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  1. What's the detail on the wing fold like OOB? Does it benefit from a photo-etch set?
  2. Nice, thank you. PM sent.
  3. It looks as though I'm going to have to do a corsair and a swordfish after. That said, if I can find a Seafire XVII in stock, I think that might be first. So many choices. I thought I had decided, but clearly not! Still need to find somewhere stocking them, but now I know what I'm sort of looking for at least.
  4. I think this is entirely my fault though. I just went back and re-read my original post and it is vague. I did indeed mean to be asking for WWII active aircraft, but it could easily be read otherwise.
  5. I'm not sure I'm ready for something with all that rigging. I've watched as people far more competent than I struggle. Both really excellent suggestions, and I think I may well pick up the Walrus when its released, and will definitely keep my eyes peeled for the Swordfish, but I think I need to get my skills a little higher before I attempt these. I've yet to master the cotton or stretched sprue aerial wire (?) on the WWII aircraft yet. I gather its a similar principle for rigging? I'm definitely leaning this way. Great to know the detail is good out of the box too. Hmmm, just need to find a seller that also stocks some British decals. So far the suppliers I've found either don't have the Corsair or they don't have Brit decals. Genuinely really appreciating all the really great suggestions. Britmodellers are a fantastic bunch. You always manage to not make me feel like a complete moron, while still providing really great, detailed and thought out help, advice and encouragement, every time I've asked. So thank you, for all of the above, and for every other post.
  6. Greetings from a newbie

    Hi Steve, and welcome. Another Brit living in the land of the long white cloud (certainly living up to its name today)! You'll find this bunch a very, very helpful and welcoming lot. Like you I'm more of an occasional builder, and also 1/48 aircraft and 1/35 armour.
  7. Vought F4U-1D Corsair Tamiya

    @Rob Naylor, How's this one coming along? I'm looking at getting one for my next project so am keen to see how you find it. Really looks like you had a brilliant start. The cockpit is really nicely detailed.
  8. Really beautiful finish there. The display is fantastic as well and really makes the model stand out. Great work and thank you for sharing.
  9. Not quite 108 years I'm looking at active aircraft during the second World War. Are there any kits you've done that are particularly good, with perhaps some nice aftermarket etch to give the wing fold some nice detail?
  10. Apologies, a case of ignorance on my part I'm afraid. I guess what I'm looking for anything operated by the British, so FAA would be acceptable, but would be second place to a RAF. Something that can add some interest to my display cabinet. I like the idea of the Corsair in Brit colours, but am wondering if a Seafire might suit the display better. The non US decals I can find for the Seafire seem to be RNZAF. As I now live in NZ, this jumped out at me, but then it goes against my Brit theme, and reading up they didn't really see any combat. Living in NZ also makes importing expensive if from various sellers, so I try to order all from one seller if I can (normally Hannants), but they only have the Revell or Super hobby boxings.
  11. I'm starting to think about what my next project will be. (A continued distraction from an unfinished harrier). I'd like to add to my current WWII RAF collection, and am intrigued by the folding wing options having never done one. I'm not a scratch builder at all, so I'd like to work with a kit that goes together with minimal complications and can be improved upon with a photo etch set or two. I've been building a Tamiya P-47 and I'm pretty certain that if i'd thrown a modelling knife and open pot of glue into the box and given it a vigorous shake, I would have pulled out a perfectly built aircraft. The photo-etch sets from Eduard gave me enough head scratching and difficulty to make the build a slight challenge and a good feeling of accomplishment as I worked through it. So with this all in mind, what can you wise people suggest please? Many thanks, James
  12. 1/18 Spitfire Mk. XIVe - Race #80

    Really, really excellent build. Am excited to see the final unveiling in the RFI section. Well done, and thank you for allowing us to follow along.
  13. P47-D Intercooler air outlet help

    Thank you, @Jure Miljevic. Really appreciate the detailed answer. Closed they shall be.
  14. P47-D Intercooler air outlet help

    Hi, I'm mid-way through a build of Tamiya's P47 Bubbletop. I have the option of open or closed "air outlets". (step 5 for those with instructions). I've searched here and the wider web, but keep ending up in threads about exhaust stains. I believe they are intercooler air outlets, but am not 100% certain. However, what I am wanting to know is when these are open and when would they be shut. I am modelling mine in flight, about to start an attack run, so have the cowl in the closed position are the "air outlets" the same? Many thanks James
  15. 1/48 Eduard Harrier GR.7/9

    Thanks everybody for the kind words. I'm working my way through a build of Tamiya's P-47D Bubbletop, and thoroughly enjoying it. Once I've finished it, and have it under my belt as a success I will return to this. Just needed something that would go my way and not be such a complicated build. I'm at a point with the Harrier where I'm needing to think about what gets assembled and masked, assembled and left, and what gets painted first as a sub assembly and I couldn't figure out what the answers were. It then just sat there taking up bench space and giving me a feeling of despair! I think it's just a case of modeller's block and I'm keen to finish it... Eventually.