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  1. Sounds like my eldest son. Last day of school life.. Came home. Took a spade into the garden Dug hole. Chucked in all school books & memorabilia. Filled in hole. And stamped on it. Laurie
  2. Where and when on earth did this fun bit come in Michael Must have missed out Welcome middle aged Paul from an ancient Anglo Saxon. Laurie
  3. Ouch this looks nuclear Laurie
  4. Just one model in 14 years approx since I started in this absolutely, stupid, time wasting, expensive, stressful, sleepless nights, annoying, idiotic pass time. Which is why I love it. Only one failure ( apart from my self) a Revell Apache 1/48. Got a third of the way there but it was horrible. Some one said use filler but decided I needed a model not filler. Bought a Hasegwa Apache which is superb to build. Used the Revell Apache to test colours and effects. Worked out well. I am slowly getting together a diorama of Afghanistan and the UK vehicles and aircraft. The Revell Apache is now a downed relic in my diorama sat amongst the vegetation of an Afghanistan scene. Laurie
  5. Forgot to say. The Catalina famous for two reasons. It found the Bismark after it was lost after sinking the Hood. It was a British Catalina but did have a USA airmen on board giving expret advice. The second it found ----------- here better than I to describe. It is 0552 hours (5.52 a.m.) on 4 June 1942, and Lieutenant Howard P. Ady, piloting PBY Catalina flying boat Number 4V58 is about to report the sighting that Rear Admiral Frank J. Fletcher is anxiously waiting to hear aboard his flagship USS Yorktown: "Two carriers and main body ships, carriers in front, course 135, speed 35." Admiral Nagumo's powerful carrier force has been discovered as it approaches under cover of darkness to strike America's Midway Atoll. Laurie
  6. Very nice bit of film Occa. Built the Catalina 1/48 scale. Great build. Looks the part on the shelf or suspended above the shelf actually. Strange aircraft. Study each element and you would say it looks ugly. Put all the bits together and it is a very lovely aircraft. I live in Jersey (Original UK) and about 10 years ago at the Battle of Britain air show here the Catalina cam over two years in a row. She looked magnificent coming over the bay. She was all white. They were giving short rides around the Island but missed out for totally unacceptable reasons. Laurie
  7. Not because he was an MP. Because he is a top human being selfless to do what he did and when there may have been other terrorist close by. As some one commented they all ran one way except this fellow he did the opposite. Also add that he was surrounded by selfless coppers. Out of brutality came defiance. As Winston S Churchill said “Never give in. Never give in. Never, never, never, never—in nothing, great or small, large or petty—never give in, except to convictions of honour and good sense" Laurie.
  8. This just make my blood boil. Britain is an open society and "will" stay that way. I have not and never will understand these people as most end up dead. What for themselves do they achieve. They must be sick to kill people knowing that pyramid of hurt they cause to family friends and the free people of this nation. Though not involved, and not knowing those killed and hurt, the people of this nation hurt. I do it is so sad. So very sad. It does hurt us all. But that does make us what we are, except for a few, a caring nation. Laurie
  9. The point here is when did you send the email and how long for them to reply. Just dealing with a complaint and the Planning Office replied with in hours say it would take a little time to investigate. That he would get back as soon as possible. That is the best way of communication.Otherwise you are left wondering if people are dealing with your item. Laurie Just add that not been impressed with Hannants customer service. Not bad but not super slick. Emodels are very good. Scale Model Shop are super fast both in replies and fast tracking goods. SMS less than 24 hours to Jersey. Interesting that both Emodelss and SMS do a "how was our service"
  10. Do not mess about. Send it back. Ask them for a new order and also your postage for sending the item back. Also make sure you do not pay postage again on the new order. Also sometimes emails get shunted , it appears for no reason at all, into the SPAM folder and nobody bothers to check. Think after a no reply to an email ring them is the best next option. After all you get there in seconds and probably sort the problem in a minute. Laurie
  11. I have recently swapped from the Micros to Daco Products Decal Setting. It comes in three grades normal medium and strong. Place your decal on a varnished surface with water only. Set in position and remove all excess of water. I leave a little while then apply one of the Decal Settings above. Then leave alone. So far they have all come out perfectly. The setting also lays down very well the transparent borders of the decal and, so far, removed any small bits of silvering. I bought mine from Little Cars Modelling Tools. Laurie
  12. In fact I like all aspects of model making. They are all challenges and I like challenges. I just cannot but do the best I can. If I do not then I am very sad and then redouble my efforts. My greatest failure is not to produce to a level which is just better than last time. That is just not for model making it is for all that I do in life. Laurie
  13. Old Flory does a nice stick for renovating canopies. Much better than others on the market. Laurie
  14. Pete. Personally, Pete, I prefer to mix my spit with something nice out of a bottle. 40 proof & Scottish. Now seriously back to the decals Laurie
  15. My horrible experience with decals is----. I put it on, maneuver it about, a little nudge, does it look just right, no, another slight nudge which turns into a whopping 45 degree turn. Hell got to wet it again. OK got it right. Now onto the next one. Next day, it happened a few days ago, I studied my work patted myself oh yes what a clever boy. Then found a couple had managed to slip right down under the fuselage. Then one broke in half trying to manipulate it back into position. I then managed to flip one half on its back. All familiar Laurie