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  1. Retirement - what the hell do you do with your days?

    Without knowing what you can or cannot do due to your retirement it is difficult to suggest what to do. Not to do is to sit in an armchair watching TV all day. For me that would be soul destroying. There is no doubt that an activity/s needs to be one which keeps the brain in action. Eighty next year so near on 15 years of retirement. First I vowed to share all the things that a couple in a flat need to do. The chors. Also I make the lunch a number of days a week and do all the cooking Saturday & Sunday and enjoy all of that. Hoover and wash the floors daily. Model making. I love writing on forums. Cycle an hour a day (at speed). Read both on line and a book. Listen to music late at night. Never enough time for model making. One matter which you do not realise until retired. You have more time to spend on doing things properly. When working all that you wanted to do is crammed into a short space of time. All done, in my case, at speed. One matter that I keep hearing is the extension of the time to retirement. But I left school at 15 to work. A 9 hour day and working 4 hours on a Saturday 49 hours per week. Holidays 2 weeks a year. Only 12% went to University in those days so most worked those hours from school. In total I did 50 years to pension age. Laurie
  2. Supacat Coyote and Jackal detail pictures.

    Thanks Das. Will do that. Thanks for the info. Laurie
  3. Supacat Coyote and Jackal detail pictures.

    Found some pictures on Google which are just perfect. For any building either the Jackal or Coyote https://www.google.com/search?q=dashboard+picture+jackal+vehicle&safe=active&client=firefox-b&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiy0cX_1rHWAhXIL8AKHSucA9kQ7AkIMw&biw=1600&bih=748#imgrc=M7RRqF4KiMC11M: Click on the smaller pictures to the right of the main picture showing the cockpit. Laurie
  4. Supacat Coyote and Jackal detail pictures.

    Thanks for taking the time to reply much appreciated. I thought this would be the case. Strange all the aircraft I have built this year Harrier and Chinookthe detailed photos I found was phenomenal. Search and searched for the Jackal and the Coyote but just pictures of the vehicles externally. I have built the Warrior and the Jackal. Had not thought to look there. Stupid. A lot is on the Airfix instructions but I always like to delve into little detail. I am building 14 aircraft and vehicles for an Afghanistan diorama. Thanks again. Laurie
  5. Building the Coyote obviously Jackal similar. Trying to get the detail of the parts within the vehicle. Found loads of photos of the outside of the vehicle but none, despite intensive searching, of the parts within the vehicle. I am after colours of various parts little bits and pieces. The 1/48 Airfix is a great model but there is a lack of colours for the superb detailing by Airfix. Anyone with any pictures of those parts a copy would be very much appreciated. Laurie
  6. Most probably a stupid question but....

    From memory Juer The Spee was sited by a smidgeon of her smoke on the horizon by a seaman on one the masts. Again from memory (sorry I cannot get at my book on the stuff to confirm) Spee's catapult was out of action. I remember all this so well. I was 13 months old at the time. Laurie
  7. Most probably a stupid question but....

    From memory, the spotter plane was used to "spot" the fall of shot from Achilles Ajax and Exeter onto the GrafSpee in order that adjustment could be made.
  8. Very pleased. Thank you for your comment. Very much appreciated. Laurie
  9. Thanks Orion very nice of you to comment. Laurie Thanks Russ for you very nice comments. Laurei
  10. Thanks that is very nice of you to say so. Much appreciated. Like yours as well. Full size ? Thanks Corsair. Yes armour plus trying to get ImageShack to cough up the pictures. Frenetic afternoon Thanks both Laurie
  11. Thanks goggsy. What an effort to get all the pictures loaded up together. Laurie
  12. test ImageShack

    Thanks Mike. Sorted out the problem I had. Laurie
  13. Thanks very much Steve. Managed to get in some more pictures. Having real problems as last lot came out in miniature. Laurie
  14. test ImageShack

    Apologies for being a nuisance again. Started RE PUBLISHED 1/48 Chinook HC 1 conversion to HC2 Afghanistan in Aircraft complete. Re-entered 10 pictures non came up. Removed re-entered just one which came up. Then tried another two but these remained dormant. The codes seem OK. Any help appreciated. Laurie
  15. Sorry about the mess in placing incorrectly in Armour. But here goes again. A pot of time getting info for the conversion. For those expert in Chinook apologies and anything which should have been removed. Laurie http://imagizer.imageshack.us/v2/640x480q90/924/7hwjzs.jpg