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  1. Thanks Stephen. Looked on Italeri Site and nothing in their new releases to date. I have emailed them to ask if and when. Suspect, unless the release is immediate, I will carry on with the C type. Will be doing a diorama with all aircraft used in the Falklands and if the D type is immenient I will use the C type for that. Thanks again appreciated. Laurie
  2. Thanks for the info Wez much appreciated. Same thought had passed my way about the 47D. The only one I can find is asking £131 and rising. I assume Italeri are trading as it seems there is a market. The second hand market even in the 47C is bare. Laurie
  3. Thanks Beefy much appreciated. Same thread crossed my mind. Unfortunately I can only find only one
  4. Just the info I need Thanks for your time Jabba very much appreciated. Laurie PS is your surname Hut Another PS how do I get in with Wez. Tried a search but no joy.
  5. Thanks Mart. That is great information. Thanks very much for your time. Laurie
  6. Yes that was my guess Joseph. I was a little distracted as I found a colour called green chromate. Thanks Joseph for your time. I think I will stick with the yellow. Laurie
  7. A long shot Starting a Italeri Chinook 1/48. It is an old kit and they list colours using Italeri Paint. Sorted all but one which does not have an FS number and has been dropped from their present colours.. It is named as Chromate. They list the old number as ITA MM 1584 and in Acrylic ITA MM 4683. Can any one help please. Send you a kiss if you can. Laurie
  8. Just starting to build a Chinook and wanted it as per Afghanistan era. Upgrade from HC1 to HC2 or in USA terms CH47C to CH47D. I have the Italeri 1/48 HC1 kit plus the detail set 26002 Any help on the differences between the two types would be very gratefully received. Laurie
  9. Taking a minute for it to lock on to BM. and to got to a notice of of a reply. Laurie
  10. Broken kits All in bits C/A stuck on the fingers PE has punctured my toe It's the pits man the pits Laurie (poet laureate Jersey{uk}
  11. Yes Tony I would go with 3 Stynylrez. But then Vallejo Gloss black primer. Gives a good base coat to give a really metallic surface Laurie
  12. Oh well Bob fortune is with you. It is a short learning period to practice the art of how to raise a glass or two with the left hand Laurie
  13. The big question Smudge. It does not matter what every one else uses. It is which and what is best for you. How you work, what you build and the scale All come into the scenario. Best advice is to try yourself the big four as you put it. Buy a pot of each and see how it goes. As you are using an airbrush probably the big four are the ones. I would also add Mig AK and Lifecolor which are all acrylic and similar to Vallejo. Vallejo are produced on Vallejo Model (really for brushing although can be airbrushed with loads of thinners). and Vallejo Air (as suggested they are prepared for airbrushing). Vallejo Air are rated non toxic. Tamiya I have just started using and are very nice but the colours are limited. Some are toxic some are not. But warning always use a nose filter (which ever paint) with the filters specified for the paint types. If possible a paint booth with an extractor to the outside. But do try samples of each. It is a must. All will say use this as it is their choice. But there are I have found wide differences in the paints manufacturers. It is your choice which counts. Laurie
  14. The thing is that we are all different. Some start models never finish some start a model leave then finish. Some start half a dozen models doing a little bit on each. I can only start one and finish full stop. I think about the next one but not further. Now the grim reaper. He only appears when you are gone. And so no problem there. The stash. But I am taking it with me. Plus all the ready made. My only problem seems to be who chooses hell or heaven and will the Grime Reaper be careful. Practical things call. Just off to iron my trousers (2) and shirts (5) hankies (6) Laurie
  15. Then Cocky put them in front of you. That solves that problem very neatly. Laurie