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  1. Thats some fine filler bashing there, looks great!
  2. Not much to report as I had some paid work come in so the printing for fun purposes had to stop! boo just fiddling with the underside of the passenger pod, the jaunty angle of the legs will be corrected when i find my box of M3 nuts and bolts, its probably under something somehwere....
  3. and then the thing stands on its own feet for the first time.... ta-da! the cat wasn't too impressed though... everyone's a critic
  4. the walkway gets screwed to the engine assembly
  5. it is a very cool way to make things the way you want them, just buy loads of sandpaper and high build primer too!
  6. i had to make the last walkway section so i could finally see the model together, in a push fit and cable tie kind of way. here are the parts and in progress assembly, pass the glue you can see my fakery of the tank and lunar lander kitbash parts more clearly here and here is the assembled unit......
  7. here are some pics from this mornings push fit together of all the bits for the cockpit and the front walkway with pods and trellis attached - luckily it all fits! looks a bit wonky but the locating pins are not in place and will not be until the white primer goes on the whole thing..... which will be after all the sanding and filling is finished
  8. last one for today, here is a 3d render of the nearly finished 3D model, thanks go to my good friend Alan for setting the render up.
  9. more of the cockpit and walkway - I faked the kitbashed parts by making similar looking 3d objects, you can hardly see them in amongst all the trellis so hopefully I will get away with it. so far the only non 3d printed bits are some small screws and bolts, piano and brass wire, some steel tube for landing legs and some 1mm perspex for windows, and the electric bits, more on them another time.
  10. thanks for the comments and likes, makes all the sanding feel worthwhile! here are some more pics, maybe they will give an idea of how the thing has been broken up to make it printable. i started with the nose/beak/command module, it is split back to front like the filming models. i have used magnets - in hindsight i wish i had not as it has made fitting the cockpit internals more of a ship in a bottle type of mission. I never intended to do cockpit internals when i started out....
  11. I have been working on a personal project of a 3D model of the eagle transporter for a number of years - on and off - off mostly. With my acquisition of a 3D printer, I dug the project out again after a suggestion that my chosen printer was not good enough to print the model at the studio scale size of 44 inches. I like a challenge but after a bit of measuring i thought it foolish to create such a monster, my house is small, so I upped the difficulty and decided to go for a 33 inch size (roughly 1/32) as it fits nicely in the sizes of commonly made ET replicas and kits, and would fit on my shelf. after lots of printing, I'm ready to be showing images. A way to go yet but I finally see the end in sight. this is where I had got to at the end of the summer, since then I have been working on fiddly stuff like the cockpit interior, pilot figures and lighting. I'll post more images as I get chunks made. enjoy!
  12. 3D Renders

    cheers matiwashere, i kind of did a soft redux on the original design, just enough to bring it into the 21st century designwise but leave it in the 25th as was intended.
  13. 3D Renders

    i built this 3D model in 2006, just in the process of having it 3D printed at 1:32 - not a cheap or easy process but early results look nice
  14. MPC/Round 2 22" Eagle Test Shot!

    mine arrived today, from USA was $89 + $30 postage, £8 parcel farce charge and £17 customs and extortion (yes, they calculated VAT at $:£ = 1 ... idiots) so £100 in total and its a BEAST!