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  1. Lovely I remember seeing both of them at several airshows.
  2. Wow Alexs what a great build It holds for me special feelings since as an former Fokker emplye I used to work on the canopy section of the Fokker100 Thanks for sharing
  3. I simply keep my fingers crossed would be such a welcome addition i think that many modelers over here in The Netherlands will agree
  4. If these are the big problems then I dont understand the problem the canopy is easy fixed when one mask it and the landing gear is also a easy fix. We as modeleres should be a happy gang looking at what is being released the last couple of years. . We should also stop complaining and start building instead of complaining about the kits. I mean even brands as tamiya and the likes will not make THE PERFECT model. So please enjoy the hobby and be happy that there are still companies that bring us the models we can enjoy
  5. Patience is a virtue especialy if one is a modeler besides I think that we are in the golden age of modeling so therefore it is not impossible
  6. what can be said about this model what is not said before ah well I give up it is just simply another superbly build model from your hand my friend Thanks for sharing
  7. WOOOOOOOWWW Rene, I had the pleasure of seeing it when you were working on it and even then i was flabbergasted with its beauty. Now I see the pictures of the finished model I am even more impressed. It brings back such pleasant memories when i saw them flying ahhh sweeet memories. If mine wiil be half as nice as this one I would be very pleased my friend. Hope to see it soon Greetings from strijen
  8. Jeroen Jeroen, what are you doing man?? Taking a picture of a real VOODOO and say it is a model . It is such a beauty my friend I hope that one day I can see it in the flesh. Greetings from Strijen
  9. Its a Beauty Just the the way a well used P 40 should look Thanks for sharing
  10. Being dutch . A decent Fokker G 1 would be very welcome
  11. being Dutch and especialy interested in WW2 aircraft I would realy love to see a decent 1/48 Fokker G1 and Fokker T8W or any other aircraft we used in WW2
  12. If I would say that I like it , it would be a understatement. I simply love it Thanks for sharing :goodjob:
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