model YN 460 manual flash x2 on slave mode, this is pointed to the background. You can adjust the strength of the flash manually so you wont have a burned out photo. 3. Transceiver x1 for the two front flashes. 4. DSLR camera or any camera that has hot shoe to mount the tranceiver. 5. Photo editing program 6. Lots of patience, imagination and time on your hand to spend lol! the last 2 images are composite of multiple photos and the last photo, I was pretending to be a layout artist of magazine lol! Thanks for looking.
  3. Thanks for the kind words 😅
  4. Thanks guys 😃
  5. Hi this is my 1/72 Huey, straight from the box build. Decals are own printed to represent Philippine Air Force. Many thanks for looking.
  6. She's so dirty and I'm loving it! Photoshoot soon...
  7. thank you gents!
  8. Hi there, this is my old 1/72 F-5A from Italeri. I opened the gun bay and scratched build the M39 from hypodermic needles and small pieces of plastic. I also used a resin seat to add realism to the cockpit. Base is from Coastal Kits. Many thanks for looking.
  9. happy to help just send me a pm.
  10. Happy to help, just send me a pm.
  11. I'll try using vector graphics program like Corel draw or the freebie Inkscape and will post if there will be any difference. Stay tune
  12. I'm not sure that the quality of the print will change if you vector the artwork. Without magnifying and just looking with your eyes, the print look ok with me, remember, these artwork are in 72 scale and will definitely much better in bigger scales.
  13. Hi Backjet, the problem is that you will use two printer for this (as recommended on the Oki website, one for the white print and the other will be for the coloured print), because you are using 2 printer, you are prone for mis-register print. I think if you have a large artwork, it will be fine but if you have small artwork, it will be difficult. I tried it and I failed so better to have 2 set of decals, one coloured and one white backing decals.
  14. Weathering done with powders and inks. No need to seal the decal, you can use it straight from the printer. Thanks for looking.
  15. Thanks for your kind words, gentlemen. I also removed most of the raised panel line and re-scribed it.