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  1. A crazy situation actually exists. UK traders have great problems delivering goods. In China Japan Taiwan these goods which UK traders have difficulty with are shipped to the UK by traders in these countries. The crazy part is on top of this the Post Office is delivering this stuff free of charge. All the items which the Royal Mail refuse to deliver are not stocked by UK retailers and those items are then ordered from the above countries and delivered by the Royal Mail. Can you imagine anything so bizarre ? Laurie
  2. Rather like cooking Michael. Put in all the same ingredients and it tastes different every time. Laurie
  3. For me colour charts are only a guide. For any colour I will get as many of the closest and test on the material which is going to be airbrushed. Problem also found is an air brushed colour looks different from a hand brushed colour. The thinness of airbrushing dilutes the colour, compared to hand brushing, as the colour of the background material distorts the colour. Laurie
  4. Thanks for the info. I was unsure and thought it may be derogatory but was vice versa : relief thanks. Green Shirt not heard of that one. Black Shirt was a dress which was worn by Oswald Mosley an English Fascist before and up to just after the start of WW11. Looking it up the Green Shirt seemed to be a Canadian of a similar type to Mosley. Laurie
  5. Fascinated care to elucidate ? So interested I collected all these apparent "gouge" meanings. The closest I came was no.2 as it had something to do with aircraft . So confused ! noun gouge; plural noun: gouges a chisel with a concave blade, used in carpentry, sculpture, and surgery. an indentation or groove made by gouging. make (a groove, hole, or indentation) with or as if with a gouge. "the channel had been gouged out by the ebbing water" American informal overcharge; swindle. "the airline ends up gouging the very passengers it is supposed to assist" Meaning to force out with a gouge (especially of the eyes, in fighting) attested by 1800. To make a hole in something in a rough or violent way To be gouged out is to be stoned. To gouge is to get high. He was gouged out of his head He decided to have a gouge.
  6. Skinny. First I would go to your optician or as the sophisticated name optomerist. I had the same problem. I asked him to prescribe a pair of specs which were more magnified than my reading specs ie closer to the subject than readers. Transformed my vision for model making for which I wear all the time. Second. Buy loupes, as they are called, with glass ground optics. Advise not to buy those with a light attached on top they are top heavy and heavy. I bought these. They are light and very neat plus you can wear easily with your specs. PS you must wear with specs as your specs are prescribed for your sight. The loups are not although that is possible but expensive if you wanted use with out using your specs. these are the ones I use. I have bought others since but reverted to these as the others I found do not even approach the cheaper ones. They are more expensive but are very comfortable. The lens are removable for cleaning. Do not be fooled by the lens (prism sizes) and the number of prisms supplied with certain units. The best I found, for model making, by experience is the 2.0x which gives an optimum clear focus at 220mm about 9". This is the best for average working. Any prism with a higher number, the above soup store gives the distances for each prism, will entail your eyes being closer to the work which by experience is uncomfortable and impractical. For more occasional closer work use a light with a magnifier attached with your specs and loupe. With this you can stay a reasonable distance from the work yet very close to your work in magnification terms.. Laurie
  7. Pictures of my attempt. Laurie http:// http:// http://
  8. Vitality I used Vallejo Mettalic. 77.723. But my Harrier was finished as if on duty in Afghanistan. I then used Tamiya Effect Weathering to soot it up from the centre lightening to the top and bottom. Laurie
  9. If you are using Tamiya masking tape you will find the Eduard masks superior. Laurie
  10. Just thought Adrian --- deeply--- unusual. The best for canopies I have found is Eduard masks. Used to poo poo them--- stupid--- until I thought I would give them a go. Not sure if you can get them for your model. Just finished a Harrier 1/48. The masks were brilliant no bleeding at all. They use a superb paper for the masks. Easy to apply sticky yet easy to remove. The Harrier has an in side frame which projects above the out side in a different colour. Mask were provided for the inside frame. Laurie
  11. No different than paint. But you only need a smidgeon of satin varnish. Just enough to seal the edge. You can use a sharp edge but one slip and the pilot will take you to task. I remove the tape slowly pulling it back horizontal to the plastic surface. Pulling straight up is most likely to give problems. If you do use a knife best to use an American Razor blade. The one with one side a solid back. Score gently rather than cut. Laurie
  12. If you want a good clean line Adrian mask it up.Make sure you burr the edges to the plastic. First coat a satin varnish. Airbrushing the paint is virtually dry when it reaches the canopy. Hand brushing it is wet. The varnish will seal and stop the wet paint soaking the masking tape and prevent the paint seeping under the tape. Varnish a thin coat concentrated on the edges to seal. Then thinnish coats(ie thin paint) to build up the paint film. Airbrushing looks good as you get a very thin paint film of the same thickness all over. Try to emulate. Use a flat type brush of good quality sable if possible.
  13. Bought some flexible cutting mats at our local shop. Tried to get C/A to stick. But they objected. Thanks for all the replies much appreciated. These are the mats on Amazon. All mats are for separate food groups ie stick beef to beef mat fish to fish----- Laurie
  14. Thanks Beardie. I use for sawing bits an old cutting kitchen board. Assume that is silicone. Tried it and to put it negative terms it is very hard to stick anything to. Also helped as it has a slight dimpled surface. The board has been well used in the kitchen and has scratches (C/A finds them) so down to the kitchen shop for a silicone heat mat. Thanks for the info. Thanks Black Night. As soon as the present cartoon is used I have told my servant (some call them wives ) to keep it. Laurie
  15. Think I have found the answer. Waitrose Baking Parchment. Tried to C/A a piece of plastic to it and no contact at all. Like the paper they used to call Baking Paper. In the old days. Laurie